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Women Segregated at London Muslim Mayor’s Rally


Women Segregated at London Mayor’s Rally

Andre Walker
Andre Walker | Townhall
Posted: Jun 16, 2016 9:00 AM
Women Segregated at London Mayor’s Rally

MANCHESTER, United Kingdon – Women were segregated from men at a rally addressed by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan yesterday. Mr Khan was photographed addressing the crowd with men at the front and women at the back.

The rally took place in the Northern City of Manchester, which is home to a large Pakistani Muslim population. It was part of the ‘Stronger In’ Battlebus tour, currently traveling around the country encouraging voters to support British membership of the EU at next weeks referendum.

Photos from the event show a ring of men at the front with the women further behind. There is no suggestion they were forcably segregated, but the Mayor did not intervene to prevent the women standing at the back.

It is not uncommon for women and men to be separated in Mosques but this incident will be seen as significant after Mr Khan received criticism for banning an advert earlier this week. The advert depicted a woman in a bikini, something that is banned under Sharia Law.

Khan claimed the reason for the ban was that it served to “which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies.” As reported on TownHall, the Mayor has also ordered an audit of all adverts on the London Transport network in order to root out anything deemed to promote “unhealthy or unrealistic body images.”

It is not clear whether the ban will only include those wearing clothes he deems inappropriate or whether it will be extended to include anything else that promotes unhealthy lifestyles such as fast food restaurants.

The Mayor is a controversial figure in the UK not least because he is a close friend of Babar Ahmad, a convicted Al-Qaeda terrorist. Mr Ahmad was supported by Khan as he fought an eight-year campaign against extradition to the US to face charges of “conspiracy and providing material to support to terrorism.”

During his eight year fight to remain in the UK Mr Ahmad was kept in a maximum-security British prison. When he was deported to the US he immediately pleaded guilty to the charges, which related to the establishment of jihadi fundraising websites. In December 2013 he was sentenced to twelve and a half years in solitary confinement but has since been returned to the UK.

Khan is a firm opponent of Donald Trump and has attacked him on a number of occasions. He also accused the British Conservatives of using “Donald Trump playbook” to try and divide communities in order to prevent his election.

He told The Independent: “They used fear and innuendo to try to turn different ethnic and religious groups against each other something straight out of the Donald Trump playbook.”


19 thoughts on “Women Segregated at London Muslim Mayor’s Rally

  1. Considering the population of London is an enthnic majority it was a foregone conclusion that he would win the election for Mayor. Think about the voting scandal in Tower Hamlets ?


  2. Whatever happened to the British people? Your nation ruled the world , made history, created larger than than life heroes and heroines, spread the English language and culture around the world. And now it comes down to this, a pitifull number of immigrants and the anchor babies are destroying your history as you sit and wring your hands. Grow a pair, Britain—take you country back NOW. Or will I be waking up some morning to find on the news that your monarch is wearing a burqua and bowing toward Mecca?

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  3. The promise of lashings, amputations and decapitations really draw in your crowds, and flinging queers from a roof top will certainly set the mood, but for real revenue enhancements, you just have to feature the stonings.

    First, throwing stones are vended on site; and hurling unauthorized missiles has been deemed un-Islamic. Unless you want your noggin sticking out of the dirt at ground zero, you’ll buy your stones like everyone else.You want a missile of no more than three ounces, thrown from a distance of twelve feet, enough to strike with an audible smack and impart a visible welt, but survivable. At three Bob a toss you want to sell the stones by the bucket for hours on end, before your target relinquishes her wish to continue breathing.

    It’s always good form to toss a few dinars to the family. Who knows, they may strike a deal to sell out another of their daughters, many things in life are negotiable. One merely need ask.

    Just remember, there’s no such thing as a bad day if it shows a gross profit; principles, schmiciples. It’s fuck a duck, do anything for buck.

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    • Should get rid of london mayor. Goverment should step in. Oh sorry goverment got no balls. He is preaching islam not in this country he aint going to


  4. Really People What Did You Expect. London Is Now Under Sharia Law. By The Way Any Land Occupied By Muslims Is Regarded As Muslim Land Forever, Even If You Got Rid Of Every Muslim In London. Islam All Over The World Now Regards London As An Islamic City, All Britain Will Follow. Britain Will Now Be Plagued By Islamic Attacks Forever.

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    • muslims regard the whole world as belonging to islam.
      What they do not control now, they just consider it to be under foreign occupation.


  5. I presume we won’t be seeing anything advertising Bacon on London Transport; but will be seeing adverts for child marriage and glorifying raping of women that leave the house on their own.

    How long before he bans women from using London transport unaccompanied my a male, or banning women that fail to cover themselves in a rape protector bed sheet of a niqab.

    Shame on any non- muslim that voted this evil devil worshipper into public office.

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  6. Makes me sick to my stomach to see and realise that London is now the Islamic capital of the UK. Get ready non muslims, they will be door to door to route out non muslims as they have in other countries..


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