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Video: Abused in Silence – Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is more complex for a Muslim woman to resolve than for women from other groups.

The deception and lies is a part of Islamic culture. In this program, the groom was carefully vetted by family members, by friends, by employers, by practically everyone who knew him. And “no one” had a single bad word to say about him. There was no external signs of how violent this Muslim man truly was. Once the marriage was completed his Islamic duties as a man kicked in. Islamic society is a deeply secretive society and this becomes a part of the Muslim nature, of the psychology.

In the West, the leftists keep abused Muslim women trapped in their abuse. They never permit zero tolerance laws to be put in place to block Islamic culture that victimizes other people, not only women.

Ahlulbayt TV: Why does domestic violence occur? What are the stages of abuse? Why is it so difficult for a woman to leave? Abused in silence is a documentary following the true story of a young woman suffering the turbulence of an abusive relationship. We also speak to counsellors to help us understand this grave issue.

4 thoughts on “Video: Abused in Silence – Domestic Violence

  1. The violence in Islam towards women and children is indicative of a pattern of abuse, of 1,400-years, of hatred toward women. It is not “cultural” it is the “Islamic Hatred” of women.
    It is Quranic, it is of Muhammed and it is evil; it is a type of insanity! It continues even today, with the assistance of Muslim women, because it has been engrained into the women that it’s somehow their fault.


    • You should because the governent is giving them more and more power because the government believes that Islam can be part of an integrated multicultural society where there is also accorded freedom of religious rights! The granting of those “religious rights” to Islam means the total domination of all other cultures where Islam can and will eventually install itself as state. In other words Islam is using your own system against you in order to gain “power” Islam is the religion with the difference.


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