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UK: Muslim avoids rape sentence and deportation after arguing he ‘did not know rape was unacceptable in Britain’

Muslim serial rapists got a Muslim lawyer who knows exactly how to twist and turn the truth to force the infidel to corner to his own delusional political correctness mentality.

What sick society has the UK come to? No wonder they feel a need for Brexit.



Convicted Somalian rapist overturned deportation order – then raped two more ‘vulnerable’ women 

  • Dahir Ibrahim overturned deportation order after 10-year sentence for rape
  • The 31-year-old Somalian then went on to rape two more women in Britain
  • Ibrahim threatened one with a Stanley knife and the other with screwdriver
  • Jailed for another 10 years and to face deportation after serving sentence

By Sam Tonkin For Mailonline
Published: 15:29, 3 July 2016

Repeat offender: Convicted Somalian rapist Dahir Ibrahim, 31, was allowed to stay in Britain after overturning a deportation order only to brutally rape two more 'vulnerable' women, it has been revealed

14 thoughts on “UK: Muslim avoids rape sentence and deportation after arguing he ‘did not know rape was unacceptable in Britain’

  1. ummm ya U did know it was wrong, U used a knife, and other weapons to force u’r will on others- And hello even in u’r OWN country U know its WRONG but, being male, U get away with it yet the woman and/or children get killed for what U males do to them cuz the shame and blame is put on them- SO THIS IS BULLSHIT AND THESE LAWYERS AND PEOPLE NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE AND THIS TYPE OF BS NEEDS TO BE CHANGED IN OUR COURTRMS. WRONG IS WRONG, PERIOD! IF HE THOUGHT RAPE WAS OK THEN HE WOULDN’T USE A WEAPON AND PEOPLE WOULDN’T GET KILLED… SICK SICK SICK AND NOW THE COURTS ARE TWISTING THIS IN THE FAVOR OF THE RAPIST… WOW.


  2. This muzzie pig should just to be shot first in his dick, then in the head, to make an example out of him to the other wannabee muzzie terrorists. But you know also that those raped has already some AIDS or HIV or TBC, `couse these pigs are filthy as hell. You stupid lemmings from UK will be fighting for your life in your own country, if they do this in peace time, you can figured it out what they will do to you when the society will break down. So, either you will kill them all, or they will fuck you up 🙂 It is simple as that. Period.
    Now, in another newsflash, do you hear that Austria has become the first western european Banana Republik, they have to repeat the elections, where there was obvious fraud against Hofer. By the way, that old fuck Van den Bellen has mental issues, baut that is no problem for the lemmings of Banana Republic of Osterreich, you have just become officially a colony of Merkelistan 🙂 Congratulations, and we want more of this 🙂 Ha ha ha, and they even say they have a democracy. You are disgusting, you just become the shame of Europe. First Hitler, now Van den Bellen. The lunatics are running the open air asylum called Austristan 🙂


  3. I have watched this type of preferential treatment happening in the EU and now it is happening in the UK. I sincerely hope the victim gets a lawyer who can appeal the sentence as being too lenient.


  4. “Ibrahim’s lawyer defended him in court by saying the rapist had come from a country where he had witnessed many atrocities and had a lack of understanding of what is acceptable in the UK.” – That’s a non sequitur since one can’t identify atrocities if “a lack of understanding” is a defense.

    Here’s another non sequitur as example – The male Muslim Somalian has a sense of morality compatible with Western societies.


  5. When did the law in the uk change ? Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Although if your muslim it seems to be.
    Then they shout ‘islamaphobia’.
    Any sane women or child “should’ be fearful of being raped when a muslim is near.


    • ISLAMAPHOBIA is a justified and acceptable position to take with those who will at a certain stage of their jihad demand that you convert to Islam, or apply to you a tax that makes your life unlivable, or even behead you because you are not muslim.

      It is not justifiable to have a government in power that makes laws and appeasements to political Islam where Islam enacts the command of its prophet to Islamasize your country and kill 70-80% of your fellow citizens. A law is planned to BAN ISLAMAPHOBIA. Get ready to fight for your life, and your childrens lives. This is what has happened in other countries that are just as modern as this one, and now it IS HAPPENING all over US, EU and UK because of traitorous stupid polioticians who cannot see that Islam is not “multicultural” and definately cannot integrate by virtue of itself! This is how bad thiongs really are .


  6. Absolute proof that the Left have totally taken over the UK legal system: the swine should have been shot after he re-offended. IMO violent rape is a capital crime and I will happily kill anyone who tries it and naturally the Left will see me charged…creeping sharia where the rape victim is the felon.


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