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Pakistani brother is proud of honor killing: ‘I’m not embarrassed. Of course I strangled her’


‘I’m not embarrassed. Of course I strangled her’: Arrested brother of ‘Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian’ admits he killed her because she refused to stop posting provocative photographs on Facebook

  • Qandeel Baloch, 26, was found dead near city of Multan on Friday night 
  • She rose to fame for posting controversially raunchy videos and photos 
  • Brother Waseem admitted killing her ‘for honour’ in press conference
  • He was arrested on Saturday night after going on the run from police 


Pakistani celebrity said he killed her after she refused to stop posting provocative photos and videos on Facebook.

Muhammad Waseem said he was ‘not embarrassed’ to have killed Qandeel Baloch’s despite the death leading to calls for action against the ‘epidemic’ of honour killings.

The strangling of Miss Baloch, 26, a controversial figure in deeply conservative Muslim Pakistan for posting selfies and videos that would appear tame by Western standards, has prompted a wave of shock and revulsion.

Her brother was arrested late Saturday, Multan City police chief Azhar Akram said, and confessed to drugging then strangling her ‘for honour’.

Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch, pictured, whose raunchy selfies sparked outrage in the Muslim country has allegedly been strangled by her brother in an 'honour killing' 
Qandeel Baloch's (pictured) death has prompted a wave of shock and revulsion

7 thoughts on “Pakistani brother is proud of honor killing: ‘I’m not embarrassed. Of course I strangled her’

  1. I have been taught as a Jewish boy there is only one God, one God by many names! He/she is a God of love; hate and murder is not the will of God! S do not commit murder in Gods’ name, remember God is the final judge who we all eventually meet, God will punish in his/her own way n time. It is not for us to take on Gods judgment or punish others!


  2. I don’t agree with what she was doing either, if my sister or daughter was doing what she did I would be ashamed for her but I damn sure would not hurt or kill her. This ‘brother’ should now be hung publicly.

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  3. If people starting killing the “honour killers” immediately, I feel sure that the rate would drop 90% overnight. Sure they think that they gain heavenly brownie points but a slow hanging or a typical muslim sadistic killing might take some of the edge off them.

    In my world every Muslim guilty of violent rape or murder would be summarily executed. as for non muslims I would judge each case as it came but removing the more violent ones would prune society for the better also. Death penalties STOP re-offending effectively. Something that the EU should realize.


  4. Newt is absolutely right! Ask Muslims some simple questions like: do you follow our laws or Sharia law? Do you worship Mo, a murderer, pedofile who commands you to kill, torture, enslave non-believers? If they don’t pledge their complete allegiance to America–then they should be thrown out.


  5. Here in the USA there have been so called “honorkillings” of little girls that went with classmates from their schools to Saturday Matinees and all of it entirely innocent things children will do. One in particular involved the murder of two sisters bt their perverted father that was helped to escape justice by his mosque. Yes, muslims ignore our laws and flee our justice and other muslims help them get away. This is the so called “moderate” muslim community that are also calling for sharia law here to allow the murder of children for doing what children do. There is NO assimilation of islam to our ways and NO respect of our laws. NONE of them can be muslim and a valid US citizen also.


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