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Stowaway Merkel Muslims abush lorry drivers in ‘very dangerous Calais’


Frankly, we don’t understand why all these haulage companies don’t get together and file a massive lawsuit against Merkel’s government and the EU, demanding compensation plus damages for the billions they have lost in revenues due to the EU’s open invitation to these savages into Europe. They should also demand permanent military police, paid by Germany, to protect each and every lorry of theirs that has to pass Calais.

Every single country affected financially, security wise, subject to increase in rapes, robberies, gun crimes, drug peddling, murders and sex grooming – industries often dominated by Muslim migrants – should file a class action lawsuit against the EU demanding compensation and damages.



Haulage boss says migrants at Calais set AMBUSH to stop drivers and caused £100,000 smash to one of his lorries 

  • Allan Campbell, who runs A.L. Campbell Haulage in South Lanarkshire, said his drivers are facing frequent ambushes by stowaways around Calais
  • Last weekend one of his lorries crashed into one driven by a Lithuanian
  • Claimed they’re burning bales of straw and lighting fires on dual carriageway
  • He described the Eurotunnel as now being ‘like a jail’ and very dangerous 


A haulage boss has claimed migrants at Calais set a trap which caused his truck to collide with another lorry, leaving him with £100,000 worth of damage.

Allan Campbell, who runs A.L. Campbell Haulage in South Lanarkshire, said his drivers are facing frequent ambushes by stowaways trying to reach the UK.

Last weekend, one of Mr Campbell’s lorries crashed into another truck being driven by a Lithuanian haulier after migrants reportedly burned bales of straw on the dual carriageway.

The tractor unit was also damaged in the crash and the combined cost could be around £100,000, according to the haulier boss.

‘Basically they are burning bales of straw and having fires lit on the dual carriageway’, he alleged.

The truck belonging to Allan Campbell that was damaged in what he claimed was a trap set by migrants

Mr Campbell, whose family business has been operating for 30 years and runs deliveries of fish from northern Scotland to France every day, said the Eurotunnel is now fraught with danger.

He said: ‘I started going out there in 1997 and there weren’t any fences round about the Eurotunnel or the ferry terminal then.

‘Now it is like going out and in to a jail because of all the immigrants trying to come in.

‘There are a lot of trucks being damaged.

‘We had the sister truck of that damaged just weeks ago. People threw bricks at it.

‘The paint is damaged on a regular basis. It is not nice.’

In a separate incident this week, a lorry driver called Tomasz told MailOnline six migrants had managed to break into the Haas truck, carrying Formula 1 car parts, he was driving back from the Austrian Grand Prix.

He said: ‘I was returning from Austria to the UK and reached Calais [for the ferry crossing] at around 4am on Tuesday morning. The driver behind me [also driving a Haas truck] was flashing me and telling me to pull over as there were migrants inside.

‘I had securely locked the lorry but when I opened it I found around six migrants sitting on the floor. I think there are gangs who are being paid to open trucks using tools so migrants can then get inside.’

He added: ‘I believe the situation round Calais has become more dangerous following the Brexit vote as the people there are even more desperate now to get into Britain.

‘A few weeks ago it was relatively quiet but they have become very aggressive again to drivers.’

The front of the truck that was mangled by the ambush set by migrants near Calais, in northern France

The front of the truck that was mangled by the ambush set by migrants near Calais, in northern France.

Hauliers have revealed how migrants have threatened them with unprecedented levels of aggression and they have been attacked with knives, hammers, iron bars and baseball bats.

Last year the violence cost the industry £21million.

The UK Government has spent £63million improving security at the Eurotunnel terminal in Coquelles and Port of Calais in the past year but the numbers in the camp are growing again.

Claire Britcher, from the freight transport association, told MailOnline: ‘The numbers are growing again at the “Jungle” camp and it’s swelling to around 6,000 again. They are now trying to get into trucks from further away from the main port.

‘The security is not adequate for the sheer number of people trying to get into the trucks. They wait for the slow movement of vehicles and then jump down from bridges and drivers have also been threatened with stones being thrown at them and had their windows being smashed.’

Kate Gibbs, from the road haulage association, told MailOnline: ‘It’s very concerning and the security that is in place is insufficient and not working as a deterrent.

‘Drivers are being put at risk and they are putting their life in their hands by simply performing their job.

‘Security at the port and on the approach roads needs to be increased and the French military should be deployed, just because there’s been a quiet day that doesn’t mean it won’t flare up again at a later date.’



One thought on “Stowaway Merkel Muslims abush lorry drivers in ‘very dangerous Calais’

  1. With all the troubles there I don’t understand why the lorry drivers do not upgrade there lock system on the back doors, most just have a simple padlock. Sooner or later they will start taking the law into there own hands, if they do not get the support, as an ex lorry driver I would tool myself up.


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