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Video subs: Muslim who murdered Paris policeman and his wife says he was motivated by Islam

VIDEO RESTORED) Muslim who murdered Paris policeman and his wife says he was motivated by Islam

Victor Laszlo
Rebel Commentator

Below is the video the jihadi in Paris made, after he murdered a policeman and his wife in front of her 3-year-old son, but before he was killed by police.

WARNING: Although there is no graphic violence in this video, the thoughts of this jihadi are dark and disturbing. It is not for all, and frankly, I would not have posted it if the government-media complex was not determined to deceive the public into thinking that this act was carried out by someone motivated by poor mental health.

The jihadi is extremely clear in his Islamic motivations and perfectly lucid in his knowledge of Islam, its history, scripture and legalities of his acts under the sharia. So I post this with some apologies.

However, the fact remains that one cannot make decisions in one’s own interests without good information.

The government-media complex is determined to force Canadians, and for that matter Americans, Germans and near everyone else in the West, to make decisions based on a narrative that is easily falsifiable given real information:

The narrative of “Nothing to do with Islam” or “mental illness” or “homophobia.”

And so it is incumbent upon us to provide real information while we are still able.

Full information on the killer and this video:
Location: Magnanville, western suburb of Paris

Victims: Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and Jessica Schneider

Perp’s name: Larossi Abballa

“Inside the house, at 8:52pm, Abballa started a Facebook Live broadcast on his mobile phone while the RAID and BRI police special forces converged on the crime scene and set up an attack plan. In his 13-minute-long live broadcast, Abballa claimed his double murder and his allegiance to Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, ISIS’s spokesperson, considered as the leader of the November 2015 Paris attacks. He also called for “attacks on police personnel, journalists, public figures and rappers”, citing several public figures. He also claimed “we are going to make the Euro a cemetery”, referring to the ongoing UEFA Euro 2016 football competition, taking place in France at that time. He also mentioned the couple’s child, who was still alive, saying “I don’t know what I am going to do with him yet”.”
Yes. This video was made from inside the home of the couple he had just murdered.

(You can view clean copy on the link below, or on youtube)







13 thoughts on “Video subs: Muslim who murdered Paris policeman and his wife says he was motivated by Islam

  1. Muslims kill and cause destruction because they are motivated by Islam. The devil’s ideology is destruction since Adam & Eve. They thought they are the righteous people as they originated in a nutshell world – not to have peace with fellow mankind but to hate, to steal. & to. Destroy.

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    • Wayen ” Muslims kill and cause destitution cause they are motivated by Islam ” You are 100% right . And here is the proof Quran Sura 9:111” Allah has purchased from the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them paradise.They will fight for the cause of Allha , they will Kill and be Killed ” The hate for Jews and Christians and non believers comes from their so called holy book, Which I believe is NOT holy but and evil and a manual of hate .

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  2. Just wondering how long it is before a jewish lobby group tries to make Islam a legitimate defence for murder or crime , Clearly the individual is not responsible for his actions due to his “faith”. We cant infringe on people’s religious freedoms can we? Its something the looney left would be very much at home with.


  3. There are tens, possibly hundreds, of millions of Muslim males like Larossi Abballa on the globe. Neither they, nor Muhammad can be “de-radicalised.” And, Islam can’t be reformed (How does one reform Muhammad and the Quran? – No will or way.). Extinguishing Islam from the West is the only viable and practical solution. Confine it to existing Islamic countries, all suffering from dysfunctional, stunted, societies, and internecine conflicts manifesting Islam’s practices and nature.

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  4. The worst thing is that these creeps that survive doing murders like this get a huge reward for doing it! If they are not killed in a shootout, they get a warm in the winter and cool in the summer cell with running water that they didn’t come from for the most part. They get regular meals for the rest of their life! Didn’t have that for sure, unless they stole it.

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    • William Bolton.. You are right And they know very well if they survive they have the pleasure of OHMS and get food of their choose prayer mats and all the mod cons

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  5. Well, anyone that values family and love is motivated by the one true GOD, the SPIRIT of LOVE, to protect their loved ones. With each new day, it becomes more clear that to protect loved ones lives, islam must be dealt with by destruction since the ONE AIM of islam is to murder everyone that is not a muslim and a lot that are muslim also. Very sick to call islam a religion. All I see is a MURDER CULT!!! When I look at the headless corpses of minor children that have not reached puberty, and groups of innocent unarmed people murdered in the name of islam with fools calling to disarm us to make us safe from this very thing, all I have to say is, ” what the hell are you morons thinking to try to do exactly what the murderers want you to do?” “Now that we know what they do in unarmed groups, do you really want to expand unarmed groups?” All I see as an old Disabled Veteran is, if you want to live, jump everyone that is armed and take their weapons so you can kill everyone that is armed. The most recent murderer was a SUBCONTRACTOR for HOMELAND SECURITY, DUH, I say DUH? DAMN to hell disarmament by a muslim goatherd prince that claims to be a friend of those specifically targeted in Orlando. The murderer is a registered Democrat muslim. He is contractor for DHS that is directed by a Democrat muslim. The DHS director was appointed by Obama and last I heard he was a Democrat and if he isn’t muslim then the sun did not rise today and the Orlando murderer didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I sure as hell do not trust Democrats to protect us by disarmament! That seems to be exactly what muslims want. Are the American People going to allow that?
    Do you want to follow the example of the unarmed victims groups we have observed so far? DAMN THAT!!!

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  6. They blame everything on Allah or Islam just goes to show that Islam is bad and so is Allah
    God does not want us to kill therefor Allah is not a god

    – Jacquie


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    • Jacqueline Wright ” They blame everything on Allah or Islam just goes to show that Islam is bad….”’ You are right but for ” They blame ” They don’t blame but they follow what Allan and mo-ham-had ordains them in Quran . ISIS ,Taliban, Al-Qeadi are all true followers of Islam Muslims kill in the name of Allah. Read my comment above .

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