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Campaigner reveal on film just how easy it is for terrorists to get into Britain

They should thank the EU for that. It’s the EU that has added over 150 MILLION people from outside Europe to the population within 15-years by a completely insane and unsustainable open border insanity that is welcoming foreign exploiters to undermine the entire Western economy and social structure, while they breed and hate and create division. Someone has to pay for these 150 million people: the European people, who get less and less while the provisions they have worked hard for their entire life is handed to a third intruder coming in from all directions. Under the EU the job market has been ruined, the housing market has been ruined, security has been undermined and there is not enough money in the entire region to truly install the security needed; the earning potential has been weakened with a constant lowering of salaries meaning the entire purchasing power is weak and keeps weakening – affecting the entire economy. In country after country you see the extreme damage that the EU has committed onto the European countries. All data and statistics from the point of entry that countries stepped into the EU and the point when borders were opened wide, are a disaster. Poverty has increased all across the Eurozone in dramatic ways. So much so that the IMF itself warned that EU was unustainable and a sinking ship – yet they continued to demand nations to stay in it! You need only to look at Greece to see what the future of the rest of Europe will be.
The only countries that have bounced back slightly are the highly criminalized nations in the EU, which had an exodus of their criminal elements in such large scale creating more stability, a greater surplus in government funds that benefit the economy.



UK’s open borders exposed: #Brexit campaigner films himself ‘illegally’ crossing the Channel to reveal just how easy it is for migrants to get into Britain

  • Video allegedly shows sailor taking ‘three refugees’ from France to Kent
  • Sailor claims not to have been challenged once on the way to Folkestone
  • Posted on Leave.EU Facebook page, group that is campaigning for Brexit
  • Man in video says it shows ‘how easy it is to bypass immigration’ in UK 


Leave campaigners have released a shocking video of a sailor smuggling three ‘refugees’ across the Channel to show just how easy it is to get migrants into the UK.

The unnamed sailor takes three people he claims are migrants on a small rubber rib boat from Gravelines in northern France to Folkestone Harbour without being challenged once.

As the three men get off the boat, their alleged trafficker says: ‘No harbour master, no police, no customs no nothing.’

Men are seen walking onto British shores unopposed in footage showing 'how easy it is' to get into the UK that was posted on the Leave.EU Facebook page

The unnamed sailor starts his journey from a small harbour at Gravelines in northern France, he tells the camera before they set off (pictured)

The camera then cuts to the harbour as the crowd of people get into the small rib boat, similar to the kinf that have been used by people smugglers in the past

They go past numerous boats but are not challenged once in the footage, which shows them cruising through the water at high speed

The footage then cuts to the white cliffs of Dover (pictured) as the boat approaches Britain near the Kent coast

He jokes: ‘I could be running my own touring business here, I can get people in and out that easily’

The video was posted on Leave.EU’s Facebook page yesterday in the run-up to the EU referendum, in which immigration will be a key factor for many voters.

It starts by showing a crowd of people boarding the boat in northern France, similar to one that was carrying 18 Albanians to Britain when it was picked up in the Channel last month.

However, the presenter of the video claims that they are not even questioned as they leave the small dock and the vessel is seen speeding through the water.

The footage then cuts to the white cliffs of Dover as the boat approaches Britain.

As they approach the shore, the sailor says: ‘So we’re here in the UK. To get there, two-and-a-half-hour trip in moderate weather, no great shakes, an easy feat by anyone’s standards.

The footage shows the crowd of people on the boat crossing the Channel with the white cliffs of Dover in the background

As they approach the shore, the sailor says: 'So we're here in the UK. To get there, two-and-a-half-hour trip in moderate weather, no great shakes, an easy feat by anyone's standards

‘With me I’ve brought three people who want to get into the UK. They’re here now and they will get in.

‘We’ve been unopposed all the way over from the other side. No-one has fought to stop us or done anything about it, that is how easy it is to bypass immigration and borders in the UK.’

The Brexit campaigners say that David Cameron and Nick Clegg cut £36 billion from public spending from 2010-15, which has hit spending on the Coast Guard.

Meanwhile, £42 billion (net) was handed to the EU, they claim in a caption accompanying the video.

It says: ‘Slashing security was a choice, made by politicians who put their loyalty to the EU above the needs of the public.

Three men that he has arrived with are then seen climbing up the ladder and onto the shore in Folkestone

He adds: 'With me I've brought three people who want to get into the UK. They're here now and they will get in'

‘According to Henry Bolton OBE, former head of Border Security at the OSCE (the world’s biggest intergovernmental security organisation), the EU makes it extremely difficult to deport illegal immigrants like these once they have arrived.

‘We are not allowed to send them back to France, as we could outside the EU – instead, they have to be returned to the country they entered the EU from.

‘Often it is impossible to find out where this was, and the procedure is so complex that the Home Office has to give up.

‘Twenty-thousand illegal immigrants had to be granted leave to remain because of these EU rules in 2015 alone, and the situation will not improve if we stay in.’





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