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Merkel’s migration policy endangers German nation’s health – AIDS and syphilis high in Muslims

Merkel’s migration policy endangers German nation’s health

by Drakula, Thursday, May 26, 2016 2:39
Before It’s News,

A few days ago Anonymous hacker group published a number of Turkish hospitals’ databases. The stolen DBs are reported to contain patients’ personal data and their case histories.

A thorough study of some published documents ( revealed horrifying facts which should make us, Europeans, mind the mortal danger we may face in the near future.

Let us have a closer look at a database fragment of a Turkish hospital located not far away from the Turkish-Greek border. First of all, it’s worth learning the way the database is structured. For illustration purposes, HIV tests are highlighted with red and VDRL ones with yellow. The first number in each line stands for the database part containing information about patients’ tests.

Turkish hospitals database. HIV- and syphilis tests 1


Table 1. Turkish hospitals database. HIV- and syphilis tests

Turkey database fragment with Muslim patients’ personal data and VDRL tests results 2

Turkey database fragment with Muslim patients’ personal data and VDRL tests results

Table 2. A database fragment with patients’ personal data and VDRL tests results.


To illustrate the way it goes let’s take the syphilis tests, for instance, record 365; the next step is to find medical cards of patients with positive test results (“POZITIF”). Card numbers will provide full information about a person. Therefore, a medical card numbered 2013362145 belongs to Mr. Hasan Karakos, a VDRL positive patient, born in 1986. Apart from it, there are his ID-card number and mobile phone available.

The data published by the hackers testify to the fact that syphilis as well as HIV and AIDS incidence in Turkey has zoomed up in the last six months. The in-country sanitary and epidemiological situation keeps deteriorating amid a huge refugee’s inflow from unstable regions with ruined national health services and back morals undermined by long-running wars.

Turkey database HIV- and AIDS prevalence estimates in Turkish locations near refugee camps

Table 3. HIV- and AIDS prevalence estimates in Turkish locations near refugee camps

It is quite evident that outbreaks of the diseases mentioned should fall on the European part of Turkey, according to the AIDS and HIV statistics presented by the hackers. The average Turkish HIV prevalence is less than 0,009% of population. Focusing on the city of Kırklareli close to the Greek border, we find 0,129% of positive test patients registered in local hospitals, where Anonymous have gained access. The rate in the border town of Edirne is the similarly high – 0,104%.

The following map depicts the main routes to be followed by Iraqi and Syrian refugees on their way to EU through Turkey. A Red zone is mainly significant for HIV and AIDS outbreaks and is home for the cities of Kırklareli and Edirne mentioned above.

A great deal of refugees has been crowding at the border between Greece and Bulgaria since they are craving for coming into Europe safely by land.

Fig 4. Refugee routes through Turkey

This drives to a conclusion, that hundreds of thousands people, with HIV-, syphilis- and hepatitis-infected being among them, are ready to break through the boundaries making their way to Europe.

The Turkish government is leaving no stone unturned to keep it secret that an epidemic is breaking out jeopardizing the whole European continent.

At the meantime, Germany headed by Merkel is pretending to be unaware of it, with German-Turkish talks on refugee policy being underway, regardless that refugees are a sort of walking biological weapon.

In this context, the fact that Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service’s (BND) idleness is really scaring. The BND can’t see or is reluctant to see the real danger both to the national security and their citizens’ health although it is hard to believe the intelligence agency’s criminal carelessness. The German BND is sure to have turned blind and deaf by Mrs. Chancellor’s order; the latter appears to be totally ignorant of the lethal threat which the flux of people coming from the East poses. Angela Merkel has taken such a stand to tamp down islamophobic and anti-immigrant sentiments evolving in Germany where people are already tired of migrant audacious behavior.

Cologne attacks during New Year’s Eve celebrations highlighted how violent and barbarous immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa are. The Le Temps, a Swiss newspaper, reported over two hundred complaints received by the police from Cologne’s women who had been sexually assaulted by migrants; the number of such appeals across the whole country exceeds 1,500. Considering that not every single lady normally ventures to seek police assistance in case of a sexual assault, there must have been much more victims of sexual jihad than was reported. Migrants’ sickness records explain what lethal danger German women were exposed to. Some of those who were raped on New Year’s Eve at Cologne are likely to be now HIV or VDRL-infected.

Fig.5 Anti-immigration protest following the attacks in Cologne

Muslim migrants suffer high rate of Aids - Molluscum contagiosum in AIDS patient

[Molluscum contagiosum in AIDS patient]

Given the way German authorities are trying to hide the investigation facts related to mass sex attacks in Cologne, this statistics does already exist, its revelation, though, is pretty harmful for Berlin and personally for Merkel as she has been criticized for her foolish migration policy on a regular basis. Alternative for Germany political party convention held in early May has adopted the platform criticizing Merkel’s migration policy which leads to country’s intimidating islamization.

Nowadays a new migration law promoted by the Chancellor’s allies is being debated on the sidelines of the German Bundestag. Under this law refugees will study German and, finding a job, enjoy an opportunity to stay for good. Well, did Merkel really count all expenses required for migrant medical care?! How much would the treatment of HIV-, AIDS-, VDRL- and other dangerous virus- infected refugees cost German taxpayers?

