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Media pardons Muslim terrorist as a ‘lonely, depressed truck driver’

It’s getting hard to keep up with these Koran-inspired atrocities that has nothing to do with Islam. At least the politicians keep telling us that all the time, and they are all Islamic scholars…

What was Hitler to these leftists? A poor, underprivileged outcast who lacked a mother’s love? Would that be a justification to Nazi brutality?

They forgot to mention that the depressed truck driver screamed Allahu-Akhbar while ploughing into women, children and men.



Nice terror attack: Truck driver who killed 84, including 10 children, named as ‘loner’ French-Tunisian criminal who ‘became depressed’ when wife left him


by Danny Boyle
Tom Morgan, in Nice
David Chazan, in Nice
Camilla Turner, in Nice
Peter Allen, in Paris
Henry Samuel, in Paris

15 July 2016 • 4:18pm

  • Terrorist drives through crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice
  • Lorry speeds for 2km, killing 84 people – including 10 children
  • Driver told police he was delivering icecreams before attack
  • He produced gun before being shot dead by police on seafront
  • Driver named as loner, 31, from Nice who was born in Tunisia
  • Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel a career criminal known to police
  • London reviews security as PM says Britain is united with France
  • Everything we know so far on Friday morning about Nice attack
  • Who are the victims of the atrocity that include at least 10 children?

A terrorist who used a hired lorry to kill at least 84 people in a rampage during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice has been named as a convicted criminal well known to the police for armed attacks.

Tunisian-born Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a 31-year-old delivery driver described as a “weird loner” who “became depressed” when his wife left him, was reported to be a French passport holder who lived in the Riviera city and was regularly in trouble with the law.

At least 10 children are among the dead following the “cowardly and barbaric” atrocity that left at least one British national among the many injured. Officials feared the death toll will rise, as dramatic footage emerged of the mass killer being shot dead by police in the cab of his truck.

As hundreds remained in hospital – including 18 fighting for their lives in intensive care – investigators have been searching the home of Bouhlel in the Abattoirs area of Nice and carried out a controlled explosion on a white box van nearby.

Nice attack aftermath
The driver reportedly zig-zagged his way through the crowds along the promenade.

Investigating sources said Bouhlel’s last appearance in a criminal court was as recently as March, when he was found guilty of violent contact. Despite this, he had no known links with terrorism and was not under surveillance.

An investigating source said: “An operation is currently underway at the dead suspect’s home in Nice. It is being raided by officers.”

Neighbours described him as a “very weird loner” and father of three who had recently become estranged from his wife and had become depressed following the breakdown of his marriage.

A woman living in the same shabby apartment block as Bouhel today told how he “seemed very weird”. She told The Telegraph: “He lived alone. He said very little to anyone and wasn’t very polite. He wouldn’t hold the door open for you.”

Bouhel left his French identity card in the hired 19-tonne lorry used to murder dozens of people on Thursday night.

His truck had zigzagged through crowds massing on the Promenade des Anglais, killing anyone he could.

French police forces and forensic officers stand next to a truck that ran into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day
French police forces and forensic officers stand next to a truck that ran into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day.

After being stopped by armed police, who fired bullets into the lorry’s windscreen, the so far unnamed man exchanged fire with officers using a 7.65 pistol, before being shot dead.


The leftist media narrative: Muslim terrorist was only a lonely truck driver who was depressed over his divorce to a woman he beat on a regular basis:

france mohamed-lahouaiej-bouhlel nice france terrorist

At Least 84 Dead In Lorry Attack In Nice

[Media image description] *** EDITORS NOTE – GRAPHIC CONTENT*** Please hide the victims faces prior to the publication. NICE, FRANCE – JULY 15: Victims are seen on the Promenade des Anglais seafront in the French Riviera on July 15, 2016 in Nice, France. At least 84 people were killed when a truck drove into a crowd watching a fireworks display in the French resort of Nice, a lawmaker said on July 15. PHOTOGRAPH BY Abaca / Barcroft Images

France Truck Attack

Forensic police work on the scene of a truck attack in Nice, southern France, Friday, July 15, 2016. A large truck mowed through revelers gathered for Bastille Day fireworks in Nice, killing more than 80 people and sending people fleeing into the sea as it bore down for more than a mile along the Riviera city’s famed waterfront promenade. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)



Covered bodies lie on the street after a truck crashed into a crowd along the Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France, during celebrations of Bastille Day, July 14, 2016.

7 thoughts on “Media pardons Muslim terrorist as a ‘lonely, depressed truck driver’

  1. Are they nuts lonely ? Depressed?? What a cop out by the media,can’t they ever tell the truth?

    – Jacquie



  2. Ahh, the Liberal swine give the famous refrain, “It’s the depression, the drugs, the poverty” poor, poor, poor terrorist/victim!
    When is the rage of the true victims and their families going to erupt – When is the true revolution of free ppl everywhere going to start!
    This constant PR and lies for Muslims and their vile, evoke religion must stop!
    There are no “real” peaceful Muslims, because “real” Muslims, real Islam, is violent, it’s written in the Quran – Why won’t we just believe what we can read and see?


    • It doesn’t matter how many people call islam a religion as it still remains a murder cult and trying to draw a line between murder cult members and saying these are not extreme is crap. Murder cult member is a murder cult member whether actively involved in the murder at the moment or not. If they get close to the murder they will take part in it. All muslims will do murder if they are bidden by their imams and leaders.


  3. A depressed loner who just happened to be driving a truck full of weapons (Maybe he intended to cure his depression with the company of houris in paradise after he slaughtered some infidels in Nice.).

    He told police he was delivering ice cream. Yet, available photos of the truck don’t show an obvious refrigeration unit anywhere on the vehicle.

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