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Racist black Police shooter in Dallas ‘attended mosque’

Now imagine that. A total low-life black racist goes around plotting and shooting for “white” people, but Obama says nothing about the perpetual racism that lays thick in the air in the black community nor that they need to look at themselves for change. A black mother of four children became the innocent victims as well in this racial hate crime. To folks like Obama, racism, hatred and violence is apparently okay against those of paler complexion.
The rate of black-perpetrated hate crimes against whites is approximately 1.6 times higher than the rate of white-perpetrated hate crimes against blacks. Black racist movements have increased exponentially under the Obama presidency. Officer Brent Thompson who was shot first appears to have been half African-American. Many of the cops responsible for shooting blacks while stopping suspects are black themselves. They take no chances when dealing with potential criminals who don’t obey commands.



Islamic Connection: Some Suspects in Dallas Shooting Attended South Dallas Mosque

Mosque had been the scene of an anti-Muslim protest on April 3, 2016.

July 8, 2016
Santa Monica Observer, By Samuel Alioto
Observer Staff Writer


South Dallas mosque. Members of the mosque were subject to an anti-Muslim protest on April 3, 2016.

On July 7, 2016, five police officers were killed by sniper fire in Dallas, Texas. Six other officers and a civilian were injured. The shooting occurred at a protest against police killings in the aftermath of the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. This is all generally known.

It seems improbable that Black Lives Matter members would fire on a Black Lives Matter demonstration. And that is in fact, not what happened.

Among the five suspects now in Dallas Police custody are self described “Islamic Americans” who attended a Nation of Islam mosque in the South Dallas area. It should be noted that the Nation of Islam itself is splintered into several groups. Louis Farrakhan, who took over the organization in 1981, subscribes to Dianetics and appears to have left Islam altogether. It’s ideology is barely recognizable as Islamic.

No American Islamic leader publicly promotes violence, and the Nation of Islam is no exception to that rule. However, members of this particular Mosque might reasonably have believed that they themselves were under attack.

A tense, armed protest in front of a South Dallas mosque required Dallas police intervention one Saturday afternoon in April. It happened in front of the Nation of Islam mosque on April 3, 2016, according to CBS Dallas.

Anti-Moslem demonstrators, dressed in fatigues and masks and most of them armed, were easily outnumbered approximately 10 to 1 by the mosque supporters, some of whom were also armed, reported CBS Dallas.

Dozens of police officers stood in between the two groups and also on rooftops to ensure nothing more than words were exchanged.

In a statement released before the April protest, the Dallas Police Department said, “The department is committed to protecting the Constitutional rights of all citizens and will make every effort to keep this protest peaceful.”

The was no violence and no arrests. But the seeds of anger and dissent were sown.

Militant Islam Reaches America is a book written by historian Daniel Pipes, published in 2002. It focuses on Islamic fundamentalism and Islamism, reflecting Pipes’ view that, as he said in 1995, “Unnoticed by most Westerners, war has been unilaterally declared on Europe and the United States.” The latest shooting in Dallas appears to have been a part of that war.

Anti moslem protest in front of the Mosque on April 3.

The protest was organized by the Next Generation Action Network after the killings of two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, by police in Louisiana and Minnesota, respectively. It was one of several protests held across the U.S. on the night of July 7. Several hundred protesters were involved in the Dallas protest, and before the shooting occurred, no other incidents were reported and the event was peaceful.

Belo Garden Park, the location where the protest began and near where the shooting occurred, was a popular gathering place for Black Lives Matter demonstrations, such as one held after the death of Sandra Bland at a Waller County, Texas, jail in 2015.

The people firing on the Dallas police used another group’s protest event, to settle what they saw as an offense against their race and their religion.

37 thoughts on “Racist black Police shooter in Dallas ‘attended mosque’

  1. Members of Nation of Islam are NOT muslims. They belong to a cult of ONE man, exactly as Mormons and JWs are not christian. And Elijah Mohammad, and his successor, Farrakhan, preach things that True Islam completely rejects.

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  2. Absolute disappointment with some of the views end comment here today. People of colour are persecuted in the U.S. A. by the authorities, particularly the police. There have been out pouring of despair amongst the black communities for year to stop the blatant and unnecessary killing of black men by predominantly white police officers.

    I live in the UK, she don’t see the murdering of black youth by police inEngland, yet similar attitudes exist here. Racism exist in the American police ‘n’ legal system. Sadly, the sniper took it upon himself to wake up the world to pay attention to these unwarranted murders by police authorities.

    America can learn from the Stephen Lawrence story.


    • You don’t live in America. A fairly large section of the black community is extremely aggressive. When police stop you it doesn’t matter what color you are. You have to sit in your car with your hands visible and not start reaching for your glove box or anywhere else. But some refuse to obey or to listen. To a police officer anyone putting their hands elsewhere could be looking for a gun. It a decision made within a second for them to get killed if a suspect pulls a gun. It’s a very dangerous situation. Besides, more whites are killed by police than blacks, so what’s your explanation for that? The whites are not protesting these police killings. They know that those who got shot had either run, refuse to obey, posed a potential danger, or tried to pull a weapon against police. Of course, there are problems with police here and there, but America has millions of people illegally pouring in from around the world who has made the country less safe. Obama has done nothing to create more safety and this is creating a militarization of police, who are under a lot of strain and pressures to maintain peace and safety without much government help, the funds they need, or the resources and education they need to identify risks since Obama has blocked these vital sources.

