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Planted bombs and snipers target police, as 11 officers are shot in Dallas

Americans have no clue that the initial #BlackLivesMatter movement was founded by Muslims to stir anti-government sentiments within the country. The term was quickly  adopted by black people and made into a twitter slogan. Muslims did not promote and spread the “cause” because they care at all about ‘Black Lives’ (Muslims are the biggest racists of blacks you can find) but to exploit human rights sentiments to play on people’s volatile emotions. They know there is a lot of self-created racism, aggression and anger within black communities already and Muslims see this as an opportunity to exploit for their own causes. The black community and the neocon-liberals are perfect candidates, often very poorly educated, extremely poor grasp of other cultures and countries and blind sheep to anything that grabs their false sense of humanity.

Once the Muslims get the public agitated they can easily attract followers to groom and get a foothold to spread terrorism from within the country in lone-wolf initiatives. It also serves as a great recruitment tool within a population poorly informed about Islam and how the Islamic cause always play on deceptive psychological propaganda to expand their cause. These grass root level efforts to agitate the black community through America, a constant target for conversion grooming into Islam, is very similar to the grooming of local youth that foreign Sunni infiltrates committed in Syria under the pretence “Arab Spring”. And we all see how that turned out.

These grass root level efforts to agitate the black community through America, a constant target for conversion grooming into Islam, is very similar to the grooming of local youth that foreign Sunni infiltrates committed in Syria under the pretence “Arab Spring”. And we all see how that turned out.

All of this has taken shape from Obama’s lenient Muslim migration policy. There’s a constant domino effect of problems spreading in all directions from his poor leadership. And this insanity will continue if Clinton gets into power.

The media is frankly not helping at all but is only supporting the spread of this kind of subvert propaganda so common in Islamic communities. For example, excess police brutality is not a problem focused on the black community. It is a problem for people from any race, any background who attract the attention of the police. Media focuses on only publishing statistics and data that involve all blacks, lumping incidents where criminal gangs and gang members pull weapons on police and get shot in very dangerous situations.

The skin complexion of a person doesn’t matter at all if you argue, fight back or pull a weapon at police. Besides, many police officers are themselves blacks and hispanics of those who have shot blacks, but media gives them no attention but focus only on white police officers.

The militarization of police has numerous reasons. One reason being that police had to lower their requirements for qualifications a few years ago, inviting unwanted elements into the police force. Another reason being that America has far more problems with crimes today being imported from external problems such as millions of illegals from South America building their presence in the country, Muslims, etc. pouring in through the Mexican border, putting a lot of strain on police to maintain lowered crime levels while they are prevented from monitoring these elements. In addition, prisons are full so how do you lower crime when Obama lets in millions of new criminal elements, don’t permit police to hire qualified people, cut funding for police, and keep them in the dark about these new infiltrates in society while demanding them to continue keeping things in order? Thus the police becomes more and more militarized.

People with disruptive backgrounds tend to argue with police and become aggressive rather than follow instructions. In addition, in relation to race crimes whites are far greater targets in America by blacks, than blacks or hispanics are targets of racist attacks by white, according to statistics. But of course, the leftist media wants sensationalism and they avoid to mention that fact.




Dallas shooting: Fourth suspect still at large after snipers hit 11 police officers, killing four, at rally amid claims of planted bombs

Multiple shots fired as police fill Dallas streets

  • At least two snipers open fire on rally in Dallas
  • Police in shootout with one suspect, after three arrests
  • Four officers dead, 7 injured
  • Thousands were marching against police shootings
  • ‘Would this have happened if the driver were white?’ 

Police are engaged in a shootout with an armed suspect after at least two snipers opened fire on police officers during protests in Dallas on Thursday night, killing four officers and injuring seven others.

Three suspects are in custody after the snipers fired “ambush style” upon the officers, Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters.

The fourth suspect, currently holed up in a car park, is not cooperating and has told negotiators he intends to hurt more law enforcement officials, the chief said.

Earlier, police said a suspicious package was being secured by a bomb squad.

One suspect, who had been in a shootout with Dallas SWAT officers, is in custody and a person of interest has also surrendered, police said. The suspects are reportedly not cooperating with police.

Dallas police

Police said they were also questioning occupants of a Mercedes they had pulled over after the vehicle sped off down a downtown street with a man who threw a camouflaged bag inside the back of the car.

