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Muslim stealth Jihad org CAIR admit: “Black Lives Matter is our campaign”

There you go. An official admission from the pro-jihad group cloaking itself as a “Muslim cause” organization.

“BlackLivesMatter is our matter. BlackLivesMatter is our campaign”.

And of course, blacks in America don’t understand that they are being used as pawns in the hands of their 1,400-year-old slave masters, keepers and oppressors playing the role of sympathizers.

12 thoughts on “Muslim stealth Jihad org CAIR admit: “Black Lives Matter is our campaign”

  1. The Muslims were the first SLAVE TRADERS of Africans, and others. They have one motive, to convert the world to their own idea of religion, or murder them. Who wants to live under Sharia Law, I would rather be dead.

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  2. Nothing wrong with them that a good HEMP rope and an OAK tree won’t fix! Yes, islam is fascism disguised as religion. Look to islamic states for a good idea of the world had Hitler and the NAZI won.


  3. What’s going on? Have the Cheka or the DoHLS gotten to you? Where are my posts?

    Are the Thought Police gathering down the street, donning their body armor and making sure all the rounds are seated in their magazines? Do I have time to call my kids and say goodbye?

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  4. I don’t want to see Muslims murdered in the streets of America.

    I want Muslims and any vestige of Islam removed, not just from the USofA, but from the Western Hemisphere, Canada to Argentina. Completely and forever.

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    • You are so right! Slavery is still alive in islamic nations. As their power spreads so will slavery and guess who will be targeted? According to secret documents, slavery is larger than in the 1800’s due to islamic practice. Do not understand why the powers that be don’t tell the world the truth. Guess they are afraid of offending the slavers.

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  5. More proof of Islamophobia, which, along with national patriotism, constitutes just cause to declare Marshall Law of the Prophet and rescue America by turning control over to Allah.

    This window of opportunity closes Inauguration Day, 2017.


  6. black afro carribean and black Americans.Do not be fooled by the Muslim interest .They are the descendants of the Muslims who sold your ancestors around the world.They read the same book ,same rules as Muslims live by.They are dangerous to all peoples of the world. Especially women and men young girls and homosexuals who enjoy living without the slave like repression and bondage of Islam.I urge you to reject any alliance with this evil cult.


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