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Hezbollah has positioned over 120,000+ missiles in Lebanon pointing at Israel

This is the reason Iran was so eager to “help” Syria’s president Assad. Now they are basically ocucpying Lebanon, a former Christian nation – the only one left in the entire Middle East – which was ruined by the Palestinian occupation in 1973. Since then the country is covered in Muslims.

Muslims in political positions have also taken in millions of “Syrian refugees” into Lebanon, but Muslims only. Readers can imagine what dire situation there is for the Christians in Lebanon, their own country. Yet we hear nothing of this in the news but we know there must be enormous dangers to them and a lot of unknown attacks on the Christians. Once you have a society filled with Muslims you already lose that country to endless conflicts. And of course, since Assad got pinned to the wall following Obama’s and the Eurocrat’s supplication to the Saudis who instructed them to support the “rebels”, Alawite kafir Assad had no choice but to partner with Iran and Hezbollah. If they had truly been interested in what is right and to do the right thing to end conflict and not only looking at monetary contracts, they would have followed in Putin’s footsteps and support Assad (or support Assad indirectly through Russia). That would have stopped the expansion of ISIS.

See how damaging Western foreign policy is? And all of it is tied into their repugnant love-affair Western leaders have with the Saudi barbarians to oil inventions and contracts that was handed to a bunch of barefoot, illiterate primitive desert tribals who now control billions of dollars and influence the entire world. New Zealand mining engineer Major Frank Holmes should be burning in hell for what he unleashed in 1922 with his greedy expeditions and adding Muslims into it. The West should have taken charge of the landmass, which had no wondership at the time, and blocked it from any further activity. Fattening the barbarian Arabs helped the population growth which is now astronomical.

The oil contracts have to end and are the underlying cause of all these conflicts no matter how many terror groups Muslims create. In fact, ALL political and trade alliances the West entertains with the Muslim world has to be cut off. They need to ban and penalize any association with the Muslim world. All conflicts the West has been engaged in for decades is all connect to the toxic friendship with Muslims and the confusing way the political elite reasons and takes sides (probably related only to money anyways). If this friendship was cut off and they stop taking sides and meddling all the time, the problems with Islam would stop to spread and be contained only to their own countries.



Israel warns UN: Hezbollah has 120,000 missiles aimed at us

Danon reveals new intelligence about Hezbollah to UN Security Council.

JPost, July 12, 2016

Danny Danon

Ambassador Danny Danon addressing the Security Council . (photo credit:Courtesy)

NEW YORK – Hezbollah now possesses 17 times the number of missiles it did 10 years ago when UN Security Council Resolution 1701 was adopted at the end of the Second Lebanon War, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon told the Council Tuesday.

Hezbollah now has “more missiles below ground in Lebanon than the European NATO allies have above ground,” Danon said as he presented recent IDF intelligence about the terrorist organization to the Security Council, including aerial photographs revealing Hezbollah positions and statistics about the organization’s weapons stockpiles.

Hezbollah now possesses about 120,000 missiles, compared to 7,000 10 years ago, Danon said.

Aerial photograph presented by Danon to UNSC (Credit: IDF)

Aerial photograph presented by Danon to UNSC (Credit: IDF)

The Israeli mission to the UN told The Jerusalem Post the intelligence was classified and cleared by the IDF especially for use by Danon during the meeting.

Tuesday’s meeting – which discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the conditions in Lebanon a decade after Resolution 1701 – called for “the disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon, so that there will be no weapons or authority in Lebanon other than that of the Lebanese State.”

As he presented the new intelligence to the Council’s members, Danon said: “When the war ended, this Council pledged that Hezbollah would no longer be allowed to threaten Israel and hold the people of Lebanon hostage.

“I have the unfortunate task of informing this Council that 10 years later, the situation has gone from bad to worse. The government of Lebanon never stopped Hezbollah, and Hezbollah never stopped its military buildup,” he said.

Danon’s aerial photograph, which was distributed to the Council members, showed the village of Shaqra in southern Lebanon, where a Hezbollah rocket launcher, an infantry position and ammunition depots hidden between homes and close to schools and a mosque could be seen.

“This is exactly what we mean when we say that Hezbollah is committing a double war crime,” Danon told the forum.

