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Sweden: Body of suspected honor-victim teen asylum seeker found in capital

And her family roams free in Sweden, living off hard-earned tax handoffs from the Swedish people. Like a parasitic entity. Meanwhile, the inept Swedish police and all the feminists in the country failed yet again to do anything to protect a severely abused young girl in a country that professes to stand for equality and rights. She was “married” while she also had a “boyfriend” – who both reported her lost. In other words, they were both exploiting her and had her killed.

It’s pretty disgusting that the laws basically provides no protection at all to women in extreme danger. Although police knew she was under threats they did nothing whatsoever to take her into safety. The Swedes seem to be closet misogynists. They don’t care at all about the women or children, whether it’s their own or any other vulnerables.

Translated from Swedish by Google:



16-year-old girl suspected to have been honor murdered – was found buried in woodland in Stockholm

Published June 2, 2016 at 20:51
By Mattias Albinsson ✉

A 16-year-old asylum seeker girl was found on Monday murdered and buried in a forest in Hökarängen in southern Stockholm. Now there are suspicions that the girl is a victim of an honor killing, writes DN.

It was on Monday morning, just after ten o’clock, the police received a call from a woman in Hökarängen. In a forest near Hauptvägen the woman had found something that looked like a human body.

It turned out to be a 16 year old girl asylum seekers who came to Sweden from Afghanistan as a so-called “unaccompanied minor”. On paper, she was, however, according to DN, married to a much older Afghan man.

DN writes that the girl had a boyfriend the same age in Sweden. March 20 reported the boyfriend and the girl’s husband that she disappeared, but it took more than two months before she was found buried under a layer of moss in Hökarängen.

The girl is said to have had a threat against herself and some of the threats should be documented. No one has yet been served suspicion of crime with the murder of the asylum seeker girl.

5 thoughts on “Sweden: Body of suspected honor-victim teen asylum seeker found in capital

  1. “The Swedes seem to be closet misogynists. They don’t care at all about the women or children, whether it’s their own or any other vulnerables.” – Collectively, the Swedes suppress any ideas or evidence that their multi-cultural society is a failure. The more problems that develop, the more committed they are to making sure it works. Once a social-political ideologue crosses his/her conceptual Rubicon and fully commits to an idea, no matter how ultimately erroneous or destructive, she/he persists in pursuing it.

    Persuasion and discussion with the ideological mindset is futile.


  2. !!! – “William Bolton, June 3, 2016 has ‘this’ case well and truly covered! The Swedish Authorities are ‘adopting’ the values and protocols of the Barbarian Moslems, including the atrocious and insensate attitudes of the hordes of ‘vermin’ they have welcomed into Sweden as “Refugees!”


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