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Ten dead after explosions at Turkey’s largest airport, Istanbul Ataturk

These are most likely Kurds sending a message to the Turkish government over the silent mass-killings Erdogan’s army have committed in Kurdish areas in South Turkey where sections of entire towns have been destroyed, like in Suruc, Cizre and Diyarbakir.

The Kurds issued a warning a few weeks ago, asking foreign tourists to stay away from making any travels to, or touring Turkey, Istanbul in particular. The Kurdish fight against Turkey is not related to religion but is purely political. Turkey’s attack against the Kurds, however, is based on religious racism. Erdogan is the sole cause behind these attacks in his relentless chase and targeting of Kurds. Erdogan let Islamic state fighters cross from Turkey to enter into Kurdish areas in efforts to slaughter Kurds.

We seriously doubt this suicide attack is ISIS Daesh related at all. Erdogan is a friend, fan and supporter of the Islamic state. They wouldn’t target him. He provides them with healthcare, food, provisions, oil, funding….



Ten dead after explosions at Turkey’s largest airport, Istanbul Ataturk: Media reports

Two explosions hit Istanbul’s main Ataturk airport on Tuesday, wounding several people, a Turkish official told Reuters.

 A Turkish justice minister said 10 were dead in the attack.


Reported explosions and gunfires at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport on June 28, 2016.

Source: Google Maps
Reported explosions and gunfires at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport on June 28, 2016.

Turkish officials told Reuters that suspects blew themselves up before passing the x-ray security check. Separately, an official told the Associated Press it was unclear whether the explosions were caused by bombs or a suicide attack.

Taxis were ferrying wounded people from the airport, the witness told CNN Turk. Around 40 people were wounded, a local broadcaster said.

Ambulance cars arrive at Turkey's largest airport, Istanbul Ataturk, after a reported explosion.

Osman Orsal | Reuters: Ambulance cars arrive at Turkey’s largest airport, Istanbul Ataturk, after a reported explosion.


The state-run TRT television said an explosion hit a control point at the international arrival terminal of the airport. Police fired shots at that terminal entry point, according to Reuters.

Turkish media reported the sound of gunfire at the scene, the AP and CNN Turk reported. Turkey has suffered a spate of bombings this year, including two suicide attacks in tourist areas of Istanbul blamed on Islamic State,and two car bombings in the capital, Ankara, which were claimed by a Kurdish militant group.

In the most recent attack, a car bomb ripped through a police bus in central Istanbul during the morning rush hour, killing 11 people and wounding 36 near the main tourist district, a major university and the mayor’s office.

Turkey, which is part of the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State, is also fighting Kurdish militants in its largely Kurdish southeast.

The attacks have increased in scale and frequency, scaring off tourists and hurting the economy, which relies heavily on tourism revenues. The Turkish lira weakened slightly against the dollar after the news.

This is breaking news. Please check back for updates.

Bodies lie on the pavement outside Istanbul's international airport after explosions and gunfire shook the terminal, killing at least 10

A man carries a wounded boy away from the devastated airport tonight after the twin explosions, in what is believed to have been a suicide attack

An aerial view of the airport shows where the suicide bombers are believed to have detonated their explosives, at the entrance to the international arrivals terminal

Police officers and ambulance crews outside the international arrivals terminal, which was struck in what officials say was a terror attack

Dozens of paramedics help the wounded following the airport attack, which left at least 60 wounded and at least 10 dead

Shocked crowds of bystanders and holidaymakers mix with emergency services crews outside the terminal where the attackers struck




4 thoughts on “Ten dead after explosions at Turkey’s largest airport, Istanbul Ataturk

  1. “We seriously doubt this suicide attack is ISIS Daesh related at all.”

    This was my reaction as well. It seems like it would be outside of the norm for Kurds, because they’re trying to get more support from the west, which was why they started only attacking government assets in the first place.

    My guess would be perhaps an Iranian affiliated attack, as a warning. Because of the Turkish support of ISIS.


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