“Not only are they attacking Israeli civilians, but they are using Lebanese civilians as human shields to defend their terror activity.”

“Let me be clear. Should Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah, make the miscalculation that it did in 2006, Israel will be ready to defend its citizens in the most vigorous and forceful way possible,” he stated. “We demand the removal of Hezbollah terrorists from southern Lebanon.”

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, who concluded his 11th visit to the region last month, joined the Security Council meeting and urged Israelis and Palestinians to “immediately begin discussions with the Quartet” and implement the recommendations in the group’s recent report, which highlighted threats to a twostate solution including violence, terrorism and incitement, as well as Israel’s policy of settlement expansion.

He also pointed a finger at Israel for the closure of Hebron following the attack on a Jewish family in the area earlier this month, which he described as “collective punishment,” and denounced Israel’s plans to advance building in the West Bank and east Jerusalem as a “flagrant disregard of international law.”

Following Tuesday’s meeting, Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour accused Danon of focusing on the Lebanese threat to “divert attention from the main aspect of the conflict, which is the denial of the national rights of the Palestinian people and the perpetuation and continuation of the occupation.”

“He doesn’t want to face this global consensus that says that these are the core issues and Israel has to abide by them,” Mansour said.

Hossein Salami, deputy head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard
Hossein Salami, deputy head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. (photo credit:REUTERS)


18 thoughts on “Hezbollah has positioned over 120,000+ missiles in Lebanon pointing at Israel



    • I rather think that Israel has one missile pointed at Lebanon. The difference is that the Israeli missile is tipped with a nuclear warhead donated by America in the cause of keeping peace in the Levant.

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      Tom Campbell
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  2. Yeah, well, Israel steals land, buldozes entire neighborhoods and kills children. It carried out ethnic cleansing in the 1940’s and 50’s so that the Jews could have a State in the ‘Promised Land’. Is there any surprise that there’s violent turmoil in the Middle East? And what wast that total of missiles? 70000 or was it 700000? Yeah, you’ll be right I suppose and possibly have always been right.


    • Perhaps you need to educate yourself far better. Israel has stolen no ones land. In fact, all of Arabia belonged to the Jewish people. Who is now occupying all their land?


      • Oh really? I thought that after the 1920’s it was British Palestine. I’m almost certain I had colleagues who served in the British Palestine Police Force. I may be wrong, but wasn’t there a small explosion in the King David Hotel that killed many British Administrators of the State of British Palestine? Now, I wonder, who dunnit?


      • If you had afriend who served in the police force there, then you would be well aware of the mass floods of migrants rushing from Egypt and Saudi Arabia to occupy the area after they found out that the borders, which included Jordan, were drawn for Israel. The parts of land, by the way, which still had private ownership belonged to Lebanese Christians who happily sold it to the Jewish people because they considered it barren and too difficult to grow anything on.


    • You want to really know why Israel became Israel? Read the following…..
      “1929-1936 The “Arab Uprising” massacre of most of the Jews of Hebron, the massacres in Jerusalem and Jaffa and many others.

      1948 The invasion of the seven Arab armies into Israel in defiance of the UN resolution for the split of Palestine into a Jewish and Arab states – over 20000 Israelis were killed in the war of survival against the far larger Arab forces. That was the first big mistake they made.

      1956 Palestinian “Fedayoon” (now they call them Shahids, Suicide bombers etc.) attacked Israel from Gaza and the west bank on an almost daily basis killing farmers and other civilians at random with the protection of Egypt and Jordan. Israel went to war and kicked Egypt ass all the way to the Suez canal, only to give it all back for a promise that was never kept.

      1967 Abdel Nazer of Egypt again led a call to war for the annihilation of Israel. Syria was shelling farmers in the Gallilee on a daily basis from the Golan Heights. Israel had to go to war again to survive and took all of Sinai, the West bank (King Hussein did not heed the warning to stay out of it and fired his artillery on Israeli towns) and the Golan Heights.

      1973 on Israel’s holiest day, Yom Kippur, the Arabs tried once more to throw the Jews into the sea. Israel was caught unprepared but luckily was able to recover and kick the Arabs back, not before losing 4000 men.

