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German Interior Minister believes Muslim migrants commit crimes ‘to avoid deportation’

And we think the Interior Minister should stay off the alcohol because his reasoning is pretty fuzzy. Muslims commit crimes because they are criminals. Period. Migrants are put on the list to be deported faster if they commit crimes, so this theory of Thomas de Maiziere makes no sense. The reason they confess to their crimes is because they don’t acknowledge German law or anything the infidel says. It has no value to them. Besides, they get paid ‘salary’ in prison and they can convert more prisoners to Islam through threats and intimidation. It’s also easy to resolve the problem with Muslim countries refusing to take them back, if only the Germans had some balls and stopped behaving like the socialist nerds they are.



German Migrants Have Found An Easy Loophole To Avoid Deportation

Jacob Bojesson
The Daily Caller
7:09 PM 06/02/2016

Migrants are committing crimes in Germany in order to delay deportation, the government says.

Germany is struggling to get rid of hundreds of thousands of refugees who got their asylum applications rejected — 219,000 are set to be expelled from the country. The government is trying to find ways to speed up the process, but the refugees have found an easy loophole in the system.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere says deportees commit crimes shortly before they are scheduled to be expelled from the country. They then confess to the crimes, which gives them the right to stay in the country while the courts go through due process.

Another obstacle for the Germans is that the migrants’ home countries are unwilling to cooperate by issuing temporary passports to bring their citizens home. Deportees can get so-called “tolerance permits” issued, which allow them to stay in the country until all obstacles are cleared.

“A massive rise in the number of deportees would only occur if these procedural shortcomings are fixed,” de Maiziere said, according to Deutsche Welle.

The government expects 27,000 people to successfully be deported by the end of the year, a slight increase from 22,369 in 2015. The number of people who leave on their free will is expected to almost double from 37,200 in 2015 to 61,000.




3 thoughts on “German Interior Minister believes Muslim migrants commit crimes ‘to avoid deportation’


    Watch these thugs harass the Europeans who are videotaping the nest of migrants.

    When buildings like these are torched, when every building that is proposed to be used as a Muslim/Migrant center, in any way aside from harsh imprisonment and a last stop before deportation, is burned to the ground, when its occupants leaving their filthy little carpet-bags behind and run screaming for their lives to the nearest boat to return them to the filthy third-world toilets from where they came, when that starts to happen, then we will begin to win this war.

    When any Marxist, politician, bureaucrat, judge or police office who supports, in the slightest manner, is assassinated in their homes or at work then this will change.

    When Angela Merkel is assassinated by a German patriot, we will have change.

    When Henriette Reker of Cologne Germany is photographed in her car, slumped across the steering wheel, her brains blown out by a German patriot, we will have change.

    When the hijab, a Muslim swastika, is met with a bullet to the head of the wearer, we will have change.

    When mosques are set aflame and as the occupants pour into the streets are shot, we will have change.

    Remember, bullets don’t lie and fire is a great equalizer.



    In the alternative, you can continue to weep and whimper, watching your women and children raped and slaughtered by the filthy, verminous Muslim, you can continue to watch the filthy Muslim smear the excrement of Islam on your towns and cities, or you can fight back.

    If the Muslim wants a fight, who are we to argue, let us give it what it wants.

    Tyler Riske
    Northfield, Minnesota


  2. “if only the Germans had some balls and stopped behaving like the socialist nerds they are.” – Any German males with balls appear to be mostly in the fomer Eastern German states, where there seems to be more resistance and Pegida has a stronger presence. The remaining males, like de Maiziere and die Polizei, have pledged their allegience and follow the androgynous blob Angela Merkel, who not even a Muslim male would rape unless there were no farm animals available.

    “Migrants are committing crimes in Germany in order to delay deportation, the government says.” – Soon the German taxpayer-provided public defense attorneys will argue “my client committed the rape of the 11-year old boy (or whatever crime the German “authorities” grudgingly recognize and prosecute) to avoid deportation.” And, the German courts will accept that defense argument, establishing a legal precedent for all male Muslims.


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