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Spain: Moroccan jailed for the murder of elderly British couple

Southern Spain is covered in crimes and problems from Muslims who have illegally entered Spain from Morocco. We received reports a few years ago that Spanish women in South Spain face rape from these illegal Muslims, who even get killed in revenge attacks by the victim’s Spanish relatives. That’s how bad it has gotten.



Moroccan man, 63, who shot British Olympic diver and his wife in the head at their home in Spain is jailed for 31 years 

  • Driss Drizi was jailed after striking a deal with prosecutors in Alicante
  • He shot David Tarsey and his wife Jean at their home after a row last year
  • Was also ordered to pay 150,000 euros to each of their two sons
  • Mr Tarsey competed at the 1965 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia 


A Moroccan man who murdered former British Olympic diver David Tarsey and his wife Jean at their expat home in Spain, has been sentenced to 31 years in jail.

Painter Driss Drizi, 63, was jailed after striking a deal with prosecutors by confessing to his crimes during a pre-trial court hearing.

He was facing a 42-year prison sentence if convicted killing the couple after a trial.

Driss Drizi, 63, has been jailed for 31 years after being convicted of killing British couple David Tarsey and his wife Jean

Tragic: David Tarsey and his wife Jean were murdered at their home in Spain by Driss Drizi in March last year

Judge Jose Daniel Mira Perceval ended up jailing him for 15 years for each murder plus another year for illegal possession of a firearm after his plea bargain deal.

The British couple, both 77, were found in each other’s arms on their sofa in March last year at their home in Xalo near Benidorm. Both were killed by a single bullet to the head.

Mother-of-two Mrs Tarsey was shot first before her husband, a former engineer who competed in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics as well as the 1954 and 1958 Commonwealth Games, was murdered.

Drizi was arrested last September after an exhaustive police investigation.

Reports at the time said the immigrant, an acquaintance of David’s, had confessed during questioning to killing the couple, originally from west London, after a row.

Driss Drizi was led into court by police officers. He was sentenced to 31 years in prison after striking a bargain with prosecutors

Murdered: The British couple, both 77, were found in each other's arms on their sofa in March last year at their home in Xalo near Benidorm. Both were killed by a single bullet to the head.

The horrific nature of the shootings was laid bare in an indictment released by local state prosecutors in May when they revealed they were seeking a 42-year-prison sentence for Drizi.

They said he stormed back to the caravan where he lived after an argument with David to fetch an ORTGIES 7.65mm Browning pistol he kept hidden there before returning to the Tarseys’ home ‘with the intention of ending the couple’s lives.’

Revealing Mrs Tarsey was shot first in the face, local state prosecutors said in the indictment: ‘She was sat on the sofa and taking no part in the argument and had no way of reacting. It resulted in her husband Peter David immediately turning towards her to try to protect her.

‘Whilst deprived of any possibility of defence, the accused shot him in the neck, causing the instantaneous deaths of both.’

Their bodies were discovered three days later when friends they were due to have Sunday lunch with raised the alarm. It was never made clear why the killer had argued with Mr Tarsey.

Couple: The pair, pictured together the day before they married in February 1960, met at a local diving club

Drizi, who was due to be tried by a jury later this month, struck his deal during a pre-trial hearing at a court in Alicante on Wednesday.

He had been expected to plead guilty to manslaughter but not murder at the trial if it had gone ahead.

The written sentence confirming his 31-year jail term is understood to have been released yesterday.

As well as being sentenced to more than three decades in prison, Drizi has also been ordered to pay 150,000 euros to each of the Tarseys’ grown-up sons Alexei and Sascha.

Mr Tarsey competed in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, coming 16th in the springboard and 14th in the platform event

Alexei, 50, a chef on a private yacht, revealed just before Drizi’s arrest how he was working in the Caribbean when he heard the news of his parents’ murder.

His brother called the boat and the call was put through to the kitchen.

Recalling the moment he was told the terrible news, he said: ‘I just knew something was up because my brother would very rarely call me on a satellite phone.

