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Pakistan continues to demand loot it stole from India, in longest running court case in UK

How can this be difficult to resolve? Pakistan belonged to and WAS India when the Nizam (Muslim occupier) transferred the funds into a UK based account. Even to this day Pakistan is occupied by Muslims and taken in possession from India by Muslim demands and quarrels, which lead to millions of people’s death when the same demands spread to former India; Bangladesh. Therefore, the funds clearly belong to India and was obtained in India through illegal occupation. Unlike the British rule which came into legal force through invitation Muslim presence in India never came into legal force by invitation, but by jihad. The Indian government need to issue the courts with an interest bearing tax bill (30% compounded daily) onto the Nizam’s funds caculated from 1948 and forwards, if not earlier.

Pakistan would end up owing India far more than these paltry sums.



One of the world’s longest running court cases is on its way to being resolved as Pakistan and India battle for £35million held in UK Natwest account heads to trial 

  • The seventh Nizam of Hyderabad sent £1m to London bank account in 1948
  • Muslim ruler was deciding whether to stay in India or move to Pakistan
  • Both nations have fought over cash for 68 years and now stands at £35m


A 68-year legal stalemate between India and Pakistan over £35million locked away in a Nat West bank account could be edging towards a conclusion.

The seventh Nizam of Hyderabad, a maharajah of fabled wealth, deposited a million pounds in London as he dithered over which of the two new nations to join after Partition.

As the Muslim ruler of an Indian territory the size of England and Scotland, he was attracted by the idea of joining the new state of Pakistan.

The seventh Nazim of Hyderabad

The eight Nizam at Harrow in 1952

2 thoughts on “Pakistan continues to demand loot it stole from India, in longest running court case in UK

  1. Reblogged a pity folks don’t know their modern history. As Cicero stated ‘ not knowing one’s history, one will forever remain a child’ in other words naive and incapable of making sound political decisions, of managing governance and business.


  2. Reblogged this on Lake Malaren and commented:
    This how long in the modern era ISLAM has been taking over former nations whose religion was not ISLAM. Wahhabi/Sunni Islam is a war machine. Now Islam is coming to take Europe, Scandinavia, the US and attempting to over run Russia who incidentally in major talks with China this week The purpose of which is to create good trade & Banking relations between China and Russia. For those who don’t know both nations share a common border. The new Silk Road is under construction and a new rail link is already in operation. Just for those Muslim lovers Mighty China has banned Ramadam. Perhaps the rest of us should take a leaf out of China’s book.


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