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Pakistan cleric defends male ‘right’ to beat their wives, while Koran offers lenience to male faults

Lenience and ‘compassion’ to men for their multiple faults and violence and punishment against women if they are not perfect. That’s Islamic law. Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology chairman Muhammad Khan Sherani say Muslim men have no choice if their wives do not listen to them. But why should women be forced to listen to a delusional person with low intelligence level simply because she was forced to marry the beast?

If Islamic law is so fair and just as Muslim leaders and law-makers claim, why are the women not allowed to beat the men or honor kill them considering Muslim men bring the greatest dishonor to Muslims around the world? Why are men not covering their bodies to stay decent?

There are no 72 virgins for Muslim women waiting for them after death or martyrdom to their Allah. On the contrary, the prophet of Islam encouraged hatred and cruelty against women. According to Islam even a goat is of greater value than a woman. And we all know what fate awaits a goat. An adult woman has less validity in a Muslim society than a male child and an immature male child as young as a pre-schooler can serve as her guardian with greater authority than his own mother. It’s a ridiclous law created by a complete lunatic who was illiterate, sustained himself by robbing and killing, tortured and stalked the people around him, and a man who self-appointed himself a “prophet” during bouts of deep depression and suicidal wishes.



Islamic leader in Pakistan defends advising men to ‘lightly beat’ their wives, saying ‘it is according to the Koran… and what else should you do if she does not listen?’

  • Chairman Muhammad Khan Sherani says he will not reconsider his stance
  • Leader tells men to beat their wives if they do not listen to them
  • The 20-member Council of Islamic Ideology advises Pakistani government 

By Brittany Vonow and Charlie Moore For Mailonline
Published: 09:57, 16 June 2016 |

An Islamic leader in Pakistan has defended his step-by-step guide on how to beat a woman, saying he will not reconsider the recommendations.

Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology chairman Muhammad Khan Sherani said husbands were often left without a choice if they felt their wives were not listening to them.

He said: ‘When we draft a bill concerning women we have to consider all possible situations.

‘If a woman does not fulfil her responsibilities in marriage first you advise her.

‘If that doesn’t work then you consult her relatives.

‘If that doesn’t work then you desert her in bed and if all of this doesn’t work then light beating is allowed.’

The recommendations were part of the Koran and Sunnah the prophet’s teachings, with Chairman Sherani telling BBC that ‘no one can dispute that’.

When asked if he was concerned that the recommendations would be used as an excuse for husbands to beat their wives he redirected the question back to the reporter.

He said: ‘Then you tell me, what is the solution to this issue?

‘Is a woman doesn’t respond to advice, doesn’t listen to her relatives after all you’ve used all the options what should be done?’

Chairman Sherani said men could try speaking to their wives then the family with the last alternative being a light beating

Chairman Sherani said women could also consult their families if there was an issue.

Calmly explaining in how to deal with the issue, he said: ‘First she can involve someone from the family to resolve the issue but in the end if they feel they can’t live together she has the right to get a divorce.’

The council’s initial proposals saw a huge backlash from the public with women responding with #TryBeatingMeLightly hashtag.

Pakistani photographer Fahhad Rajper shared photos of women standing up against the advice, including prominent women in the community saying what would happen if a man tried to beat them.

Despite the huge backlash to the council’s initial proposals, Chairman Sherani remained steadfast.

He said: ‘Society is not the media. They’re two different things and we will not reconsider the recommendations.’

‘This is according to the Koran. You cannot ask someone to reconsider the Koran.’

Muhammad Khan Sherani leads the 20-member Islamic Council, a constitutional body of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and can advise the government over potential laws.

It previously proposed allowing man to ‘lightly beat’ his wife if she does not ‘dress as he desires’, refuses to have sex, or fails to take a bath after her period.

The proposals, as part of its own women protection bill, recommended that women could be beaten if they refused to have sex without a religious excuse or failed to bath after intercourse and periods.

It rejected Punjab province’s controversial Protection of Women against Violence Act, branding it un-Islamic.

Chairman Muhammad Khan Sherani (pictured) has defended the Islamic Council's proposals for men to 'lightly beat' their wives



4 thoughts on “Pakistan cleric defends male ‘right’ to beat their wives, while Koran offers lenience to male faults

  1. ‘This is according to the Koran. You cannot ask someone to reconsider the Koran’ Yup you so called progressive muslim women with bags over your heads, its in the koran. Why would you want to follow a barbaric cult if you are so averse to following the advice it dispatches! Learn islam, learn the truth about it and the truth will let you free #leaveislambefree!


  2. Men who beat women are not men they are lower than snakes and don’t deserve to even
    Be recognized

    – Jacquie



  3. Looking at these paklander males, wouldn’t you want to beat them? Their stupid beards and clothing just begs to be thrashed hard with a sjambok. That’s what is so funny, these muslim clerics make these barbaric prouncements never once thinking they might apply to themselves. Retards that they are. The world would be much better without any ayatollahs, imams or mullahs.


  4. Allowing a Pakistani Muslim to be voted in as Mayor of London is only the first step of subjugation to Islam. One of his first changes has been to ban women clad in bikinis with beautiful bodies to be banned. His excuse is this kind of advertising causes women to feel inadequate due to their overweight. Frankly there is no excuse to be so fat these days, there are enough slimming aids on the market. Why a slimming aid company should be banned from showing how much weight can be lost is merely whitewashing an Islamic law Khan wants to put into practice. Learn to cook proper food and stop feeding kids and yourself fast plastic food. There is now a new tax on sugary drinks just in the last budget.


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