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Qatar: Dutch woman drugged and raped is arrested for adultery after reporting to police

Anyone who has spent any considerable amount of time in these socities, know that you never report rape attacks if you want the woman to remain safe. Rape of women is not a crime in Muslim societies or communities (with some exceptions). A woman engaging in sex with a male that is not her husband, no matter what the reasons or circumstances, is a crime under Sharia. The fact that this woman has ventured on VACATION to a place like Qatar when the world is well-aware what Islam is all about, says it all.

In countries that still suffer the consequences of psychological rape under Islam, also provide no protection of raped women. Look at India which in our opinion is a pseudo-Islamized society more so than a Hindu society. If a woman is raped in India she risks higher chances to be raped by the police, should she report the crime, than to receive any sign of justice.  The Hindu culture continues to live under the shadows of Islam and Islamic mentality after almost 1,000 years of Islam rule of the country.



Dutch woman is arrested in Qatar on suspicion of adultery after she reported being raped to police 

  • Woman, 22, was on vacation in Doha with a friend and went out for drinks
  • She claims she was drugged at hotel bar and woke up having been raped
  • Police arrested her when she reported crime and she has appeared in court
  • Qatar, a strict Islamic country, is due to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022

By Alexander Robertson

A Dutch woman who told Qatari police she had been drugged and raped in March has been in government detention ever since on unclear charges, a lawyer has claimed.

The Dutch Embassy in Qatar confirmed the woman remained held ahead of a scheduled hearing Monday in Doha, which will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The case highlights the clash between the Islamic-based legal codes governing Qatar and other Gulf nations as they try to draw in tourists expecting the protection of Western-style laws.

The 22-year-old woman, on a vacation with a friend, went out for drinks at a hotel bar in the Qatari capital on March 15, lawyer Brian Lokollo said.

A Dutch woman claims she was arrested by Qatari police after reporting that she had been raped. Pictured, a Qatari woman walks in front of the city skyline in Doha (stock image)

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