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Pakistan: Woman is burned alive for turning down marriage proposal

Woman teacher is burned alive ‘by her boss’ after she turned down a marriage proposal from his son in Pakistan

  • Maria Sadaqat, 19, tortured and burned alive in village near Islamabad
  • Attacked by the principal of the private school where she used to work
  • The young teacher had refused a marriage proposal from his son 
  • Had been forced to quit school after being ‘pestered’ by principal

By Sara Malm for MailOnline
Published: 11:23, 1 June 2016 |

A young Pakistani teacher has died after being tortured and set alight by her former boss as punishment for refusing a marriage proposal from his son, relatives and police said.

Maria Sadaqat, 19, was attacked in the village of Upper Dewal, outside the capital Islamabad, on Monday night, and died two days later as a result of injuries.

Ms Sadaqat had recently been forced to leave her teaching job at the school, after the principal had begun harassing her when she turned down the proposal from his son, who was ‘twice her age’.

Burned alive: Teacher Maria Sadaqat, 19, was tortured and set alight by a group of men, including her former boss - a principal at a private school - after she refused a marriage proposal from his son

8 thoughts on “Pakistan: Woman is burned alive for turning down marriage proposal

  1. Oh, yeah but don’t worry – they’ll totally adopt western democracy and culture the minute they arrive. Nothing to worry about there. They’ve done such a fine job of integrating across Europe thus far. Don’t worry about a thing.

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  2. Nice eh teachers burned to death why can’t women refuse to marry someone they don’t care for
    Plus any pic I’ve seen of muzzies they,look so dirty I wouldn’t want them to touch me

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    • They not only “look” dirty, they ARE dirty! They are a manifestation of pure filth and excrement. Do a little research and you will find they are products of excessive inbreeding with very low IQs. Essentially, they are savage beasts. I would not want to touch or be touched by one of these subhuman beasts either. They do not bathe regularly and seem to be proud of their putrid odor. They would be better housed with pigs and dogs that they very similar to.

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  3. this poor woman of 19 called Maria is probably a Roman Catholic; this brutal torture and murder is caused by Muslims who hate Christians yet want to force Christian women to marry them and be treated as a slave. Pakistan allows these savage murders and does little to stop it apart from a pretence sometimes. Christians generally are persecuted by Muslims in Pakistan and the government, police and security services do nothing; mostly the police just look on at the murders and make no attempt to stop it.

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  4. Those wonderful savage people with the Muslim disease need to be flogged to death for such putrid, pathetic, horrific, Satanic, medieval actions. This so-called retarded political-religious system, called Islam, needs to be immediately eradicated, that means erased and obliterated from the earth.

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