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UK: ‘Be steadfast and remember Allah’ in notes of Somali Muslim who tried to cut head off random victim

Look at the video below… it takes the police ‘forever’ to subdue this abd of Allah. Maybe the devout bearded Muslim within the London police force (see image at bottom of page) did not want to have him arrested? Notice how he avoids to taser him and how he treats him with silk gloves. It’s the infidel officer who has to taser the lone-wolf jihadist who tried to abide by the Koran.

If that had been New York no one would be wasting time doing ballet dancing around this garbage. He’d be shot, point blank.



‘Be steadfast and remember Allah’: The five-point ‘battle list’ of lone wolf Jihadi who has been found GUILTY of trying to behead a man during knife rampage on the London Tube

  • Somali-born Muslim went on the rampage in east London last December
  • He attempted to behead a musician before lunging at other people
  • An Old Bailey jury found him guilty of attempted murder today
  • Passer-by told Mire ‘You ain’t no Muslim, Bruv’ during the incident

By Richard Spillett and Duncan Gardham For Mailonline
Published: 11:39, 8 June 2016 |

A ‘lone-wolf’ extremist who tried to behead a musician in a London tube station had written a list of ‘five things needed in battle’.

Muhiddin Mire attacked musician Lyle Zimmerman with a rusty knife and threatened four other travellers as he ran amok through the ticket hall at Leytonstone Underground station in east London.

After the Somali-born Muslim was found guilty of plotting to behead Mr Zimmerman today, a picture was released of a sinister motivation list found in his home.

It contains the scrawled words ‘stand firm’, ‘remember Allah’ and ‘avoid dispute’. It continues: ‘Keep those 5 things, will definitely win the war against the kuffars [meaning unbelievers]’.

The whole of Mire’s horrific rampage was caught on CCTV and mobile phone footage taken by a passer-by who bravely carried on filming as Mire lunged at him with the blade.

Muhiddin Mire attacked musician Lyle Zimmerman at Leytonstone tube station
The knifeman had hand written a list of five things 'needed in battle' which was found in his home

One thought on “UK: ‘Be steadfast and remember Allah’ in notes of Somali Muslim who tried to cut head off random victim

  1. Nigel Farrage for PM of UK get rid of the rest and exit the EU. Then we should join forces with Russia and go to war in both Europe and the Middle east. This cannot go on! How I wish I could make a difference and do something, the feeling of impotence is overwhelming. We must have WWIII sooner rather than later.

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