Police said three other people are in custody, two from inside the Mercedes and another woman detained near a downtown garage.

The gunfire broke out around 8.45 pm on Thursday while hundreds of people were gathered to protest against fatal police shootings this week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and suburban St. Paul, Minnesota.

A Dallas Area Rapid Transit police officer receives comfort at the Baylor University Hospital emergency room entrance
A Dallas Area Rapid Transit police officer receives comfort at the Baylor University Hospital emergency room entrance Credit: AP

The protesters had gathered after a Minnesota officer on Wednesday fatally shot Philando Castile while he was in a car with a woman and a child in a St. Paul suburb. The aftermath of the shooting was livestreamed in a widely shared Facebook video.

A day earlier, Alton Sterling was shot in Louisiana after being pinned to the pavement by two white officers. That, too, was captured on a mobile phone video.

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Video: Shooting sparks chaos in peaceful Dallas crowd

Footage has emerged of the moment of panic after the peaceful protest turned violent on Thursday night, as a crowd chanting ‘Don’t shoot’ run for their lives.

Shooting sparks chaos in peaceful Dallas crowd Play! 00:42


Dallas Morning News: “Ambush”

The Dallas Morning News has released its Friday front page


‘3 people in custody’

Police Chief David Brown says three people are in custody over the Dallas shootings. A fourth person is exchanging gunfire with officers.

“The suspect that we are negotiating with that has exchanged gunfire with us over the last 45 minutes has told our negotiators that the end is coming, and he is going to hurt and kill more of us, meaning law enforcement. And that there are bombs all over the place in this garage and in downtown.

“So we are being very careful in our tactics so we don’t injure our citizens in Dallas as we negotiate further.”


Searches ongoing

Brown says officers will conduct searches of downtown “until we are satisfied that all suspects have been captured”.

He says two people stopped in a Mercedes earlier are still being questioned.


Suspect claims to have planted bombs

Chief David Brown says police are negotiating with a suspect in a garage. He says he is shooting and that the suspect says he has planted bombs across Dallas.


Airspace restrictions

US aviation authorities are restricting flights over Dallas after the deadly shooting.


Video emerges of shooting

Horrifying videos have emerged showing the start of the shooting during the rally. In one video, a number of shots can be heard as the cameraman runs.

The other shows one of the suspects coming up behind a police officer and shooting him in the back at point black range.


‘Our worst nightmare has happened’

Mike Rawlings, mayor of the Texas city, says “our worst nightmare has happened.”

“It is a heartbreaking moment for the city of Dallas.”


Police association ‘horrified’

The Dallas Police Association has issued a statement, saying it’s “horrified” by the events.


Officers stop suspect vehicle

Police say an officer spotted an individual carrying a camouflaged bag walking quickly away. The individual threw the bag into the back of a black Mercedes, which left at high speed.

Officers followed the vehicle, stopped it and are questioning both occupants.


Police to work in pairs after attack

Seattle and Houston are among police departments elsewhere directing officers to work in pairs after the Dallas attack sent shockwaves across the country.


Senator Ted Cruz responds

Ted Cruz, the Senator for Texas, has paid tribute to the police officers who “selflessly run into harm’s way to save the lives of others”.


Suspects arrested

Police say two suspects are in custody. One, whose picture had been circulated, has turned himself in. The other was arrested after a shootout.

Police say a package was found near the latter’s location. The package was being secured by the bomb squad.


Suspects ‘may have planted bomb’

Police Chief Brown says police believe the men also suggested they planned to plant a bomb somewhere in the downtown Dallas area.

Police did not reveal where they believe the bomb is but have cordoned off most of downtown Dallas

Dallas police move to detains a driver after several police officers were shot in downtown Dallas
Dallas police move to detains a driver after several police officers were shot in downtown Dallas Credit: AP


Fourth officer ‘dies’

Dallas police department say a fourth officer has died.


SWAT team arrives at garage

A SWAT team has reportedly arrived at the scene in Dallas.


11 officers shot in ‘ambush’

The Dallas police chief has given an update on the situation, saying 11 police officers were shot and three of them are dead.

Police Chief David O. Brown said police have a suspect cornered in a garage and are negotiating with that person. He says the snipers fired upon officers “ambush style.”


‘Suspect cornered’

Reuters is reporting that Dallas police have one suspect cornered at a garage and are negotiating with the suspect.


