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Turkish coup d’état does not add up. Did Erdogan stage a hoax?

You’d got to wonder. We had this exact discussion with a colleague. The coup was very lame and poorly planned and gave a poor impression of the Turkish military. Why would anyone with extensive and top military experience stage a coup and let the target arrive  from foreign travels at a time and place they clearly knew – to let him walk free? How easy it would be to wait for him and just pop him. They also seemed to have a press-ready table and cameras available surprisingly fast at a hotel Erdogan is suppose to have escaped to, unprepared and in emergency. It all seemed very plastic.

This is not the first time Erdogan stages his own heroism opportunities. A few months back he “rescued” a man trying to “commit suicide”, quite miraculous right in front of cameras, even right in the perfect camera angel. Erdogan ‘spotted’ the victim with a vision that appears to see around corners and below bridges…



Was the Turkish Coup an Erdogan Hoax?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2016



Herp derp, just herpin a derp.

Well, the coup appears to be mostly over.

The whole thing was a totally sloppy mess.

Like, outrageously so.

Like, there is very little possibility that the Turkish military, who throws coups regularly, could have screwed this up this badly.

The way you throw a coup is pretty straightforward: first you grab the leader, then grab the media outlets, then put the leader on the media, humiliated.

Instead, these people decided to throw the coup while Erdogan was on vacation. And apparently didn’t even attempt to secure him. By the time the coup began, he was already in a secret location. Then the whole thing went straight to hell, very quickly.

The coup told people to go home, while Erdogan told his people to go on the street. So the coup supporters were at home, while the Erdogan supporters were out on the streets. This is exactly the opposite situation a coup would want.

The coup also started firing on civilians (apparently), which is also something you definitely do not want to do. That makes even people who were inclined to support it turn against it.


They took CNN then people complained so they gave it up.

In short, the whole thing could have been better arranged for Erdogan himself, who now looks like a hero of the people.

As such, it seems to me the most likely possibility is that Erdogan – presumably with the blessing of Western forces – worked with some of his own people in the military to arrange a hoax coup.

All regular readers know that I am generally very critical of conspiracy theories. And yet, looking at this objectively, I must say – it is the most likely option, period.

The head of the military never came out and supported the coup. None of the top military officials did. No one even announced that they were in charge.


There was no leader of this coup.

How is it possible that “a portion” of the military got control of all of these tanks, aircraft and soldiers? The heads of the military just weren’t paying attention while this was planned? How does that make any sense at all?

And here: how were people supposed to know if they supported the coup if they didn’t even know who was running it?

Erdogan and the Prime Minister came out and said it was all being masterminded by an Islamic cleric in Pennsylvania! Why would they say something so nonsensical?

None of it adds up, at all.


Other people are going to come out with this theory. I assume Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists will. I wanted to come out with it first, because I believe they will attach various bits of nuttiness and confusion to the theory.

Basically, I think – again, I don’t know for sure, I am simply saying it is the most likely possibility – that certain elements of the military collaborated with the Erdogan regime to stage a coup that was destined to fail for the purpose of making Erdogan look like a hero both domestically and internationally.


Now he’s the hero.

Of course, some elements of the military – those who actually carried out the coup – would have been told by those that ordered it that it was a real coup. Because coups are such a tradition in Turkey, very few people would have had to have known that it was fake.

This surely won’t ever be proven. It can’t really be, short of a whistleblower coming out, which probably won’t happen, because again, very, very few people would have had to have known it was a fake coup.

One thing is for certain: even if Erdogan didn’t plan this, he couldn’t have hoped for a better situation. This has effectively made him the country’s king, while also being hailed as the paragon of democracy.

At time of writing, the situation is ongoing. And obviously if it turns out the coup is more successful than it looks right now, my theory will be proven wrong. But it does look like it’s failed, miserably.

14 thoughts on “Turkish coup d’état does not add up. Did Erdogan stage a hoax?

  1. Absolutely! Tanks on the streets faced by protesters Hmmmm…. now where did we see that done before, Tianamun Square perhaps? The only difference here was the shouting of Allahu Akbar!, Now where have I heard that before, mmm let me think, beheadings, Check, when barrel bombs drop check, when a man is burned alive, check, when men are lowered into a vat of acid, check, when bombs are set off in crowded areas, check. So I ask all of you, what, exactly is so Akhbar about Allah?


  2. He was already in control of the civil society but now he can “legally” wipe out that part of the armed forces he didn`t control completely. The question is: what for? What is planned to be ordered this giant and well-equipped army it wouldn`t agree to execute yesterday? Have you any idea?


    • You could be right. He may have people he want to remove within the armed forces. He may wish to build more supporters since he is quite polarizing. Muslims harbor their enmities in secret. They lie and pretend to be friends while plotting to eliminate each other constantly. The aggression in these countries is so dense they only survive by brownlipping. So there is a possibility that this coup will help him eliminate some people in the army without making them direct enemies. There could be many reasons. We think the main reason is that he wants PR to gain more support. He wants his visa free arrangement with the EU. Erdogan dreams of a totalitarian Islamic state running the whole world. He has never concealed this.


      • I have some difficulty to see the man being a religious nut dreaming of a totalitarian Islamic state running the whole world. Have you heard about “moral narcissism”? He seems rather to be dreaming of being the man who will give back Turkey its lost imperial luster. If this cannot be done through economy, culture or science, what is left if not territorial expansion? I hope to be wrong of course, as is often said.


      • He is a conservative, religious nut. And that’s the complaint in Turkey where half the country support the Ataturk model of democracy. The ideology of a worldwide Islamic state is very common dream in Muslim which they hope will turn true. Erdogans own daughter works at a covert medical corps in Şanlıurfa—a city in Southeastern Turkey, close to the border with neighboring Syria. The hospital is solely used to patch up jihadi soldiers fighting in Syria for the pleasure of Allah. Once they are well again they are sent back to Syria.


      • Religious nuts are only useful idiots nowadays… and maybe that`s all they have ever been in human history.


  3. As I watched it unroll via direct camera I wondered why so many people were equipped with flags and out in the streets right from the word “go”. I have been present in third world coups and you do NOT go out in the streets unless you know for certain it is safe. The coup seemed disorganized, the gunshots minimal, the explosions almost zero & the few soldiers I saw beaten and captured looked confused as well as scared…..this was staged by Erdogan to reinforce his hold and is further proof that islam and democracy are incompatible. heads will roll now literally and Turkey is doomed……how to find EU traitors? Wait and see who supports Turkey’s admission to the EU

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  4. Within five minutes it was pretty obvious that Erdogan was staging a faux coup. Anything to gain total – TOTAL – control. Now watch the heads roll, literally.


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