      There is no ethnic group in America (or Africa) as racist as blacks and Muslims. Blacks attack hispanics merely for being hispanics. There is a constant gang wars between blacks and hispanics. They attack jews for being jews. They attack gays for being gays. They attack and kill their own. They kill whites for being white. That’s why few pay attention to their protests and complaints. Why don’t they first stop being racist themselves? The real transformation needs to happen with the behavior in the black community.

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      • yes they are the reason for all these problems. first it was just the black panthers, now it is black lives matter as well as the radical islamist. Blacks have always been responsible for killing other blacks the majority of the time. as far as white police killing blacks for little or no reason that was brought on by Obama dividing our country as he has done. whites and jews are being attacked and killed on a regular basis just because of being white and jewish. we have nobody here in America to hold these people accountable.

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      • How right you are Admin, just as I have answered Sonia’s comment. Live and let live, when in Rome do as the Romans. Black people were free Roman Citizens they had earned and this was 2000 years ago. Wish some kids would read their history.

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    • Sonia way back and probably before you were born we had a girl in school named Mary Litton who was black who was never persecuted by the entire school of white girls. The riots in Brixton started the hate issue. West Indian blacks pumped out Reggae into the wee hours and would keep the rest of the street awake some of us had to go to work in the morning. If you live peaceably along side your neighbors there ain’t no trouble Honey. I’m an old gal (my pic taken at 65) I know what I am talking about. It just takes a few to stir up trouble and wow you got racism Honey!

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    • Sonia, that is complete nonsense. If you look at real statistics not just anecdotal stories which are often distorted this to statistics show that white people are killed by cops at a 2 to 1 ratio compared to blacks. And of course you never mention never even bothered to think about how many blacks kill each other. Every day all day long thousands of blacks every year killed by other blacks. Why don’t you wake up and come into the real world and deal with the reality of how Blacks treat each other?


  3. Here’s the bigger problem…these kind of acts are creating more racists, not less…from both sides…I am hearing more people profiling based on skin color than ever before…they need to understand that they are making it worse…a bad person is a bad person, having a different skin color doesn’t make them a victim…the rules apply to everyone…the media exaggerates the race card…it’s not promoting the white criminals that are getting killed, only the black…statistics show cops kill more white people than black…


    • I understand your concern with racial profiling. But in London young black people are responsible for most knife killings and with most of those killings being of other black youth. The police stopping and searching more young black people for weapons makes sense. We cant stop and search everyone and seaching old age white men is not a practical use of resources. More black youth that are searched, the safer it will be to be a black youth,


  4. In Australia we have re-elected a Conservative Party for another 3 years. Those of us who voted them in are pressing for & will hopefully succeed in the complete banning of any Muslim’s into Australia.
    Sadly there are about $300,000 of the monsters set loose in our communities by a left-wing Labor Government from 3 years back. They had SIX years in office and created the Islamic evil by allowing economic ‘refugees’ into our country. I am a police officer & I can assure anyone reading this that Muslims cannot be integrated into the Western way of life.
    There is nothing to do but bar them from your country or you will go the way many countries have in Europe, countries which will be completely over run by the fast breeding of the Muslim in five years.
    Keep Islam and their Muslims out of the USA if you value your freedom.

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    • We should do in the West as Israel is doing now, just introduced, $3,500 given to every refugee from Africa North and South to go back or face imprisonment, hence BBN’s recent tour of Africa. If Saudi want’s to donate it’s obscene wealth to do good then pay for all these muslims to go back where they came from and assist these nations to build skyscrapers of glass into the sky and keep the populace in ignorance and loving the Wahhabi Korahn. Islam only belongs among despotic Arab Royal families.


      • If you give them money it motivates them to come back again and again, bring relatives to do the same stunt. They should be given nothing, just pushed back. Then their efforts and risks have been too much while the reward is zero.


      • Were I in power Admin, first there would be no immigrants, those that have arrived illegally which is most of them would be hunted down and shot if they refuse to be deported. Cheapest way to deal with them is shooting. Washington has just expelled two Russian diplomats Obama’s recreation of the Cold War, just heard on the news. America has to get rid of Obama.


    • Many blacks are sadly hard-core racists. They are basically grooming each other within their own communities to hate other communities, which doesn’t exactly help to bring them progress. Islam loves this division in their communities and prays on them, looking for more lone-wolf jihadists to groom. Blacks are perfect targets with a self-created anger that fuels desires for jihad.


  5. The absolutely stupidity of these blacks and similar like the Somalis and Boka Harem fools in their lack of knowledge of their own history simply further reinforces the racial stereotype they project.
    These African or Afro-American idiots kill in the name of the ideology that not only enslaved many millions more than ever were taken to the Americas by whites but ensured that (unlike those who reached the Americas) none left any descendants(men castrated & women given forced abortions as no Arab wanted a black child). The only increase in living standard any such has had has been via white western civilization. No wonder there are white racists out there as these idiots do nothing to change that view.

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    • It is astonishing isn’t it Michelle, did you ever see the documentary about an Ethiopian ancient Christian Church built into a mountain, and the old Priests celebrate every year being guardians of the Ark of the Covenant? Apparently Solomon’s Mistress Queen of Sheba brought the Ark to Ethiopia. Course no one has been allowed to see it so it is questionable. Islam is the curse of man.


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