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Cleric to talk in Orlando asked Muslims to “have compassion” for gays by killing them

This is a perfect example of a topic we have brought up many times before: Muslim interpretation of lofty words such as “democracy”, “freedom”, “equality” has no similarity whatsoever with the true meaning of these words in our dictionary.

Their use of these words are purely Islamic, meaning that democracy is when only Islam and nothing else has the entitlement and right to rule; freedom means when Muslims are granted the freedom to rule the world over ‘the others’; equality means that Muslims are handed the decision making process with full force make over the infidel i.e. given the equality to freely install Islamic democracy – an Islamic state.

The media often gets carried away and makes assumptions that Muslims, by expressing these lofty words, are “the same” and “want the same” as non-Muslims whenever they use these terms to describe their wishes and needs. When a Muslim calls himself a Muslim and continues to follow Islam, of course his intentions with these words have nothing in common with our understanding of the words.

“Death is the sentence [for homomsexuality], we know. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about this. Death is the sentence. …. Kill them.”
– Dr Farrokh Sekaleshfar

Here in the video we get a similar example demonstrated with the use of the word “compassion” as explained by Shia cleric Dr Farrokh Sekaleshfar, who will be holding a sermon at Hussein Islamic Center in Orlando tonight. A dhimmi would judge Dr Farrokh Sekaleshfar to be a “gentle and kind man”.  But listen to Dr Sekaleshfar refer to the killing of gays for the sake of Islamic ideals as “compassion”.

Killing of women for honor is also often explained to be “compassion” when Muslims defend these acts. What they mean is that these people would be suffering so much living in disgrace that it is “compassion” to murder them. Murdering them will be a form of atonement for their disgraceful existence.

In the video Muslim cleric Dr Farrokh Sekaleshfar discuss Islam and homosexuality at a sermon held in 2013. He makes it clear that death is the right and legal sentence that must be made against gays. He even says there is nothing to be ashamed of about this law. He also says, “kill them” and asked Muslims to “have compassion” for gays by killing them.



Islam: Throwing gays off the highest building to their death:


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Full sermon: Islam and Homosexuality: Dr Farrokh Sekaleshfar

8 thoughts on “Cleric to talk in Orlando asked Muslims to “have compassion” for gays by killing them

  1. I couldn’t disagree more with T JA Campbell. There would be a lot more Americans alive today if there were no muslims in our country. Those 50 people murdered in Florida were all in a “gun free” zone. They were murdered by a muslim terrorist. If just 1/4 of the people that were murdered were armed, that terrorist would have been stopped and stopped quickly. Mr. Campbell states “isn’t it time we all grew up”. This statement is a lot of crap. Neither the police, any federal agency, nor Mr. Obama himself could have stopped that man from murdering those people. It is time we became free of rules and regulations that attempt to stop us from using our Constitutional rights.


  2. Why hasn’t Loretta Lynch or one of her underlings made a statement about this “cleric’s” statement? Isn’t this hate speech, and prosecutable? No, hate speech doesn’t apply to preferred groups. Application would be racist or Islamophobic.


  3. Let’s get out of this Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or whatever religious sect mire we’re in. There’re a bunch of sick assholes who, because of their adherence to a particular and, I have to say, peculiar, mind set that makes them want to kill other members of their species. Mostly they’re weak people who have been abused in childhood, either physically or mentally, they could have been more. They deserve our pity, for they are warped by their intimate society.

    To the ‘gunzforeveryone’ group; everyone armed, simply means more death, arming nobody means a huge number of soft targets. But then, War, Pestilence,and Famine, were always the limiters to human growth. Isn’t it time we grew up?
    We have a wonderful system of communication in the Internet. When I first began to talk to other people on this system the first contacts were always sexual. Well that’s human. Then there was religion, followed by politics and then the whole system got warped by bots,politics and all the dross of time that we should leave behind as we advance into the 21st century. But, if I look at the early years of previous centuries, they all seem to begin with conflict…Ahhhh, Humanity: time to get it right!


  4. Following on from the rapist clerics mindset; The world should be compassionate towards muslims and kill every single one of them and turn all places for paedophile worship I.e. mosques into hotels for pigs, where they could bathe in mud and get their bellies rubbed.


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