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BBC claims national flag and St. George cross are ‘offensive to Muslims’

Well, guess what? By the feedback we get from British based readers plus our UK based volunteers – Muslims are the most offensive elements to British society. They should perhaps be covered up, hidden and banned all together, too.

Surely the BBC cannot be this stupid? Are they just inventing offensive and stupid stories to make up for their low reader engagement?



BBC accused of ‘PC nonsense’ after saying football fans dressed as knights could be offensive to Muslims and the St George’s cross is ‘associated with far-right nationalism’

  • England fans have long worn knights outfits to international matches
  • But an article on the BBC suggested the practice could be offensive
  • The online piece gave a history of the crusades and their atrocities
  • Football supporters have mocked the article as ‘PC nonsense’ 


The BBC has been ridiculed over an article suggesting the knight costumes worn by England football fans could be offensive to Muslims.

For more than two decades, England supporters have dressed as knights for matches, sporting fake chain-mail and St George’s cross tabards.

But ahead of Euro 2016, which begins on Friday, the BBC’s iWonder website published an article entitled: ‘Is it wrong to dress as a crusader for an England match?’

An article on the BBC website suggests the knight costumes worn by England fans could be offensive

The outfits have become commonplace over the last two decades with the St George's cross seen as patriotic

The webpage states: ‘Knights are associated with strength and honour through stories of chivalrous heroes like King Arthur.

‘However, crusaders were the perpetrators of violent attacks across Europe and the Middle East on Muslims, Jews and pagans.’

It also reports that the St George’s cross used to be associated with ‘far-right nationalism’ but has since been brought back into the mainstream.

The advice page – which has been branded ‘PC nonsense’ – then tells fans: ‘Perhaps you mean to dress up as St. George.

‘However, the real St. George wouldn’t have worn anything like this. He was a Palestinian and a soldier in the Roman army in the 3rd Century AD, so he would have worn scale armour, not mail armour.’

The website then gives a history of the crusades from 1095, setting out atrocities and looting carried out by the crusading armies.

The Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding have also pointed the negative connotations of the word ‘crusade’ in the Arab world.

But the BBC article has been widely mocked online, where England fans claimed it will only increase the desire to wear one of the outfits.

The BBC article, placed on the iWonder section of its website, asked whether the practice was offensive

It gave a history of the crusades, which went through the atrocities carried out by knights in the Holy Land

Paul Brickman wrote: ‘Where do I by my Crusader outfit then? Anything to annoy the #BBC PC Brigade.’

John Moore joked: ‘Will the BBC ever issue a warning that dressing as a viking may cause offence to Northumbrian monks?’

Mark Perryman, of supporters group LondonEnglandFans, told The Times: ‘There are all kinds of issues around racism and Islamophobia but I don’t think this is one of them.

‘I have never known any country to take offence to it and I’m sure they won’t now.’

A poll at the bottom of the article found that 85% of people thought it was okay to wear a crusader outfit.

A BBC spokesman said the ‘iWonder guide’ did not pass judgment but was designed to ‘ask questions which encourage debate’.

But the article caused uproar online, with England fans on Twitter branding it 'PC nonsense'

But the article caused uproar online, with England fans on Twitter branding it ‘PC nonsense’.

41 thoughts on “BBC claims national flag and St. George cross are ‘offensive to Muslims’

  1. When they ( the Muslims) get offended enough to move back to their “S____hole” of a country , let us Americans know! We’ll try to duplicate in America !


  2. Why in the Hell were Muslims recently allowed to March and wrap themselves in death to KUFFAR and Infidels. ISIS Flags etc without any Intervention from Police. They are the ones being RACIST. Well here is my answer. I AM KUFFAR. FIGHT ME IF YOU WISH BUT REMEMBER I AM OLD FOR A REASONABLE.


  3. the word Crusade is considered offensive? So I guess “Jihad” “holy war” is just a-ok. Western Europe keep digging your own graves. Like the Unites States, I have never seen a society so hell bent on destroying themselves in the face of political correctness.

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  4. The Crusaders atrocities !! WHAT !! The Crusades started 400 years after Islam started attacking EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE that was not Muslim and were a DIRECT RESULT of Islamic atrocities. Islam has killed 200 million people in India on top of all the other areas it invaded and are still killing people under our very noses. Islam is a death cult and anything they say should be ignored or if they threaten us should be hammered in to the ground where they belong.

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  5. Can we finish these BBC idiots now. Stop paying them. Remember : Islam and the BBC are known to Roger children so we should not now have anything to do with them. Anyone from another country has abandoned their own roots and to try to change us is one step too many. If you do not like what we do then go somewhere you do like or better still go and help your own country.


  6. Why does our st Georges flag offend these people Muslims came to British with the intention of becoming British and getting British passports if they like the British passport then you have to put up with the flags of the countries you choose to live in let it be Scotland , Ireland ,wales or England , no one forced them here we could’nt go to their countries and tell them to stop flying their national flags it would be a insult


    • Islam [ the-religion-that-tells-everyone-what-to-do ] promotes this nonchalant presumption of entitlement to obedience. While German may be the language of command over horses, Arabic is the language of the conqueror, administrating over vanquished peoples, and their disappearing cultures.

      The formula has worked splendidly for fourteen centuries, as the spread of a cult of thieving Bedouins has swelled to claim one fifth the human population [ and stolen their land, like two thirds of Christendom ].

      And they’re headed right at us!!

