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France: Tourist viciously beaten by Muslim mob in ‘warzone’ Paris, where hotel bookings are down by 50% since terror attack

Immediately after the Brussels bombings, hotel occupancy in Belgium plunged to 25 percent, down from 82 percent the night before, the Wall Street Journal cites STR, a company that tracks hotel industry data.

At the same time, hotel bookings in London fell to 59 percent and 67 percent in Paris.

Tourism in Europe has been struggling since last November’s Paris attacks that took the lives of 130 people.

As Euro 2016 begins, traditional hotels still have plenty of vacancies. And bookings for the summer are down 50 percent on last year.


European tourism plunges after Brussels and Paris terror attacks
French Hotel Bookings Down Due to Euro 2016 Terror Fears



EXCLUSIVE: Mob violence in lawless Paris: Terrifying video shows ‘woman tourist’ viciously attacked by marauding youths in city deserted by police despite ‘state of emergency’ and Euros rampage 

  • Young woman viciously beaten ‘within sight of Notre Dame’ in Paris
  • Bloodcurdling screams and horrific attack caught on witnesses camera
  • Extended attack not attended by police despite police station next door
  • Paris is ‘like a warzone,’ a witness told MailOnline who said he was terrified

By Peter Allen In Paris for MailOnline
Published: 15:40, 22 June 2016

A young woman screamed helplessly as she was set upon by a violent gang in the centre of tourist Paris today.

She was repeatedly punched and kicked in the head and upper body as around 15 mainly men surrounded her, knocking her to the ground.

The terrifying attack, which was captured on video, took place within sight of Notre Dame Cathedral, and less than half-a-mile from the Louvre museum. 

Horrific screams: The girl (circled), who had attended a rap concert, got caught up in the violent mob

6 thoughts on “France: Tourist viciously beaten by Muslim mob in ‘warzone’ Paris, where hotel bookings are down by 50% since terror attack

  1. Reblogged this on Lake Malaren and commented:
    None of this will stop so long as the US & Clinton depend on Saudi Wahhabi Clout for hand outs. Saudi has funded mega mosques all around the western world and has/is importing Wahhabi Islam worldwide. What astonishes me that neither the media or Left liberal politicians refuse to cut ties with Saudi. The press could do us all a favor and report the truth about the Wahhabi clout on the west. Russia will control Iran just give her time.


  2. Rap is a degenerate form of entertainment that incites aggressive behavior, if not outright violence. Its moronic, facile, and crude characteristics are reflected in the personal traits of its entertainers and fans – entertainment by scum, for scum. As such, it has a natural appeal to Third World males, including Muslims, despite Islam’s prohibition against virtually all forms of music.


  3. Obviously all those men attacking the girl “misunderstood Islam.”

    If they really understood Islam, they would have raped her too.


  4. Great for tourism business, this “religion” of peace! Call it what it is and people might just start booking for thrill visits! Come to the MURDER CULT siege will probably get more bookings!


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