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Canada: Three Muslim stabbings of random people within 30-hours in Ottawa

This is the third Muslim stabbing of infidels in Ottawa in less than 30-hours. Six people were injured in two separate stabbings in the ByWard Market over the weekend. But police ‘can’t understand’ why the Muslims stabbed these random people. The media is no more enlightened. Things probably ‘became heated’ because the partygoers unknowingly entered a Sharia zone.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau has appointed a SAUDI foreign policy adviser to his cabinet… how many Muslims has this adviser proposed should be granted residency in Canada?



Man sent to hospital after Slater Street stabbing

by Evelyn Harford, Ottawa Citizen
Shaamini Yogaretnam, Ottawa Citizen

Published on: July 18, 2016


Ottawa Police
Ottawa Police

Ottawa police are investigating an early Monday morning stabbing on Slater Street that sent one man to hospital.

Officers said they were called to a bar on Slater Street between Bank and O’Connor streets at 2:45 a.m.

A man was found by police with stab wounds in his stomach.

Paramedics took the victim to hospital with non-life threatening injuries and police said he is currently at home resting with “minor injuries.”

Police said no suspects have been arrested.

This was the third stabbing the city had seen in less than 30 hours. Six people were injured in two separate stabbings in the ByWard Market over the weekend.

Police were alerted to the second set of stabbings after a fight broke out at McDonald’s on George Street.

Investigators discovered a protracted dispute that spanned the ByWard Market, beginning with a verbal argument between two groups of people near Tequila Jacks on Clarence Street. A man was hit in the face before the groups went their separate ways.

They ultimately met again near William and York streets where police believe a knife fight took place. One man was stabbed and collapsed with a knife wound to the stomach. Another collapsed near the BeaverTails’ stand on the corner of William and George streets. The most seriously injured man also collapsed a short distance away. All of the victims knew each other but did not know their alleged attackers until things became heated between the two groups of partygoers.

Police have charged both Mohamed Hamed Mohamed, 26, and Ali Abbari, 21, in connection to those stabbings. They face charges of aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and failure to comply. Both are from Ottawa.

A third suspect, a female, was released without charges.

Canada Three Muslim stabbings in less than 30 hours in OttowaCanada Three Muslim stabbings in less than 30 hours in Ottowa 2


37 thoughts on “Canada: Three Muslim stabbings of random people within 30-hours in Ottawa

  1. No matter where they go these same people cause trouble they choose (choose) to obey the bad parts of the Koran where they also choose to interoperate only the hate messages which is not maybe the way it was meant .People of different countries want to live peacefully the way they always have . It is very rude to go to another persons homeland and cause trouble and strife when you are being given so much from these

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  2. How stupid and blind the media is to say they can’t understand why !
    People of the Jewish community can tell you why, and anyone with a good spiritual back ground can also tell you why !
    Just look where they come from, They fight among them selves, The bible tells you why,
    The teachings of the Koran explicitly tells them to use the sword to achieve dominance over infidels and to deceive by any means to achieve their agenda,
    You are duped to think these people are peace loving, , When the Koran teaches all of them to seek their agenda to dominate the world, Are you so blind you do not hear what they say from their countries of Islam


    • that is true Isis trains some of them and sends them in with these supposed to be refugees, which really arent, and then they give the word when to attack or act at various places at once. I have read this somewhere.


  3. Where did this information come from? CBC said they were looking for a white male in his 20’s. All other reports say attackers not identified. Can you provide a source? If you can I will share this but not from a wordpress site.


      • Interesting, I guess he can keep a generation stoned, so they will not know what is actually happening…..


      • Maybe the high voter turn out had more to do with the youth being much more engaged in politics at a younger age. Possibly it was the older generation that voted liberal because of the promise of legal weed, maybe it was the older generation who is tired of being categorized as a criminal simply because their intoxicant of choice isn’t booze. I’ll take a pot smoking employee over a booze swilling one everytime and that’s based on experience.


  4. It will only worsen with that Trudeau trash at the “helm”. You have the credit the absolute stupidity of Canadians and more especially their Left, for voting in this moronic leftist idealist after the damage done by his very similarly stupid father. In my world the Left are traitors to the west and deportation to the non Israeli ME or North Africa appropriate reward for them (no death penalty yet in Canada).

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  5. They’re answering the clarion call of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, head of ISIS, who directed all his followers wherever they are to kill kuffars by knife, hammer, car, whatever they have at hand. That’s just what you have to live with if your govt. has opened the doors to Muslim immigration.

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