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UK: Palestinian cocaine baron exploited human rights laws to avoid deportation

Isn’t it time for Britain to reinstate the death penalty and utilize it on Muslim criminals?

Britain will get a new Prime Minister within days. The useless Theresa May who was so clueless as a Home Secretary she failed to grasp that Muslim Brotherhood was the mothership of all terrorist organizations. May is responsible for granting visa free travels to Arab savages in 2014. No wonder London is pushing towards a 50% Muslim population. France has already lost 40% of hotel bookings thanks to Muslim terrorism. How much will London lose in revenues with May at the helms? People are already writing and complaining to us in disgust by “Little Kabul” that is London where you see more burkas on the streets than in Afghanistan.

Theresa May was a total failure not only in deporting Muslim criminals and terrorists, but  in managing “rapefugee” negotiations, migration and EU demands. Not the qualified “leadership” anyone should want to see manage the world’s fifth largest economy. Britain has again backpeddled by selecting this useless woman after a short raye of hope fell on them during Brexit. You got to feel sorry for the Brits today.



Immigrant cocaine baron who used human rights laws to avoid deportation TWICE begins fourth jail term after he is caught dealing cocaine worth £180,000 

  • Mahmoud Jaber was peddling heroin and crack cocaine in Lancashire
  • The 31-year-old funding a lavish lifestyle but served three jail terms
  • Palestinian-born Jaber used Article 8 rights to stop deportation in 2006

By Chris Summers For Mailonline
Published: 16:35, 10 July 2016

Immigrant drug baron: Mahmoud Jaber, pictured, peddled heroin and crack cocaine in Lancashire

Immigrant drug baron: Mahmoud Jaber, pictured, peddled heroin and crack cocaine in Lancashire

An immigrant cocaine baron is starting his fourth prison sentence today for filling Britain’s streets with heroin and crack cocaine after exploiting human rights laws to TWICE avoid being deported.

Mahmoud Jaber, 31, has been peddling heroin and crack cocaine across Lancashire to fund his lavish lifestyle and has nine separate drug convictions over 13 years.

But despite being told as far back as 2006 he would be deported back to his native Palestine, Jaber – whose father lives in the UK – used Article Eight of the Human Rights Act to successfully appeal the orders.

Once when convicted of a drug trafficking offence he argued he was ’emotionally scarred into drug taking’ by his experiences after being born in a Palestinian West Bank refugee camp

In 2014 an immigration tribunal finally ordered him to be booted out of Britain but his Israeli passport had expired and they refused to accept him, leaving him effectively stateless.

This week he was jailed for 11 years after Preston Crown Court heard he dealt a kilo and a half a kilo of cocaine with a street value of up to £180,000.

Jaber, of Accrington, Lancs, was sentenced for his part in a 10-man conspiracy to supply drugs and launder £50,000 in cash across Lancashire, Manchester and Leicester.

The drugs were recovered when officers stopped a vehicle driven by gang courier Wasim Akthar heading down the M65 motorway in March last year.

5 thoughts on “UK: Palestinian cocaine baron exploited human rights laws to avoid deportation

  1. Adult and adolescent Muslim male “refugees” appear likely to possess one, some, or all of the following characteristics: low or no vocational skills or aptitude; no or low language fluency; and an inability or unwillingness to assimilate. So, they’re relatively likely to end up on public assistance, in criminal activity, or both. Will political correctness forever obfuscate or rationalize this obvious cause-effect relationship?


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