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UAE: Baby ends in coma after being tortured – Muslim father blames ‘maid’

Maid should spell ‘family member’ since that is most likely the responsible person for the fractured skull, internal bleeding and injuries on this little nine-month-old girl, who carries signs of past abuse. You have to start early to abuse the women so they fall in line. She probably cried too much hearing the voice of the brother/mother or sensing their  demonic presence. Or perhaps they suspected her virginity may have been compromised? A male child would face much better treatment. It’s far better destiny for this child to die than to survive and be returned to her parents. They already had the death of a 12-day old. Muslim women are abused so much during heir lifetime they in turn abuse their own children. There is a lot of pent-up anger, hatred and frustration in these women.

The maid will probably be executed for this. These foreign maids take the brunt for every crime the family members commit. And most of them are sexual targets of all the male members of the family. They come from very poor countries and are so desperate for money, they hope the family they end up with will be ‘different’ than all the others they have heard rumours about. But abuse of maid servants is almost endemic in the Muslim world and to expect anything else is rather naive.



UAE Nine-month-old girl in a coma after parental torture - maid is blamed

Nine-month-old Salama Al Mazimi is in a coma at Al Qasimi Hospital in Sharjah after allegedly being tortured by her family’s maid. Courtesy Government of Sharjah.


Emirati baby in a coma after being tortured


by Thaer Zriqat, The National
July 18, 2016 Updated: July 18, 2016 11:17 PM


SHARJAH // Police are investigating assaults on a nine-month-old Emirati baby who is clinging to life in a Sharjah hospital.

Salama Al Mazmi is in a coma at Al Qassimi Hospital, where doctors describe her condition as dire.

The baby has a fractured skull, internal bleeding and bruising on her face. She is breathing and being fed through tubes.

Dr Satish Krishnan, a senior consultant and neurological surgeon at Al Qassimi, said Salama arrived at the hospital unconscious and not breathing.

“Emergency teams resuscitated her and once she started to breathe and was stabilised, a CT scan was carried out and found a blood clot in her brain, from an old injury,” Dr Krishnan said. “The scan revealed a skull fracture and broken rib from a previous injury.

She has undergone operations to reduce bleeding in her brain and to stabilise her condition.

Salama suffers from low immunity and her twin sister died 12 days after they were born. She also has a three-year-old sister, Shahad.

Her father Salem said he called his wife on the day his daughter stopped breathing last week .

“On July 13, while on duty in the capital, I called my pregnant wife to check up on her,” said Mr Al Mazmi, a serviceman with the Armed Forces.

“She told me that Salama was not breathing and I immediately called my brother to drive her to the emergency room.

“We thought it was something related to her illness, as she was born prematurely and was in an incubator for two months before she was discharged.”

When doctors discovered that her injuries were inflicted, “police came in and questioned me and my wife”, the father said.

The family’s two Indonesian maids were also questioned.

No charges have yet been laid.

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  2. Daughters are unwelcome if too many come along, 10 boys are better than two daughters no wonder we have so many rampant muslims all over Europe raping women there just are not enough women to satisfy these scum bags.


  3. ahh the infidel scapegoat in every rich Arab’s house: the maid. One wonders how often she has been raped as well. No doubt they will execute her by chopping away as she lies on a street. What a pity that there is no killer virus specific for Muslims.


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