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India: Islamic State is not a threat. Muslims in India are just brimming with patriotism.

They are “brimming” with patriotism to whom? To their prophet and Allah.

What other comment would you expect from someone named Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi?

Behind closed doors he is thrilled at the prospect of India turning into a second Pakistan, ruled under Sharia, where the Hindus have to pay jizya (blood tax) to stay alive and where only the rich are able to pay jizya. The rest have to convert or face death. Indian people need to unite and get rid of this pest once and for all.



No threat from ISIS, patriotism brimming in every Indian Muslim: Government

He further said that the nation will come together to fight against such forces threatening the peace and sovereignty.

By: ANI | New Delhi
Updated: May 25, 2016 10:56 am

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Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

Following the furore over the ISIS video in which Indian recruits are seen threatening to wage a war in India, the Centre on Tuesday asserted that no amount of threats from terrorists could make any difference whatsoever as every citizen in the country, including Muslims, would stand united against such destructive forces.

“India is a land of peace and prosperity and there is no place here for those who support terrorism. Patriotism is filled in every Muslim in this country. Be it videos or threats, it’s not going to make much of difference,” Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi told ANI in Delhi.

He further said that the nation will come together to fight against such forces threatening the peace and sovereignty.

In a latest video released by the ISIS, Indian Jihadis, including Thane engineering student Fahad Tanvir Sheikh, has issued a warning and vowed to avenge the demolition of the Babri Mosque and the purported killing of Muslims across the country.

Four youth from Mumbai’s Kalyan – Aarif Majid, Fahad Tanvir Sheikh, Amaan Tandel and Saheem Tanki – had fled to Iraq in May 2014 to join ISIS. Out of these, Aarif Majid has been taken into custody by the NIA soon after his return from Syria. Shahim Tanki is supposed to have been killed in a bomb attack in Raqqa last year, as claimed by Sheikh in the video.

“Our Muslim brothers should come forward to fight the ISIS. Just by criticizing them on paper won’t do. If they (ISIS) speak of raising swords against us then the people of all faiths should take up swords and aptly respond,” Raut added.

The ISIS operatives in the video also urge the Muslims in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan region to join their movement to establish an Islamic caliphate.

According to a leading national daily, Fahad Tanvir Sheikh is the only individual conclusively identified in the video.

Reports state that several still-to-be-identified members in the video could be former members of the Indian Mujahideen.

The video also claims that ‘cow-worshipping’ Hindus are responsible for violence against Muslims in many places, including Mumbai, Gujarat, Assam and Moradabad.

One of the Jihadis, speaking in English, also gave a stern warning to India and said either accept Islam, pay Jiziya (a medieval tax for non-believers of Islam) or be prepared to be slaughtered.

The Jihadis have also launched a tirade against the Indian Muslims for maintaining trade and social relations with the ‘infidels’. They have has also criticised the Muslim politicians and clerics for compromising with a purported tyrannical system responsible for massacring Muslims.

5 thoughts on “India: Islamic State is not a threat. Muslims in India are just brimming with patriotism.

  1. 120M to 400M Hindu’s were slaughtered by Muslim in their conquest and occupation of India. At bare minimum, 1-million Hindu’s were carted away to Muslim countries to become slaves and sex slaves. The occupation lasted at the very least 400 years, and possible 800 years; YOU DUE THE MATH!!! That’s at least a 1/2 BILLION ppl to way over a Billion ppl forceably taken into slavery!
    At 120-M ppl, murdered, that’s genocide; and the body count is simply unknown. Whole villages, towns, cities were razed to the ground and its occupants slaughtered, for a Suktans whim or a slight infraction! GENOCIDE OEOPLE ! GENOCIDE PEOPLE !… That’s what MUSLIMS/USLAM is good for!
    And the ppl of the world know the genocide of Muslims/Islam, up close and personal! To the tune of at least 270M to a Billion ppl!
    Makes a whole new meaning to the phrase,
    ISLAM BLOODY ISLAM!!! Doesn’t it ???


    • Should be 1M Hindu’s per Year! At 400 years that over 400 million Hindu’s; and over 800 Hindu’s mostly well over 1BILLION Hindu’s carted away to Muslim lands into to all forms of slavery!


  2. In the Bhavishya Purana, one of the eighteen major Hindu Puranas, Muhammad is depicted as a reincarnated demon, Islam as a demonic religion, and its followers as “the corrupters of religion”. – Ramanujan, A. K., “Folk Mythologies and Purāṇas”

    The entire rational world hates Muhammad and Islam. Non-Muslims have hated both since the 7th century.

    Islam is a program of genocide founded by a psychopathic megalomaniac. Muslim male adherents in the West are likely to be sociopaths, their clergy psychopaths, and their females all suffer, or will suffer the effects of battered woman syndrome.

    Collectively, defending Islam/Muslims or a live and let live attitude towards Muslims leads/ will lead to genocide. In Western societies, the only solution to the Islamic plague, is full exposure of, opposition to, and prohibition of practicing Islam.

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