      1973-1982 Arafat and his gangs of terrorists hit the northern villages and towns of Israel on a regular basis, using Lebanon as their base. They murdered children in a school in Maalot, blew a school bus in Avivim, murdered the Israeli team in the Munich Olympics, hijacked planes etc etc. Until he got his ass kicked out to Tunis by Sharon…”


    • Debunking the Palestine Lie

      Islam made a religion out of it called Islam. As it states in their religious text to kill the jews as in the following quote from the Hadith… Bukhari (52:177) – Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”


    • And what is your solution to let the Palestinian leadership run everything?

      Palestinian Girl’s Killed by Family & Tortured:
      “Gaza police have arrested family members over the deaths of two Palestinian teenage girls, one of them the victim of a suspected “honor” killing.”
      The Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) said a post-mortem showed signs of “torture” all over the girl’s body as well as signs of untreated gangrene from years of physical abuse.
      Islamic Sharia Law: Raped Sudanese Teenager Charged with Adultery/Fornication
      “A nine-months pregnant teenager who claims she was raped by seven men in Sudan is now facing the death penalty after being charged with adultery.”
      “Her ordeal was filmed by one of the perpetrators and was circulated on social media via WhatsApp several months after the attack.”
      “‘Instead victims face the risk that they will instead be prosecuted for adultery, being re-vicitmised by the judicial [sharia] system, and threatened with the ultimate sentence of death by stoning.”
      ***Please Note
      In the religion of Islam rape is legal. If a female claims rape or family thinks she has fornicated whether married or not she is considered guilty and punished to die….


  3. The UN?? They don’t care about Israel and are a waste of oxygen. They will say and do nothing until H’bollah uses them and the IDF retaliates when all we will hear will be about the Israeli “war crimes”. I don’t think that many in the world. let alone the west, believe that Muslims believe what they say when they boast about their warlike intentions. After all, they openly admit their intentions: no taqiyya from them. I have had a woman is a shopping queue try to push in, and when I blocked her, she said: “it will\be different when we take over”. Most just laughed but I knew that she meant it.

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    • The UN does not care because of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (“OIC”), as the largest voting bloc in the UN and with Saudi Arabia as the head of the human rights council…..

      Dismantle the United Nations

      When you have an organization such as the United Nations that has become a source of corruption with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (“OIC”), as the largest voting bloc in the UN and with Saudi Arabia as the head of the human rights council a move to dismantle the United Nations is what has to be done in order to help to survive from the spread of Islam’s cruel dictatorship and human rights abuses

      Excerpt from article:
      The Declaration of Human Rights, which is the initialising document of the United Nations, was a laudable & wonderful effort to encapsulate the genuine desires of the politicians who signed it in 1948.

      Since then even the first few words cannot be said to have been achieved. “ARTICLE 1, All human beings are born free & equal in dignity & rights.”

      It cannot be emphasised enough that these words, although evident & true, are violated every second of every day in all parts of the world & the United Nations cannot be said to have improved rights for any human being except, maybe those who occupy positions of power.

      We see vast resources being funnelled into this organisation & we also see them constantly begging for further resources to cover their expenses.

      We see enormous edifices of governance, huge conferences & meetings during which many resolutions & agendas are produced.

      None of which have successfully prevented war, famine, disease or the loss of homelands & resources.

      We hear of resolutions being vetoed by one vote against many over & over. This indicates a toothless tiger shackled to a globalist predator regime which, far from liberating the people of the world, is actually creating a global prison in which all people are subjected to draconian & domineering control.

      I therefore propose that the existing United Nations be declared unfit for purpose & be dismantled before it achieves it’s unsavoury objectives as laid out in Agenda 21 & 2030.

      These Agendas may seem benign on the surface but the reality of them is the wholesale destruction of diversity of culture & the destruction of nations “for the greater good” – supposedly.

      We need international cooperation without doubt, but we do not need an expensive, useless pariah dictating a policy in which human beings are to continue to be treated as just another commodity or resource in a world controlled by internationalist corporations & the sinister few extremely wealthy individuals who own them.

      We, the undersigned, call on the United Nations to consider itself unfit for purpose & to desist from forming a global army, police force & dictatorship.

      We insist that the United Nations does not have our permission to implement Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 which denies national sovereignty & demands adherence to a globalist regime which operates to the detriment of individual freedoms as enshrined in it’s own Declaration of Human Rights.


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