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Germany: Migrants linked to 69,000 crimes in first three months of 2016

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Migrants linked to 69,000 would-be or actual crimes in Germany in first three months of 2016

  • Police report said migrants committed or tried to commit 69,000 crimes 
  • Figures mainly involved migrants from North Africa, Georgia and Serbia
  • But crimes committed by Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis – the three biggest groups of asylum seekers in Germany – was ‘disproportionately low’
  • Drugs related offences accounted for 6.6% and sex crimes for just 1.1%

A new police report claims migrants in Germany committed or tried to commit some 69,000 crimes in the first quarter of 2016.

The report could raise unease, especially among anti-immigrant groups, about Chancellor Angela Merkel’s liberal migrant policy.

The report from the BKA federal police showed that migrants from northern Africa, Georgia and Serbia were disproportionately represented among the suspects.

The report from Germany's BKA federal police showed that migrants from northern Africa, Georgia and Serbia were disproportionately represented among the suspects (file image)

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One thought on “Germany: Migrants linked to 69,000 crimes in first three months of 2016


    These children are writing notes to principals and teachers telling them that they are terrified to be at school. And not one person lifts a finger.

    Then look to the comment below. Tell me, as you watch Europe implode, are you still afraid to pick up weapons and defend your country by killing Muslims and Marxists?

    Here, below, is a comment from another website I thought I would repost it here, it is a response to a person, Nicholas Krebs, who wondered if Brevik was right after all.

    J Spinelli


    @Nicholas Krebs

    Excellent question!

    Lets examine that little thought provoker.

    Anders Brevik is and was, many things. A killer of over 76 Marxists was one of them.

    Imagine for a moment, owing to the nature of the political action he was planning, the solitude, the complete lack of contact with peers, and this, all alone, while he watched his country destroyed by the Marxists and the filthy Muslims. Just imagine the discipline, the strength, some would argue the insanity, Brevik brought to bear in order to do what none of his countrymen would do, what his grovelling cowardly countrymen would do. Even in the face of the mass rapes, sexual assaults and crime waves that swept and sweep Norway, not one patriot would rise, not one single man or woman. Imagine that.

    Was, is, Brevik crazy?

    I suppose.

    In the midst of all of that, to stand alone and then to plan his revenge against the Marxist enablers of the filthy Muslim, to do all of that, I suppose one would have to be crazy. Crazy like a fox.

    Look at Breviks targets.

    Touted by the Marxist Mass Media, these Norwegian communists were hapless little cherubs, scampering and skipping through the forests of Utoya Island, delighting in picking flowers, reading poetry, making smore’s and singing campfire songs.

    Absolute garbage. Absolute garbage!!!!

    The “children” that were killed on Utoya were the mirror image of Hitler Youth, the mirror image of Mao’s youth brigades, the mirror image of Pol-Pot’s mass murdering youth that killed millions in the name of Khmer Rouge communists.


    The “children” on Utoya were teenagers, some of them well into their 20’s, and all of them hardened socialists, steeped in Marxist dogma, and all of them being groomed by hardened Marxists. All of them the mirror image of the mass murdering brigades spawned by Lenin, Marx and Stalin. All of them fully in support of the Muslim and the Islamification of the Western world.

    ALL ….OF….THEM!!!!!


    Brevik made a decision not to allow his country to be smeared with the treason and sedition of the Muslim and the Marxist. A bold and singular action that stands in stark contrast to the festering cowardice that now sweeps Europe.

    Brevik, in the defense of all he loved, killed 76 little Marxists.

    Since Brevik’s action on Utoya, the Muslim, enabled by the Marxist, in defense of the poison of Islam and Marx, has slaughtered, has butchered, a thousand times that number.

    These are the facts. This is reality.

    Understand clearly that if Brevik, or the likes of Brevik were in positions of power in Germany, Britain and many other European countries the political landscape would be vastly different. Vastly different.

    If Breviks were in power European women and children would not be afraid to walk the streets of their communities.

    If Breviks were in power the waves of Muslim human filth would not be washing across Europe.

    Sadly, as Europe’s fate unfolds, as cities are destroyed, as Europeans are murdered en mass by the Muslims, as Europeans become slaves in their own countries, as all of the predictions, the echoes of history come to fruition, it will become painfully clear that Brevik was right. But at that point when the truth finally sets in, it will be too late, much, much, much too late.

    We truly are at the 11:59:59 on the clock that keeps time for world’s civilized countries.

    We are now faced with having to kill our enemies. We are now faced with having to burn down their homes, businesses, their mosques and any other place they fester and gather. We are now faced with having to hold quasi-military tribunals to convict and execute Muslim filth that commit crimes in our communities. We are now faced with having to round up and deport hundreds of thousands of verminous Muslims. This is not for the cowardly or the squeamish. Ironically, it is directly as a result of the actions and inaction of the cowardly and the squeamish, that better men and women are going to have to shoulder weapons and fight and die in order to save us from the mess created by these collaborative little vermin.

    Look around you at what has unfolded across Europe in the last 5 years. With blinding speed Europe now sinks under the weight of African and Middle Eastern two-legged effluence and while it sinks it is also brought to the edge of civil war.

    Patriots must rise and organize now, and in no uncertain terms, cut from their midst the filth of the Muslim and the treason of the Marxist.

    Patriots will, they absolutely must, set aside their humanity, their generosity and their patience. They must rid themselves of that which now rapes and destroys their countries and their countrymen.

    To do anything less, is suicide.

    Of course, if any of you have a better idea, please, please, please enlighten us.

    Perhaps continuing to allow judges and courts to sanctify Muslim crimes and acts of murder is the order of the day?

    Perhaps allowing police officers to protect the filthy Muslim all the while they harass and arrest decent, peaceful, law abiding patriots is the order of the day?

    Perhaps allowing bureaucrats and politicians like Jeremy Corbyn, Henriette Reker, Angela Merkel and many, many other Marxists to continue flooding the civilized world with walking human garbage all the while they ignore, and promote the crimes of that same human filth is the order of the day?

    Perhaps allowing Muslim leaders, from their mosques in our communities, to continue their vigorous promotion and endorsement of their congregations in acts of rape, robbery, mass murder and terrorism is the order of the day?

    Now, think about a mosque in Germany burned to the ground.

    Think about several hundred, vicious, criminal, hostile, aggressive, military aged, jihad supporting, jihad participating Muslim males shot dead at this mosque, their bodies strewn about the grounds of the burning mosque.

    Now, think about the hysteria whipped up by Marxist Mass Media that would bleed rivers of weeping sympathy for these poor, poor, poor oppressed and victimized, peaceful and humble little Muslims.

    Think about the Media frenzy that would follow as they twisted facts, obliterated truth, obscured reality and made these Muslim criminals, these Muslim predators, these violent Muslim parasites to be little more than harmless, meek and mild, loving, pacifist peace-mongers from Mecca who, while they were baking cupcakes, were brutally murdered by the Islamophobic, intolerant, homophobic, racist, White Supremacist, extremist, bigoted white men.

    Like I said, if any of you, absolutely any of you have a better idea, please enlighten us.

    Jacob Wallace
    Sydney, AU


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