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France: Raw footage of Muslim terror attack in Nice

The leftists are responsible for the terrorism that is now the norm in the West. They are the ones who should face responsibility.


France Nice terror attack 2016 - 2France Nice terror attack 2016 - 3France Nice terror attack 2016 - 4France Nice terror attack 2016

France Muslim suicide bomber in Nice



8 thoughts on “France: Raw footage of Muslim terror attack in Nice

  1. When France courts the Muslims she has to know the devil’s love making! Hatred, pain and destruction must be expected. There will be more destruction to come as the hallmark of Islam is destruction, rape and forced conversion . Let the French continue to choose and protect Islam

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  2. That`s what you get if you let in Mudslime terrorists from Africa and the Middle East. They will take you out 84+150 at a time, stupid lemmings. If you think that Hollande and Valls care about you, if you live or die on your own streets, then you are completely dellusional, stupid idiots from Western Europeistan:)
    Now, if you still don`t want to take back your France, if you still don`t want to kill or throw out all the mudslimes and nigro`s, then be sure they will take you out, they are the traitorous elite imported savage footsoldiers. Now, you realize you are in deep shit, idiots from Franceistan, you take the civil war to them, or you will go extinct. It is as simple as that. And all what you whacky nutjob politicians are saying are lies and bullshit.
    You are just soooo fucked. Idiots from La La Land.


  3. It is NOT “Left” or “Right” who is responsible. The sooner everyone gets that, the sooner we can solve the problem. It is the globalist elite who fund, incite and support ALL sides who are responsible. They are trying to tear our world apart, so they can set up their NWO, just like the EU, with NO elected officials and NO accountability. Time to freakin’ WAKE UP.

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    • It’s the left that run aggressive opposition to media publications on Muslim problems, to any free speech to discuss it, to ban Islamification of society. Its leftists that lifted the ban on visas and residency to Muslims. The left has created this problem.


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