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Syria: Muslims slit throat of Christian, mock his wife saying “Your Jesus did not save him”

And their point is? Where is their Mohammed when millions of Muslims are killed by other Muslims?



Syria: Militants slit a Christian’ throat, mock his wife saying “Your Jesus did not come to save him from us”

Posted by Madeeha Bakhsh
On June 24, 2016, from Christians in Pakistan

In a recent heinous incident, jihadists slit throat of a Christian in front of his wife, giving a vent to their odium for Christianity, they mocked the woman in a derogatory way saying “Your Jesus did not come to save him from us.” This odious incident took place in Syria’ ancient town Maalula; which was invaded by the militants few days ago.

Jihadists slaughter Christians in Syria

A Christian woman resident of Maalula told the media saying, “They arrived in our town at dawn and shouted ‘We are from the Al-Nusra Front and have come to make lives miserable for the Crusaders,” the woman who was identified as Marie, further narrated that after their first advance against the town, Christians started fleeing.

The town was home to considerable large Christian population. According to estimate, about 5,000 of the residents of Maalula speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus himself. The militant outfit has tightened its grip over the Maalula in order to use it as a launching base for anti-regime attacks.

The advance of rebels and terrorist outfits has resulted in devastating refugee crisis. The conflict in Syria has created a humanitarian crisis for the country and the region. UNHCR reports that there are at least 3.6 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and almost 1.3 million registered and unregistered refugees in neighboring countries, including Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.


8 thoughts on “Syria: Muslims slit throat of Christian, mock his wife saying “Your Jesus did not save him”

  1. It would be wise to understand that Jesus did “save” the individual whose throat was slit, not from dying but from being eternally separated from God. Too many people in this world continue to believe that death is the ultimate enemy of life, but that is not true. Separation from God is the ultimate enemy of life, and Jesus is the ultimate authority regarding that matter in everyone’s life.


  2. Time to turn the middle east into a parking lot. These wild animals need to be extinguished. Still hoping for China to invade the middle east and take over.


  3. If that happened the way described above, it happend between december ’13 and april ’14. since the latter date, Ma’loula is again under control of the Syrian Arab Army. comparing the date above the article, I have to state: please stay with the truth. there are loads of genuine attrocities worth to be reported about. no need to add fabrications.


  4. Well, Jesus will not come to save those islamics either, but they will find the Christian they murdered with God and then they will join mohamdead with the other spiritual dead on the other side of the gulf away from God. Don’t want to join them there.


  5. Feeble mindedness of “devout” Muslims is a perennial theme. Inbreeding ? They can only join about 4 evidence dots to construct a narrative, then their intellect just stops.Hence their nursery rhyme reasoning.


    • In one of Qutar debates of Tim Sebastian on BBC in a discussi n debate on genetic disorder n Muslim Arab the hypocritical American visitors dispelled this notion suggestion reg Muslim Marriage system of marri within Prohibited relationship


  6. And their all will not save you ,,,,what idiots these ppl are the virgins they get will be the dead and rotted corpses of the ppl they kill

    – Jacquie



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