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French Riviera is branded a ‘jihadist breeding ground’ by political violence expert

If you fill your house with pigs, don’t complain when it turns into a swine house.



How the French Riviera became a hotspot for the jihadists: SUE REID reveals some immigrants are trying to replace European democracy with their own Islamic rules

  • French Riviera is favourite of holidaying Britons and hosted upper classes
  • But the area has a dangerous underbelly fuelled by Islamic extremism
  • Nice was branded a ‘jihadist breeding ground’ by political violence expert
  • Rising concern that population of immigrants in area refuse to assimilate

By Sue Reid for the Daily Mail
Published: 22:00, 15 July 2016

The French Riviera, with its upmarket seaside resorts of Nice and Cannes, has long been a favourite of holidaying Britons.

From the middle of the 18th century, this Mediterranean coast on the south-east corner of France hosted the British upper classes and became the playground of the rich, the famous and the royal, including wild-living King Edward VII when he was Prince of Wales.

Today, the long sandy beaches and magnificent Promenade des Anglais, lined with palm trees, are still a top destination for the well-heeled and well-connected wanting peace and privacy.

Chaos: This was the scene in Nice where the lorry raced the length of the famed Promenade des Anglais, leaving 84 dead in his wake

5 thoughts on “French Riviera is branded a ‘jihadist breeding ground’ by political violence expert

  1. Reblogged this on Lake Malaren and commented:
    I have never found the South of France particularly exclusive for many years its more like the Costa Brava and I am not surprised at the number of immigrants. It’s to easy for them to pitch up anywhere along the French and Italian Rivera, they come in daily from North African from Porto Genoa.


  2. While politicians fall for the “Muslim Victim ” canard, this filth will never be eradicated. Read the Koran, any idea of the violence and hatred that lies within? Understand the mindset , beliefs and hatred that is spawned in Islamic schools throughout Palestine, the Middle East, and , like the cancer it is, now growing in Europe, the uk, and america?

    That is, any non-Muslim is to be killed – preferably with eyes gouged out, genitals cut off, disembowelled, pulling out fingernails, gouging vaginas. Welcome to Islam , people, the best is yet to come….


  3. Franceistan is fucked, they have too many invader savage muzzies and too many niggers from Africa inside the country, without a civil war they will not go out. So, that`s it, plus they have a really traitorous elite in there, who hate they own population. Like I said, Franceistan, Belgistan, Swedistan and Germanistan are way beyond could be saved, they are lost, there will be the most ugly the war, when all hell broke loose. Better get out of there, still you can, and go to move to Hungary, it is a far safer place than you would think. Fuck Merkel, fuck Hollande, fuck Juncker, they are all traitor criminnals, and they will hang, eventually.


  4. Eh I am just waiting for the article that showcases the fear that muslims now in the EU have over backlashes for no crime of theirs except for being a muslim. Note that there will be fictitious hijabs being pulled off of muslim women’s heads and bacons thrown at mosques and yet muslims will play the eternal victimhood card!


  5. I find it so hard to have sympathy for those muslims and leftists killed by jihadists. For the rest? their refusal to MAKE their government do anything is scandalous and they a digging their own graves. The problem is that most voters are not that much smarter than sheep as that is how they vote and the Judas chief leftist knows this always and in every country.*sings* You can’t get me I’m part of the union”


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