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Nearly half of Turkish immigrants in Germany put Islam above law, shock study reveals

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NEARLY half of immigrants in Germany consider following Islamic teaching MORE important than abiding by the law, a shock survey has revealed. 

By Rebecca Perring, Express
PUBLISHED: 11:31, Fri, Jun 17, 2016

Nearly half of German-Turks say Islam is more important than abiding by the lawNearly half of German-Turks say Islam is more important than abiding by the law.

A shocking one in five German-Turks said they would justify violence if it is provoked by the West, as they said Islam is the “only true religion”.

While 47 per cent of Turkish citizens living in Germany admitted following their religion was “more important” than obeying “the laws of the land in which I live”.

32 per cent said they yearn to live in a society of the times of the Prophet Mohammed.

Authors of the study ‘Integration and Religion from the viewpoint of Turkish Germans in Germany’ by the University of Münster, said they “didn’t expect” the results after grilling more…

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4 thoughts on “Nearly half of Turkish immigrants in Germany put Islam above law, shock study reveals

  1. Pity Kohl isn’t here today. Taking all into account since the fall of the Ottoman Empire it is clear Islam cannot loose with dignity. How any sane human can believe so vehemently is such rubbish as is written in the Korahn is beyond me. No government can reason with these people and since the fall of the Wall all Turks should have been sent back to Turkey. Enough East Germans needed work why bring in Muslims? The West is lost every single nation including the US. I truly hope I haven’t many years left to live! To see a world that has come so far to return to the 7th Century will be barbaric. Thank goodness I have no grand children and my own are responsible enough not to bring any children into today’s society.


  2. “A shock survey reveals” !!!
    really; who is it a shock to, people that have their head in the sand with their arse in the air waiting to be arse raped my a muslim.
    its like doing a study on “do we need to breathe”
    Muslims will always have the law of rape and paedophilia from the book of the devil allah above the law of any country. Germany has invited them in andbthey need to learn they have given their country and their people to islam. Once the dirty feet of a muslim has landed on your shores they make claim to your land. Politicians should read some history and realise you will not change islam, you have to defeat it.


  3. A shock study? A shock to whom, The mentally deficient? What on earth is the matter with the Germans; are you so emasculated that you can’t even defend yourselves? For God’s sake, for Germany’s sake stand up and retaliate. Get rid of your collectivists and get rid of all the muslims who are infesting your country.


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