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Germany: Axe-yielding Muslim who hacked 21 people lived with host family two weeks prior

Muslims have been asked to shave their beards, stop attending mosques and ‘tone down’ when they arrive as migrants to not reveal any signs of adoration to Jihad. It wouldn’t matter. Jihad is not an act of extremism in Islam. It’s an act of total submission and sacrifice for the sake of Allah. The authorities need to get it out of their heads that “extremist” are Jihadists and that it is somehow only recognised by extremism. Jihad is an Islamic obligation on ALL Muslims. All 1.5 billion of them.

Look at the video link we added to the end of the story. The migrant who made a throat-cutting gesture to Hungarian TV crew looks similar to this “Afghan child” Muhammad Riyad, who may actually be a Saudi and not an Afghan meaning he’s sent to Europe by Saudi Arabia. His Pastho has an accent. Besides, he’s over groomed like a gay man of Saudi origin. Even the eyebrows are excessively shaped like a woman’s.



Pictured: Afghan refugee waves knife and says he will ‘attack Germany in revenge for airstrikes’ in chilling video released by ISIS after he went on axe rampage injuring 19 on a train

  • Attacker went on the rampage on a train near Wurzburg targeting 15 people
  • Three critically injured after an attack with ‘cutting and stabbing weapons’
  • A 17-year-old Afghan refugee has since been shot dead by armed police
  • ISIS have claimed the teenage attacker was an ‘Islamic State fighter’
  • They released of video of attacker claiming he was was Muhammad Riyad  
  • Attack will put pressure on Angela Merkel and her open door policy to refugees 

By Julian Robinson and Alex Matthews and Jennifer Newton and Allan Hall In Berlin for MailOnline
Published: 22:02, 18 July 2016

ISIS has released a chilling video of the Afghan refugee who went on an axe rampage on a German train where he says he will attack the country in revenge for airstrikes against the terror group.

The attacker, who is named in the video as Muhammad Riyad,  was gunned down by armed police after fleeing the scene near the city of Wurzburg, 70 miles north of Nuremberg last night.

He is believed to be 17 years old although in the video, he appears he could be much older.

It has been revealed he moved to Germany two years ago and had been living with a foster family in Ochsenfurt for the past two weeks.

He shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ during the incident and ISIS has claimed responsibility, making it the first attack by the terror group in Germany.

The 17-year-old attacker, who has been named as Muhammad Riyad by ISIS, was gunned down by armed police after fleeing the scene near the city of Wurzburg, 70 miles north of Nuremberg last night

The 17-year-old attacker, who has been named as Muhammad Riyad by ISIS, was gunned down by armed police after fleeing the scene near the city of Wurzburg, 70 miles north of Nuremberg last night.

As many as 19 passengers needed hospital treatment while three victims are fighting for their lives after being attacked with ‘cutting and stabbing weapons’.

An eyewitness said the train, which had been carrying around 25 people, looked ‘like a slaughterhouse’ after the attack, with blood covering the floor.  

In the video released by ISIS and filmed before the rampage, the teenager says he will carry out the attack and threats ‘infidel’ countries.

Knife in hand he then announces in Pashto he would carry out an ‘operation’ in Germany, and presents himself as a ‘soldier of the caliphate’.

He says: ‘I am one of the soldiers of the Islamic Caliphate, and I am going to conduct an attack in Germany. It is about time to stop you from coming to our homes, killing our families, and getting away with it.

‘Our apostate politicians have never tried to stop you, and Muslims have never been able to fight you back or even speak against what you do. But these times are gone now.

‘With the Islamic Caliphate now instated in Iraq, Sham, Khorasan, Libya and Yemen, its soldiers will be able to attack and slaughter you in your homelands, and they will take your nations as homes and military bases for them.

‘Know this, that the Islamic State is powerful and has your parliaments in its sights.

I would advise you not to forget the spectacular attacks in France. I will fight you so long as I live and I will slaughter you with this knife and I will cut through your throats with this axe.’

Police have now recovered the axe the teenager used in his assault and removed his body from a field, where it had laid since he was shot dead last night.

However, they have yet to confirm if he is indeed called Muhammad Riyad. But they did confirm the attacker had learned over the weekend that a friend had been killed in Afghanistan.

It has also been revealed that police searching the home where he had been living had found an home-made ISIS flag and a note indicating that he had become self-radicalised.

The flag and the note are believed to have been discovered in the house he was living in with a foster family.

Gruesome pictures taken in the hours after the attack show the blood-soaked interior of the train

4 thoughts on “Germany: Axe-yielding Muslim who hacked 21 people lived with host family two weeks prior

  1. “There were no further details on the circumstances of the teenager’s death, and police declined to suggest what the motive was for the attack.
    ‘At this time everything is possible,’ the spokesman said.’ “ – Yes, he could even be a Neo Nazi, or some other “right-wing extremist.” Everything is possible, except that German “authorities” will acknowledge the truth and the MailOnline will publish it.

    “In May, a mentally-unstable 27-year-old man carried out a similar knife attack on a regional train in the south, killing one person and injuring three others.
    Early reports suggested he had yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ but police later said there was no evidence pointing to a religious motive. He is being held in a psychiatric hospital.” – So, it could be a contagion, some kind of mental syndrome that causes derangement in “people” accompanied by a propensity for brutal violence. One of the superficial symptoms could be verbal outbursts of “allahu akbar.” Let’s provisionally call this new ailment Islam until we can study it some more while the Muslims males slaughter you.


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