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Uganda: Muslims kill Christian woman for refusing to permit mosque building on her property


(Reuters/James Akena)A child displaced by fighting between the Congo army and rebel group Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) last week rests on a pile of belongings at Bukanga transit camp in Bundibugyo town, Uganda.


Lorraine Caballero
Christian Daily, 05 July, 2016 2:53 PM

Muslim villagers have reportedly killed a Christian woman in Uganda after she refused to allow them to construct a mosque on her property, and another group of Muslims killed a baby girl because her Christian mother ate during the Ramadan fasting period.

In March, 50-year-old Efranse Kadondo’s relatives had pressured her to donate part of her property for the construction of a mosque. However, the Christian woman refused to give them what they wanted, a local source told Morning Star News.

One of Kadondo’s Muslim relatives, Zainabu Kasubuza, came with some imams to convince her to donate part of her land for the planned mosque. A police officer, who spoke under conditions of anonymity, said she sought orders to have the seized property returned to her. Unfortunately, she was killed six days later after an overnight prayer meeting.

Authorities said Kadondo was found inside a room with her hands broken and her neck full of bruises. A neighbor also reportedly told the cops that the attackers had planned to bury the woman secretly that evening. Six people were arrested in connection with the case.

The previous week, Muslim in-laws poisoned a baby girl to death after her Christian mother Angel Nabirye ate food during the fasting period of Ramadan. The young mother told Morning Star that her mother-in-law questioned her for eating food during the daytime fast, and she explained that her baby was ill and needed to be breastfed.

The day after the incident, the mother-in-law brought herbs for the baby. When Nabirye gave the herbs to her child, the infant died after three hours and doctors found out that the death was due to poisoning.

In a separate incident last month, a Ugandan father tied his nine-year-old son to a tree and burned him after he dropped his Islamic faith to embrace Christianity. Fortunately, neighbors heard him scream and rescued him, according to another Morning Star report.

A hospital staff member said the boy is recovering from his burn injuries very slowly. The father, meanwhile, was arrested but was released on bail.

4 thoughts on “Uganda: Muslims kill Christian woman for refusing to permit mosque building on her property

  1. I vote that Ramadan now be an official hunting season for Muslim vermin with no maximum tally and each kill can go to balance the billions killed by these scum. You want a clean healthy world? REMOVE ISLAM!!


  2. And fool politicians would disarm us against muslims and invite them in! The same politicians that would disarm us know that muslims will never obey any law of our nation. islam is fascism disguised as religion. IT IS A MURDER CULT

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