Texas governor issues statement

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he has directed the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety to offer “whatever assistance the City of Dallas needs at this time”.

Mr Abbott expressed his condolences to the Dallas law enforcement community.

“In times like this we must remember – and emphasise – the importance of uniting as Americans.”


Helicopters hunt for suspects

Helicopters are hovering over downtown Dallas in search of the two suspects.


Image of suspect released

The Dallas police department have issued a picture of one of the suspects.


‘Intensive search underway’

Police Chief David O. Brown says “an intensive search for suspects is currently underway.”


Snipers ‘shot 10 officers’

The Dallas police chief says it appears two snipers shot 10 police officers during protests, and three of the officers are dead.

Police Chief David O. Brown said in a statement that three of the officers who were injured are in critical condition Thursday night, AP reports. He says the snipers shot from “elevated positions” during a protest over two recent fatal police shootings.


Arrests at New York protests

Most of the protests elsewhere have been largely peaceful but tension was still evident. In Chicago, protesters shut down a stretch of the Dan Ryan Expressway – one of Chicago’s main arteries – for about 10 minutes on Thursday.

In New York, several hundred protesters blocked traffic in Times Square in the heart of Manhattan, chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot.” More than a dozen arrests were made, the New York Police Department said.

A protester is detained by police in New York.
A protester is detained by police in New York. Credit: Reuters


Three injured officers ‘expected to survive’

Police are confirming that one rapid-transit officer was killed and three injured. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit issued the news via its official Twitter account. The agency said the three injured officers were expected to survive. No identifications were released.


Witness ‘saw one police officer down’

One witness, Michael Bautista, says he saw one police officer ‘down’ before being taken away. He says he saw bullets hitting police vehicles at the scene.


‘1 police officer killed’

AP is reporting that 1 police officer was killed and three injured during the shooting in Dallas.


Police ‘sorting through what happened’

There is still a lot of confusion of what actually happened. Dallas Police Sr. Corporal Debra Webb has issued a statement saying police were sorting through information at what was “clearly still an active scene”.

Multiple media outlets report that two officers were shot. There has been no official confirmation of that.


Officers enter hotel

An Associated Press reporter at the scene saw officers entering an Omni hotel building on the southwest side of downtown. TV cameras also showed officers carrying shield going into a bank building.

Firefighters and police at the scene were keeping people away while dozens of police cars were at the scene.


Huge manhunt for suspect

Police are currently looking for the suspect or suspects. TV cameras show the search for the gunman stretched throughout downtown, an area of hotels, restaurants, businesses and some residential apartments. The scene has been described as chaotic, with helicopters hovering overhead and officers with automatic rifles on the street corners.


Video shows moment of shooting

A journalist captured this video as the shooting began shortly before 9pm.


Protests spread across US

The Dallas rally was one of many taking place across the US. Protesters in Chicago, New York and St. Paul, Minnesota, were taking to the streets to express outrage after the second fatal police shooting of a black man in the United States in two days.

On Wednesday, a Minnesota officer fatally shot Philando Castile while he was in a car with a woman and a child in a St. Paul suburb. The aftermath of the shooting was purportedly livestreamed in a widely shared Facebook video.

A day earlier, Alton Sterling was shot in Louisiana after being pinned to the pavement by two white officers. That, too, was captured on a cellphone video.


‘I heard 6 to 8 shots’

Rev Jeff Hood, the Dallas rally organiser, says he heard 6-8 shots.


‘Everyone just started running’

Devante Odom, 21, was presen when the shots were fired. He told The Dallas Morning News:

“Everyone just started running. We lost touch with two of our friends just trying to get out of there.”


Crowds scatter after shots fired

Live TV video showed protesters marching along a street in downtown when the shots erupted and the crowd scattered, seeking cover.

Police and others hunched behind cars outside a parking garage. Officers with guns drawn were running near and into the parking garage as police searched for the shooter.


Two officers ‘shot at rally’

Two police officers have reportedly been shot during a protest in Dallas against police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana.

The gunfire broke out around 8.45 p.m. Thursday. Scores of police and security officers were on hand.

9 thoughts on “Planted bombs and snipers target police, as 11 officers are shot in Dallas

  1. “Hip Hop adopted by whites”. What in hell is the point of that ludicrous statement? If anything it simply proves that idiots are not confined to blacks. Get off your racist bandwagon and look at the facts…no! you wont will you? And we all know why.


