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UK Brexit vote: Muslim hate-preacher backs ‘Remain’ – Says EU courts benefit Islam and are soft on Islamists

EXCLUSIVE: Notorious Anjem Choudary Backs ‘Remain’ – Says EU Courts Are Softer On His Islamist Friends


by Liam Deacon and Raheem Kassam
Breitbart, 21 Jun 2016

British hate preacher Anjem Choudary – who is currently facing charges of supporting Islamic State – has told Breitbart London that he thinks the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union (EU).

“If you want my view on it, I think Britain will be worse off,” Mr. Choudary (pictured above) told Breitbart London.

“I think that [leaving the EU] is something that is probably not in our advantage from a Muslim perspective,” he added.

The radical preacher rose to prominence as the head of Al-Muhajiroun and then Islam4UK – both banned Salafist groups – and for his provocative anti-Western views.

He has praised 9/11 terrorists as “magnificent martyrs”, wants to see “Sharia dominate the world”, the “flag of Sharia” fly over Parliament, and advocates a so-called caliphate. He said of the EU:

“With all the security implications, you know, while the rest of the world is trying to unite together with common purpose, this is not the time from a security perspective to be isolating.

“And I think about what some of them are saying about Scotland having another referendum, and Britain will be even smaller…”

Mr. Choudary strongly denied supporting Islamic State terrorists when talking to Breitbart. His close associate, Abu Rumaysah, recently travelled to Syria and is thought to be the “new Jihadi John” Islamic State executioner.

In 2013, Mr. Choudary stated: “As Muslims, we reject democracy, we reject secularism, and freedom, and human rights. We reject all of the things that you espouse as being ideals.”

He was also asked about the EU and the European Court of Human Rights, and their history of protecting extremists and blocking deportations.

He said that “at the current time I think there is some recourse [offered by European institutions]” when compared to the policies an independent British government could implement outside the EU.

He said: “I think that it probably is,” when asked if the European Court’s stance on Islamist extremism is more “desirable” than those of the British government. “There are certain principles and caveats [within EU legislation] that should prevent that [prosecution of Islamists] happening,” he added.

However, Mr. Choudary also said that this might “not last long” and in the future “there will be more sympathy for these kind of laws in Europe…” – laws that “poorly define extremism” and “persecute Muslims”.

He also stressed that “it is not allowed” for Muslims to participate or vote in the referendum, as sovereignty ultimately belongs to Allah rather that the EU, UK or any earthly government.

“When one takes a vote one is legislating one way or another, and we don’t believe that legislation is for human beings to make. As Muslims, we just implement the divine laws, not decide what they should be,” he said.





15 thoughts on “UK Brexit vote: Muslim hate-preacher backs ‘Remain’ – Says EU courts benefit Islam and are soft on Islamists

  1. I have ancestry going back to Elizabeth 1….one of them was on the Victory with Nelson …family members fought with the Royal Navy and RAF in WW 2….I was born in the Battle of Britain… I serve with the RAF….I have a current British passport ,,,,BUT , not allowed to vote because I,ve been in Australia too long…….however Mr Choudhry can vote Oh well !!! maybe the Lefties make the laws


  2. First it’s none of their business Britian is doing the right thing by leaving the EU
    Then they won’t have to take in more trash and hopefully can start reporting


  3. Stupid brits, you are fucked either way. The enemy are already inside, the fuckin` muzzie scum multiply like the gypsies 🙂 even more, you have cities where there are almost full muzzies scum majority living only, so the future is not so bright for you. But you can do like Sasha Baron Cohen, another brit idiot, pretend that reality don`t exist 🙂
    Only, and only if you kill all those motherfucker talking walking mudslime time bombs you can have a chance to take back your country, the problem is you become soft as a nation, you can no longer be alpha males, and those muzzie savages will eat you alive by 2020, mark my words 🙂
    So, you decide, ant to be free or want to be slaves.


  4. As Muslims, we just implement the divine laws, not decide what they should be,” he said. – First you Muslims had/have to decide what the only god should/must be….you idiot. That’s the ultimate secularization of society…stupid.


  5. This is one knowledgeworthy fact:

    The name “Chaudhary” is a Hindu surname. This clearly indicates that once Anjem Chaudhary’s ancestors were Hindus but due to forceful conversion his ancestors had to convert to Islam.

    and See now, their Grand Grand son has become worshipper of Devil. I wish if I had a time machine I would have shown him the atrocity and oppression of Muslims on his ancestors. He would have disgusted with Islam.

    The one who converted to escape from death is now a spreading same hatred Islam, what an irony


  6. People knock the collapsed USSR, but al least they had anti-parasitism laws that would put this lay about-sponger into forced labor to assuage the burden his existence poses for the rest of society.

    My personal distaste for this particular collection of Islamic ectoplasm couldn’t be greater if he were a cockroach.


    • Cockroaches will starve themselves to death for their offspring but Muslims celebrate the the idea of infanticide with Eid al adha.Now then, ask yourself, who do you respect most?


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