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Australia: Man rams car filled with gas cylinders into Sydney police station

Even the polite, friendly and easy-going Australians are not spared from terror in their beautiful country. The Muslim population, invited by the liberal government who changed past migration restrictions and opened doors to Asian, Oriental and Middle Eastern criminality, is only 2.09%. If Muslims keep committing regular terror attacks at a 2.09% population imagine what will Muslims do when they are 10% of the population.

Where in the Middle East has Australia “occupied” any Muslim country? Do they have a military base there? Nope. Australia does have a very small number of troops on security missions in various Middle Eastern countries but some of them are no more than a personnel of 25-50. It will not spare them from Muslim murders. Nothing will spare the infidel from Islamic hatred.

India, Thailand, China has no presence in the Middle East but is constant targets of terrorism anyways, so the argument that U.S. foreign policy “created ISIS” and is the cause of terrorism that is 1,400 years old is simply absurd.

The Muslim had set himself on fire. The smell of burnt pork must be heavy in Merrylands today.



Merrylands police station: Car filled with gas cylinders rams building

The Daily Telegraph

A MAN is in custody after he set himself alight and drove a vehicle filled with gas bottles into a Western Sydney police station underground carpark, in what is suspected to be an attempted terror attack.

It is understood the bottles did not detonate when the car rammed into the gates of Merrylands police station carpark about 7pm tonight.

The driver was not arrested until about 8pm, after police closed off Memorial Ave, and he was taken to Westmead Hospital to be treated for minor burns.

The car after it rammed the police station’s carpark. Picture: Channel 9

The scene outside Merrylands police station. Picture: Justin Sanson.

Witnesses described the man as being in his 60s and it is thought he is well-known to police.

A police source told The Daily Telegraph the attack was “deliberate” and follows a number of threats directed at the station.

The source said the man set himself alight after ramming the roller door of the carpark.

“He has tried to set himself on fire and it certainly is very deliberate attack and he was trying to harm himself and others, mainly police,” the source said.

The carpark roller doors at Merrylands police station. Picture: Justin Sanson.

Crowds of people watch on after police block off the street in Merrylands. Picture: Richard Dobson.

A police spokesman said the man had a long history of mental illness and was well-known to police.

The streets surrounding the Memorial Ave police station were locked down as the Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit, NSW Police Tactical Operation Unit Officers, the dog squad and NSW Fire and Rescue secured the area.

Officers also examined the vehicle.

Memorial Ave, Merrylands has been closed to the police operation. Picture: Justin Sanson.

No police officers or members of the public were injured in the incident.

Police set up a large exclusion zone from the corner of Merrylands Rd, about 200m from the police station.

A supermarket, a sweets shop and a juice shop within the exclusion zone remained open.

Andy Toksaz was parked across the road near the post office when he said he heard a loud explosion.

“Suddenly I heard a really loud bang. I got out to see what was going on all the police were out the front,” Mr Toksaz said.

“They ran from inside and were all looking down the drive way. The car had gone right through the metal roller door.

“They told everyone to run in case there was a bomb.”

Police secure the perimeter around Merrylands police station, where paramedics were also called. Picture: Richard Dobson.

He said he thought it was a small silver car.

“They’re were trying to get him out, but all the doors looked like they were stuck. They had fire extinguishers trying to put out the fire.”

Merrylands police station and the underground gate the man rammed his car through is on the right.



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Australian MP George Christensen






19 thoughts on “Australia: Man rams car filled with gas cylinders into Sydney police station

  1. The Labor Government changed previous immigration laws which opened up the flood gates of some 50,000 illegal refugees. The Liberal Government then changed back laws to stop the boats.


  2. Well, finally people are beginning to see that “moderate” muslims are like sleeper cells of terrorists, just waiting until they think they are powerful enough in a community to begin their jihad. There is NOTHING holy in any of their murder cult and the word religion is just a disguise. History shows the same behavior as fascists in all of islam. There is NO living with islam. Throw them ALL out and destroy their mosques as the mosque is just a place for planning murder. There will be NO peace on earth until islam is a memory of evil like the murder cult of Kali, the strangler cult, a lesser evil than muslims.


  3. I once heard Egyptian Coptic priest, Fr. Zakaria Botros, interviewing a Christian Egyptian who described how once-friendly, allegedly moderate, Muslim neighbors one day turned on him after the Muslim Brotherhood got the upper hand in Egypt.
    Anyone who practices the ideology of Islam cannot be trusted. It’s referred to as “sudden jihad syndrome”.

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  4. It’s all about instilling fear. Regardless of Australia’s benign nature, Islam must ensure that people will be afraid to tell the truth about Islam and it’s sinister plans for earth. We can expect more terror as time goes on. Muhammad taught his minions well how fright creates Muslims.

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  5. Islam is a religion of war (Jihad) There can never be peace originates from this ideology of dominion. Years of hatred and violence destroying people’s life will never stop. It is engraved in their teaching! All Muslim countries are involved in war and hatred! – even Muslims against Muslims and do not expect Muslims will treat non Muslims any better!

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  6. I know we should not paint a them all with the same brush, because there are some good working Muslims out there that really care about the community, unfortunately like Blacks too many have a chip on there shoulders, so this violence will never stop.

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  7. Unsurprisingly the word ‘Muslim’ has not been used in Australian media descriptions of the offender so far. Merrylands is part of the heart of the Muslim entity in Sydney. He might be a mental case but that’s just the type who respond most effectively to the clarion call of Al-Baghdadi to wreak mayhem and murder amongst kufars everywhere.

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