  2. This attack on local government, apparently planned and coordinated by a group(s), appears to meet the criteria for classification as terror. The Obama administration, the SPLC, and other elements of the Left, finally have an opportunity to identify a clear example of the “domestic terror” they for years have asserted (without any opposition by the absolutely corrupt MSM and do-nothing Republican Establishment) is the greatest terror threat to the United States. However, since the perpetrators are not White and “right wing,”, this incident, and others before and after it, will likely be exploited to further promote the “reform” of law enforcement for the benefit of preferred groups (aka non-Whites who aren’t Muslims) and to reinforce political correctness – all to the detriment of the rule of law and the importance of truth.


  3. Haha – “excess police brutality is not a problem focused on the black community” – absolute nonsense. Repeating it three times doesn’t make it any less ludicrous. Try a 500 year history of systematic racial abuse endorsed by entire an entire continent. Consider what 500 years of colonisation, displacement, murder, torture, rape, abuse and injustice would do to a community of people. Consider the impact of 500 years of twisted history and culture – from the ridiculous psuedo “science” of phrenonology, to bastardised extracts of Biblical scripture, to Tarzan and Reefer Madness and all the Hollywood epics with white Egyptian Pharoahs and weedy little bug eye-ed African – all designed to endorse the oppression, vilification, and dehumanisation of an entire group of people based on colour or race (Mexicans, Latinos etc). Consider a media machine that through film, music, TV and news has spent decades enforcing the view that people of colour are less than human, criminal, dangerous, threatening or just dysfunctional and useless – you don’t have to be too bright to realise where the statistics for brutality, criminalisation and imprisonment of black people come from. But I understand why you and millions of others could be manipulated, played like a fool by this propoganda. You have to be pretty strong minded and have good people around you not to be hypnotised by the weight of force of that level of propoganda. But suggesting that the Black Lives Matter protests are part of a Muslim conspiracy is desperately grasping at straws, utterly laughable and just sad really. This is The Muslim Issue, not The Black Issue, they’re two different things. Try not to confuse them.


    • The desperation are people like yourself who live in a little bubble. We’ve been following the BlackLives movement from the very moment in first started – which was a social media hype created by Muslims from Missouri. It quickly got adopted by blacks.

      How come you skim over the effect of Islam on the black community – the very cause of the downfall of Africa and of mass slavery exported worldwide? Amazing excuses.


      • Hip Hop got quickly adopted by whites, does that make Eminem a black man? Assuming I live in a bubble when you don’t know a thing about me is stupid. Skimming over an historical detail I made no mention of, that’s simply deflection. As is making no reference to the main points brought up – the systematic oppression of the black community in America due to 500 years of horrific treatment and an institutional propoganda infusing a mindset amongst the white community to hate, dislike, distrust and disrespect what is effectively the largest group of people on the planet. If somebody is adamant the world is flat even though you’ve sailed them around the globe, there really is no point in giving them a compass.


      • Your slight simplification omitted the history of the slave trade to the Americas, omitted who stopped the slave trade, when they stopped it and how they stopped it, omitted the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Struggle to defeat Jim Crow, the Great Society package of preferences that redirect economic and educational opportunity by race and gender, and the fact that the majority of the world’s Black millionaires accumulated their wealth inside the old USofA.

        But when one’s goal is to bad-mouth people who went to war to establish social justice, you need every possible arrow in your quiver and a commitment to honesty would work against you.

        But ex cathedra cheap shots are a piece of cake.


    • You obviously know nothing about slavery in Africa. I suggest that you brush up or shut up and it is people like you who are just as dangerous as any idiot with a gun. BTW leftist rhetoric is NOT knowledge and please improve you knowledge and stop embarrassing yourself.


      • Err, got no idea where your coming from love but I can hear that fanatical rage screaming out of your keyboard. Fanatical people with nothing useful to say do tend to shout. Maybe your’re a distant relative of King Leopold II and have an alternative view of slavery, which I’d love to hear as you’re obviously mentally Ill and it could be quite amusing. Maybe references from the Bible mashed up with out of context Darwin quotes, some Hitler rhetoric a bit of Enoch Powell and a Birth of a Nation image. Come on, blow me away with your supreme knowledge of slavery. Put it all in capitals if you want.


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