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Muslim father raped two of his daughters, the third decided to avenge her sisters’ honor…

Muslim Father Rapes His Daughters, So Little Sister Decides To “Fix” Her Family

March 21, 2016,

Muslim father raped two of his daughters, the third decided to avenge her sisters’ honor

After a Muslim father raped two of his daughters, the third decided to avenge her sisters’ honor in a particularly gruesome way.

A girl couldn’t believe that her Muslim father would rape his own daughters — until he attacked her one night for the very same purpose. However, instead of shamefully hiding her sick father’s debauched desires, she decided to take gruesome matters into her own hands.

Honor killing Muslim women and children who disregard their strict Islamic upbringing is on the rise throughout the world, and in some countries, it’s perfectly legal. Yet, it is extremely rare for a daughter to turn this barbarity on her own father, even if it is well deserved.

Dawn News reports that a the Muslim community was shocked to learn that a girl has been arrested after she sought to restore her sisters’ honor, which was taken from them in a very depraved fashion. Pakistani authorities in Pirabad were horrified to find that a girl, identified only as Aisha, had drugged her own father and set his body on fire as he slept.

While in custody, Aisha showed little remorse, claiming that she had to kill her father to get him to stop raping her younger and older sisters. She told police that once he attempted to rape her as well, she knew she had to get rid of him. This attempt was successful, as the rapist father died from his severe injuries at a local hospital.

Aisha, whose age has not been released to media, alleged that she was disgusted by her own father for indulging in this “immoral act” with her sisters, according to The International News. So, she fed her father sleeping pills, waited until he was passed out in his bed, and doused the alleged rapist in kerosene before lighting the match.

A women’s police station in West Karachi, which handles female perpetrators under Sharia law, registered a case against Aisha, while authorities continue to search for her brother, who is believed to be a witness and possible accomplice. She is being charged with premeditated murder and punishment for intention to cause bodily harm, in accordance with Pakistan Penal Code.

Still, it is a rarity to find a case where women or even any other relatives take revenge upon a patriarch for defiling family honor. In fact, there are many cases in which Muslim families have slaughtered the victims of dishonor instead of the perpetrators.

Mad World News reported that a Muslim woman awoke to her 2-year-old daughter screaming in her 59-year-old father’s room. When she opened the door, she discovered that her father was raping his own granddaughter. Instead of turning her father over to the police, the mother ran some bath water, placed the girl in the tub, and held her underwater until she drown.

Officials confirmed that the child suffered internal bleeding before her death and that the mother murdered her own baby to “avoid scandal” in their Muslim community.

Fortunately, the pair were arrested and charged with murder and rape, although this is not always the case in Islamic states. Women are often punished for their own sexually assault, since the Quran instructs that they must provide at least 3 or 4 male witnesses to confirm their testimony. Many times, the fear of being whipped, imprisoned, or even sentenced to death under Sharia for fornication or adultery prompts victims to hide the crime.

Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide, and many are left unpunished and even praised. In fact, it is outlined by a manual of Islamic law, certified by al-Azhar University, that murder is excusable under circumstances of “killing their offspring” for disobedience.

This barbarity seems like such a far-away foreign matter, but it is beginning to quickly spread to the West, and with the import of these communities, we cannot logically expect it will not affect ours as well.

H/T [The Independent]

16 thoughts on “Muslim father raped two of his daughters, the third decided to avenge her sisters’ honor…

  1. What a pig. Good for that girl. Arresting her? And hey it would have been ok for that pig to keep raping them. Happy to go to prison for the rest of my life knowing the pig is in hell!! Hope all the girls who have been the victim start doing this. So these pigs stop such immoral act.


  2. I’m sure the father is in better place now. 72 virgins, where if they drink water you can see watet running through. The little girl must be in hell.Justice is served well.


  3. On– “murder is excusable under circumstances of “killing their offspring” for disobedience”– I guess when they say “you’re grounded Mr.” they mean it.


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