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  7. Incremental takeover by Muslim ideology – first your visible national symbols are declared “offensive”; your flag, your pride and your national identity are gone, banned, “offensive to Islam”. Then it will be “offensive” and prohibited to practise Christianity or agnosticism; then they will demand suspension of british law because it “offends Allah”. Sharia shall be the law of the land; then you pay jizrya ( infidel tax i.e., you pay everything you have to keep from being beheaded) then Islam controls, you, your family, your media (banned) your country, without shedding one drop of blood. Incremental jihadiism. Since 600 AD this has been a constant war Islam has waged against all other faiths ( and non-faiths) all while preaching the “religion of peace”. it is not peace; it is constant guerrilla warfare, constant killing, burning, destruction; never ceasing, never faltering, only falling back when beaten back by releasing the Dogs of War. There is only one solution to the scourge that is Islam; go to guns. Guns beat back the unholy tide of islamic warfare. Guns remove their leaders. Guns remove their troops. Guns cut down their madness-riddled followers. Guns protect the righteous as much as they enable the islamic madmen.

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    • Very well said and I agree 100%! However, over the last several hundred years we have bee taught to live by the rule of law. That has been so engrained that we live by it no matter what happens around us. The time has come I think we’re we must seriously consider our survival and survival of Christendom and the Western world as we know it.
      The Islamic invaders are here and they are changing our western lifestyle to 3rd world status! If we don’t start using force in return to their actions, the Western world will be lost to them! Therefore I say rise up and treat them at their own methods. Do to them what their Koran teaches them to do to us! That includes every method of elimination in the Koran used to advance the islamic agenda, we must use the same tactics against them and drive them back to the sand shit hole they came from


  8. Perhaps if these ‘offended’ Muslims had moved to a Muslim country that shared their values and customs instead of moving to an infidel Kaffir country, this debacle may have been avoided.


    • They seek soft targets, societies where the indigenous are gullible enough to accommodate their own cultural heritage right out of existence.

      The Islamic methodology is a proven success, swallowing two thirds of Christendom in their first centuries.

      Now, they want the rest, all of it, starting with the Vatican.

      I recommend their removal at bayonet point all the way to the Bosporus.

      Then we can satisfy Erdogan’s interest in NATO by using NATO forces to retake Constantinople.

      But for right now, that has to stay upon the back burner. Maybe we can get lucky and hang him and his henchmen later. Maybe in the courtyard of Hagia Sophia, to the sound of thundering organ pipes and cast-bronze tower bells.

      Keep thinking positive.


  9. BBC is full of shit, like always have been, they are cunt, and they know it, but they don`t care, `couse they are dhimmi`s already, they are lost. They think the scum muzzies will let them live if they submit, they are fools, they will kill them first, those who submit without fight.
    I have something to tell to those motherfucker traitors from BBC: “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” Churchill
    Now, remember, when the war will be over in Europe, `couse there will be one, and the muzzies will be killed all, we`ll remember also who we`re the traitors and who we`re not. Europe is for europeans, for the white indigenous people, long live England, and whenever we are, we will fuck them up the muzzie trash, they will never want to come close to Europe, they can remain in their sand ape shithole corrupt countries.
    It will be a hell of a ride, fellows 🙂


  10. To bad if the muzzies don’t like it they may leave I’m so fed,up with,them not
    Liking this or that and everyone kissing their asses enough already assimalate
    Or leave these are your choices

    – Jacquie



  11. I find it offensive that our country is being taken over by islam. I also find it offensive that as an infidel, muslims would like to behead me. I also find it offensive that if we give away any more of our country we will not be allowed a traditional full English breakfast with pork sausages, bacon and black pudding.


  12. In the U.S., we are being told more and more that we should not fly the flag of our country, because it might be considered “offensive” to some. In one instance, a Muslim woman grabbed a displayed flag from a mail box and assaulted the home owner with it. And, so what if that offends us!?! Muslims are always considered to be the “victims.”


  13. All the BBC staff should be circumcised and given Muslim names. BBC has been in love with Islam for so long that by now it should have moved to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. At least it should be rechristened as Muslim Broadcasting Corporation.

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    • I’m sure that if there were other planets with intelligent life, the Muslims; having conquered the whole earth to this cult would want all the other planets to convert, they want to dominate the whole universe if given the chance.
      Jesus said that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church, Islam WILL BE DEFEATED in the end.


  14. Well … we knew this was coming! The “Brits have Multi-cultural used themselves to death! Maybe, the prophecy of the Queen fleeing England will be forth coming! Only it won’t be b/c she’s deserting her subjects, but b/c she’s fleeing for her life, FROM her subjects!

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  15. Would the BBC be happy were Muslims to turn up as 7th Century jihadists? Probably. The historical crusaders began as a force of protection for pilgrims visiting Palestine against the harassment from Muslim savages. Later on they established a kingdom in Jerusalem.

    Most of those (if not all) of those dressing up as knights have no interest but in enjoying the game, not in displaying racist behaviour. The BBC has now encouraged fans to dress up.

    I take offence at the Muslim anti-cross attitude. A hadith says that their Isa will come back at the time of the end and ‘break the Cross’. Could we call this staurophobia (a phobia of the Cross)?

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      • josephbenning- Everything except … Rape, Sex Slavery, Slavery in general, Genital mulaition (of women), Honor Murders, Murder (of any kind), war against innocent ppl, Pedophilia, Spousal and child abuse (of any kind), Theift (of non-Muslims rights, property, and lives).
        Oh … The forced marriage of young girls, as young as 6, to men 3 & 4Xs their age!
        See, there are things that do not offend Muslims … Sarcasm!

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    • The politicians of Europe have invited the scum.

      Similar to the islamic paedophile followers who invite cousins into their home to rape their 6 year old daughters.


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