The data published by the hackers demonstrate just mere a part of the terrible migration crisis that Germany is facing today. Berlin does its best to conceal cases of dangerous diseases spreading by migrants from the Middle East. Unfortunately, the Germans do not realize the real size of the forthcoming biological threat. Amid the huge number of refugees coming into the country it would be rather interesting to have a look at the statistics of diseases spread at the same migrants’ locations. These figures might surprise not only the Germans but also their neighbors.

Yet it remains unclear whose interests Merkel is looking after by conducting such a shortfall migration policy that causes social contempt and creates a hazard to national health. Sooner or later she will be punished for the betrayal of the German nation.


‘Drakula’ is a Bucharest-based freelance journalist, worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2007-2013 and with leading Romanian newspapers e.g Adevarul etc.


15 thoughts on “Merkel’s migration policy endangers German nation’s health – AIDS and syphilis high in Muslims

  1. The only way to solve the problems caused by mass-immigration is mass-deportation. The problems caused by uncontrolled immigration far outweigh any benefit. Immigration has to be limited and strictly controlled.


  2. Germans are still suicidal, like they have been always. There is a problem with this nation, they get on fire the world 2 times `till now, now they do it again. And if you don`t get it, they like the likes of Hitler, and now the likes of Merkelina, now that`s is what you call of being a retarded nation. They think that money can buy everything, but they are now on the verge of a man made cataclism. Stupid fucks from Merkelistan, there are only pussies left there, lead by a crazy old pussy 🙂 How pathetic is this, they really don`t realize the danger they are in, those illnesses are life threathening, those who have been raped and will be rapid sure will have HIV and AIDS, so buckle up, pussies and pussies, you are so fucked. Germany is something that does not exist anymore, there are only moronic slaves left. Stupid suicidal idiot nation 🙂



    US Attorney General Loretta Lynch was stopped in her tracks when she attempted to commence a campaign of harassment and criminal indictment of all those who questioned “climate change/global warming” or opposed any of the Obama backed communist controls and taxation levied against the American people using this Marxist junk science.

    But where there is a will there is a way.

    The New York Times is gushing and cooing over the reemergence of the Marxist tool known as the Clear-Eyed Zealots, the children who will do the bidding of Dear Leader.

    For those of you who are in the least bit historically literate you will remember that Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Pol-Pot, to name a few Nazi and Marxist Meat Packers, used children as tools of information and detection of “undesirable citizens”. Children used to denounce their peers, their siblings, their parents and their neighbours, all who opposed the State, all who spoke with less than foaming rabid adoration of Dear Leader. were the subject of the pointed finger and soon after could be found in Gulags or rotting in mass graves.

    Welcome to your New World Order.

    All Hail Dear Leader.

    All Hail The Climate Czars.

    Washington Jexson
    Seattle, Washington




      This is the same brand of sheer lunacy as the “gender manipulation” sickness that is sweeping our schools, courts and governments.

      The parents of this child should be in prison, beaten senseless and then imprisoned.

      Listen to the babbling hysteria of this child, lied to by his Marxist fanatic teachers, lied to by Mass Media and all of it under the watchful gaze of his parents, absolutely criminal.

      You can just see this little monster putting bullets into the heads of the occupants of a reeducation camp for CCD’s (Climate Change Deniers)

      Think I’m joking, just read your history books.

      Washington Jexson
      Seattle Washington




        The child’s name is Henry Marr (after daddy, no marriage)

        The sick mother is Allie Hall.

        Allie Hall is a 2nd Grade teacher. She taught recently at the Savannah Classical Academy in Savannah, Georgia. She and her husband lived briefly in Chicago, Illinois. She and her husband now live in the town of Oak Harbour, Whidbey Island, Washington State.

        The video, copied and shared, is on Ms. Halls’ YouTube channel titled “emotional environmentalist”

        Google “Allie Hall Marr” and you will run across dozens of posts that have the Marxist media and bloggers in a frenzy of orgasmic masturbation at their good fortune in finding a little 6 year old Enviro-Nazi.

        Apparently the precocious mental defective has already “written a book”

        Jame Watson
        Boseman Montana


      • Wow, that kid is emotional destroyed by the BS his mother has been filling his head with. I bet he will be on depression meds by the time he’s 12. Social Services needs to take a look into the emotional damage being caused to this child before it’s to late if it’s not already.



        This is just the beginning my friends, just the beginning. Just wait until the prisons and re-education camps begin opening up. Just wait until men and women are sent to these camps and prisons and we all hear about the rumours of mass executions……..but oh!!!!….don’t be silly!!!….that couldn’t possibly be true!!!……could it??

        June Vickers
        Vermont, USA


    • Your article warns about aids, syphilis all sexually transmitted. You don’t mention the high prevalence of TB and other chronic lung troubles have been brought back by migrant.. Some migrants are carriers of other illnesses like scarlet fever, irradiated in Europe years ago. Then there is that terrible flesh eating fungi, which many suffer from. The cost of treating these illnesses is going to be astronomical…German tax-payers unknowingly pay the bill for migrant health care.


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