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UK: Extreme left use bot-robot to create fake petition signatures, pressuring for second EU referendum

Enormous arguments in Britain is the after-effect over the democratic EU referendum vote, which won in majority, even if London was marred with massive Remain fraudulent votes (surely many of these frauds originating from East London, near the East London Mosque).

The fascist left just can’t take no for an answer. They will simply not accept the results of democracy. They should check how many of these signatures originate from the Middle East.

The UK government should check how many of these signatures originate from the Middle East, Kosova, Pakistan, Albania, Bosnia….



3M+ ‘Remain’ Petition Uses ‘Script’ To ‘Fake’ Signatures: 25,000 From North Korea, 2,800 From Uninhabitable Antarctic

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by Raheem Kassam
26 Jun 2016, Breitbart

Questions are being raised as to the true number of UK citizens signing a petition to urge another European Union membership referendum as evidence emerged that activists are encouraging foreign signatories. Some critics claim that a “bot” or “script” is being used to automatically generate names and signatories.

As of early Sunday afternoon, over 3.1 million signatures had been registered on the petition named: “EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum” which calls for the “Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based a turnout less than 75% there should be another referendum.”

But an analysis of the data on the petition shows that at least 6 per cent of the signatories, or nearly 200,000 are from foreign countries. While foreign-based UK nationals are allowed to sign UK petitions, some believe that many of these are fraudulent given that Remain activists are handing out post codes online in order to elicit more signatures from abroad.


And some believe that a “script” or a “bot” is being used to automatically generate signatures for the petition. Twitter users are pointing to this PasteBin link which they claim is a script to automate sign ups. Breitbart London has been unable to verify such claims, but the rate at which signatures are being added to the petition may suggest at least some level of automation.


As of Sunday afternoon, around 41,118 signatories have come from Vatican City, 11,717 from the United States, and curiously, 24,855 from North Korea.

At least 19,000 signatures have come from France, and 2,735 from British Antarctic Territory, which has a population of just 250 people.

And even UK-based signatories are raising questions, with the petition attracting a curiously high number of signatures from constituencies with small populations.

Turnout in the 2015 General Election was 36,185 in the Cities of London and Westminster constituency. Yet over 40,000 are claimed to have signed the Remain petition from that constituency in the past few days. That would mean that more than every single person that voted in 2015 has signed the petition, including all voters from the UK Independence Party and the Conservative Party, the former of which is overwhelmingly Eurosceptic, and the latter of which is split in half over the issue.

The House of Commons petitions committee has today acknowledged that there may be fraudulent signatures on the petition, and has claimed that they will remove them.


The petition has been pointed to by Remain activists including Members of Parliament as a sign that UK voters did not want to leave the European Union and that another referendum must be held.

The same people have not yet commented on the allegedly fraudulent nature of many of the signatures.

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5 thoughts on “UK: Extreme left use bot-robot to create fake petition signatures, pressuring for second EU referendum

  1. When the news came out and displayed the demographics. Most older people wanted exit. So the young progressive Left cried that these people were too old and it was them that would suffer in years to come.
    One this may slow down Islamic and 3rd world migration. So you young ones have a chance if they start a civil war. #2 What old people. The people who fought for Britain. Built the infrastructure you enjoy which they never had at the same age. #3 You mean the people who worked their whole lives and paid taxes.


    • Well said! The youngsters today would not want to work in the fields all day at 12 yrs old hoeing, picking spuds or scrubbing chicken units with wire wool in cold water. That’s what many of us did in the school holidays, evenings and week ends. We still did our school work and helped Mum. Children also fed the rabbits which were kept for meat, chopped sticks and sawed logs. Happy to do it as we knew we were working for our country, our King and later our Queen! Would do it all again! Kids today get it to easy, they will never appreciate anything as they don’t know what it is to work for things they want. Sad to say, their comments on the referendum brought home how easy they have it!


  2. I am very good friends with several people in the UK and after the vote was finalized, the “remain” freaks were already going into high gear, trying to find ways to get the election done again … and done THEIR way. So much like here in the states. The liberals just cannot take NO for an answer and will do whatever it takes to have their way. Does “throwing a tantrum” ring any bells, folks?

    Life in Europe and the UK is going to get real interesting, especially if cheating is found to be prominent in this new petition.

    My friends there, are just livid that the losers are petitioning for another election. And I can’t blame them one bit.

    One of the prevailing theories of the “remain” crowd, is that they’ll not be able to make it financially, without the EU.

    My question … How did the UK survive for centuries, before the EU happened along? And even 40 years ago, when the UK went EU, the people were mainly ignored, lied to, etc., meanwhile having to live with laws and other ridiculous rules made by un-elected people in Brussels.

    Life just gets more interesting every day.


  3. One was done and you voted to leave (the right thing to do ) so the left needs to accept that and stop this crap

    – Jacquie



  4. The success of getting a criminal elected to the presidency of the USA has made the left think that people will not resist. When the people fight back the left goes NUTZ. One day soon we are going to have to clean up the mess.

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