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Video: ‘Racist Islam destroyed Africa and enslaved the black race’

The speaker is angry, but at least he got his facts right. Islam has no particular color. It comes in all complexions; white, black, yellow, brown. The black community through America needs to learn their full history so they can move on in life and stop getting reeled back into Islam.

It is indeed Muslims who ruined the progressive Africa. It’s Muslims who are the founders of the African slave trade. Although slavery existed long before Islam it never actually existed to the enormous scale that slavery was created by Muslims, and never as an international export industry. It was Muslims who (force-) converted African kings to Islam which eventually lead to the Sharia-compliant enslavement of over 140 million Africans from their own continent to be sold like cattle to the rest of the world. Tempted by the enormous wealth earned by African kings and their Muslim slave sellers, trade envoys from around the world wanted a piece of the cake and began engaging in the trade. At one point the whole world was engaged in slavery. To compare the scale of the Muslim slave trade versus the much later American slave trade, about 300,000 African slaves got shipped over to North America in total. Muslims, however, captured and sold over 140 million of African slaves.

For over 1,000 years it’s mainly the Europeans, Japanese and Chinese who tried to abolish slavery. There were no attempts by neither African kings nor Muslim leaders to abolish slavery. Muslims enslaved not only Africans but people from all cultures. During the Barbary attacks on Europe alone between 1.0 and 1.25 million European Christians were enslaved by Muslims on the Barbary Coast between 1530 and 1780. That doesn’t tell us what the total numbers were between 620AD to 1920 when Muslims were continuously committing attacks and slave raids on European shores. However, since Africa was under Islamic rule with converted native African king’s, it was much easier to pick slaves from the African continent when the ruler was part and parcel of the entire trade. Muslims referred to African slaves as “dumb animals” and argued that Sharia law entitled them to take them as slaves and treat them as property. Even to this day, at least 6.4 million people are estimated to be enslaved in contemporary Africa under Islamic Sharia to Muslim slave owners.


11 thoughts on “Video: ‘Racist Islam destroyed Africa and enslaved the black race’

  1. What a load of crap!!!!can’t believe what am reading lol I didnt realise there were such stupid people. Claiming muslims took the black people as slaves, the whites have took over their countries. America Africa who did it belong to??? The first person who did the call to prayer was a black guy and you are saying whatt? We muslims have respect for every colour that exists because every creation is by god. We believe in one god,the creator of every thing everyone black or white or what ever colour u are so to say such disrespectful things about our prophet and our god shows how low uneducated you actually are. Go out & seek true knowledge then make ur statements which u can backup with the right statements. Dont just make foolish comments to disgrace another religion.


    • Your “Prophet” was a career criminal and human garbage of the first magnitude.

      The fact that you moral pygmies contend the complete opposite, that you are committed to obliterating all achievement of human civilization so that you, the gullible ummah, will be the top dung beetle upon the ball of dung you intend to make of our world, is the reason you, [and I mean you personally, you family, and all your cordial acquaintances] be removed from the presence of the civilized persons of our planet [the non-Muslim] and confined, where you can be constrained and monitored until the ignorance and superstition in which you traffic leads to your biological demise.

      We’re taking all the land back you’ve stolen back over the centuries. YOU have to leave. Arabia is calling.

      But we are people of great solace. When you run out of food and start eating each other, we will give you free barbeque sauce.


    • You either know nothing but Islamic history, or you are in denial or just plain ignorant. Islam has respect for NO ONE.
      Muslims have been the most brutal and most prolific slave traders in history. Even in 2017 there are over 20 million slaves in the world. And where are they? 80% are in muslim countries and societies.


  2. You can also add the fact that NO black child born of a black concubine to her Arab master was ever allowed to survive as Islam is inherently racist(like the Chinese, the Japanese and virtually every group that I have ever met….I am extremely fair and even the women were complimentary although it took me ages to work out what they were “on about”)) and black children are NOT welcomed in white Muslim families.

    I await the usual leftist moron to drop his rubbish effluent here on what is most definitely the truth. I guess that I will never understand a POV that has NO factual basis whatsoever and despite the mass attempts of the powers that are to destroy our knowledge of true world history (and to shape it to their own leftist lies) the old non PC books are all out there and still available as i myself have manager to obtain many. There is an excellent historical synopsis on slavery put out by a South African Christian which although extremely expensive I managed to obtain some years ago(sorry I cannot remember name or author and currently my library is in total disarray(most in boxes…still)


  3. It is almost humerous. The Black population in America are only there today because in America, they did not want castrated slaves. ( Castrated men were more expensive, as about 9 in 10 would die in the process.) Whereas, in Arabia, they ONLY wanted castrated (black) men, so that male slaves could never have offspring, or dilute the Muslim male gene pool . Hence, there are very few native Blacks in Arabia, but millions in America.
    In fact, In Arabic, the root word for “black” , “abd”, is the same as the word for a slave.
    Islam is actually a whole pack of insidious lies – they claim that , under Islam, slaves had a better deal than they had before. In the holy texts of Islam , you find that its OK to beat your slave, so long as he does not die. (If he does, he’s not a Muslim anyway, so that’s OK too.)
    Of course, Shariah Law is identical to what it was in 650 ad, so these rules still apply in Islam, and millions are still under Islamic slavery. Maids in Saudi, etc, with their passports taken away, are expected to perform sexual acts, are often beaten, with no recourse in law. Construction workers , again with their passports taken away, often underpaid, or even not paid, living in totally insanitary concrete huts, are building places like Dubai.
    That is the reality of Islam.

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    • the question is who feeds the Leftist fools the lying view of history? these are the REAL enemy: the LEFT and its puppet masters: the 149 companies that run 40%of the world’s economy directly and have their fingers in much of the rest.


    • I disagree – the Black population around the world are STILL falling for the lies of Islam, “Islam helps and supports minorities with its human rights.” In that way Islam gains the support of minorities (they probably lost the support of leftist gays after Orlando).
      Then, when Islam grows in strength, and they can impose Shariah Law, all tolerance is off the table – and blacks will, once again feel the Muslim Whip on their backs, as they have for generations.


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