‘I was shocked, I didn’t know what to think or do. I wouldn’t have been 100 per cent surprised if my father had died of natural causes, but to find out they had been murdered at home was extremely shocking. It was very, very unexpected.

Police were alerted when friends went round to the house for their regular Sunday dinner and discovered their bodies

‘That was a Sunday evening. When I finally got to Spain on the Wednesday, my brother was already there and the investigation was apparently well under way.

‘I don’t know if it’s properly sunk in even now. I think it will take quite a long time before we can digest what the hell has happened, and find out why.’

Expat Susan Keightley, 72, a friend of the couple who brought their Spanish villa in 1990, described them at the time as ‘lovely.’

She said: ‘Jean did a lot of work for charities, including one looking after abandoned dogs. David was always working.’




11 thoughts on “Spain: Moroccan jailed for the murder of elderly British couple

  1. Bingo, people in western Europe realize that muzzies scums are all pedophiles, liars, criminals, and terrorists. Problem is… it is too late for this:) Now we enter the phase of SHTF: you are on your own, stupid fucks from Bruxellistan and Parisistan. Not to mention about Londonistan, they are trully fucked 🙂 there will be a bloodbath like never before, even Fear the Walking Dead will not compete with that.
    So, get the fuck out of western Europe, still you can, the muzzie savages will get bombed out soon, there will be death and anarchy only, so kiss good-bye to your fancy-fluffy life, stupid unicorn dreaming morons 🙂 what you sow, that will reap, idiots.


  2. The is only one way to handle this–to do what the Israelis do. Take the Muslim monster out in the street and shoot him in the head with a round soaked in pig’s blood. Then, go to his family home and destroy it.

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  3. Until our atheistic worldview changes and we realise there is a supernatural aspect to life nothing will change. It will get worse. There is only one other supernatural aspect able to subdue the Islamic one. However I don’t think atheists with their prized and natural world outlook are ready to explore the possibility they may be wrong, hence nothing is going t o change soon.


    • A valid point of view. Your are right the only way to defeat this satanic demonic religion is to start looking at our ways of spirituality. One could argue and state what is it within man that drives him to explore the origins of the universe, explore the recent past e.g. 10,000 years ago. Humanity was drawn to a higher principle than itself.


  4. Thank God the Kali strangler cult did’nt claim religious rights years ago. We would have two major murder cults to deal with instead of one. All the history of islam is a history of murder and looting! Why are people so fond of protecting the murder cult of islam. NONE of them ever believe in ANYTHING but islam! They will lie to your face and tell you that they want to be American citizens and then work to bring sharia into our nation when sharia and western law are completely incompatible! There NEVER will be any coexist between freedom and islam. Islam is fascism disguised as religion. We all know what kind of human rights fascists allowed for everyday people. In islam, you have the right to death if you disagree with them. Pretty close to fascist.


  5. “Muslims, who even get killed in revenge attacks by the victim’s Spanish relatives.” – The “Spanish relatives’ ” attacks are warranted and fully justified by the crime and social breakdown Spanish and other EU “authorities” willfully cause with their immigration and migration policies. Moreover, do Swedish, German, UK, and other Western police forces adequately protect the indigenous women and children ? No, they’re all PC (politically correct) police forces who can’t be relied upon or trusted.

    Meanwhile, European societies are intentionally recruiting non-indigenous individuals for their police. Western security structures and personnel are already inadequately protecting their societies. How long before they and the military turn on those societies, like the elites already have ? Or, is it too late ? Is honor found only among select individuals, and till now, only minority political groups ?

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  6. Muslim men should not be allowed 8n a democracy they will only bring their sharia law they don’t live by our laws in Britian their are over 75 sharia courts its disgusting they are not comparable in a democracy nor is the Islamic ideology these men are from a culture that not only rapesvwomen as normal but also chid brides younn boys for pleasure gear men should never be allwed anywhere near our women or chidren there all peadophile a disgusting ideology of hate

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