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Belgium find traces of planned terror attack – arrests four ISIS members

Belgium Arrests Over Fears Of Terror Plot

Four suspects thought to be recruiters for Islamic State are charged with participating in the activities of a terrorist group.

Wednesday 25May 2016

Brussels terror attacks
Brussels remains on high alert after terrorist attacks in March

Belgian authorities have arrested four people who they say may have been plotting a new terror attack in the country.

Police say they found “traces” of a plot to launch a new attack in Belgium and that those detained are suspected of recruiting jihadists for Syria and Libya on behalf of Islamic State.

The suspects were all charged with participating in the activities of a terrorist group. One has been released under strict conditions and another was released with an electronic tag. Police also carried out searches in the city of Antwerp and in two other locations.

:: Belgium ‘Ignored Warning’ About Airport Bomber

“The four were more involved in the part of recruiting,” Eric Van der Sypt, a spokesman for Belgium’s federal prosecutors said.


Gallery: Brussels’ Maelbeek Metro Station Reopens A Month After The Attacks.


“And we found traces of plans for an attack in Belgium.”

Belgium’s capital remains on high alert after terrorist attacks at Brussels Airport in Zaventem and at Maalbeek metro station in March killed 32 people and injured 200 more.

However, prosecutors say the four do not appear to have links to the suicide bombers who carried out those attacks.

Mohamed Abrini Apparently Arrested In UGC Footage

Video: Apr: Footage Of Terror Arrest



5 thoughts on “Belgium find traces of planned terror attack – arrests four ISIS members

  1. Stupid sheep from Merkelistan, this is how SHTF has started: According to a Bavarian state TV station, more and more germans from Bavaria started to move definetivelly to Hungary, especially to the Balaton Lake, becouse of fear of the massive hordes of rapefugees and gimmegrants, starting from 2015 september. And the dhimmi slaves from that TV station aired the report only now. So, you the sheep can now really understand that you are living in a dictatorship in Merkel-landia 🙂 and they don`t give a fuck about your life, your everyday security, they will finish you off with all those muzzie scum invaders, and remember they are now more than 1.5 milion from last summer. Also they want to hire the muzzies invader scum into the German Police, so now only the retarded can not fathom the clear and present danger of what this means. It means that they will kill you in your own city, in your own house when the time will come with all those armed muzzie savage scums, that is why Merkel-Hitler want so much of them inside, she is a traitor, and she will hang for this, and not just for this, she and many others. The mother of all wars is coming, the WW2 will be like apicnic compared to what will come, and now motherfuckers from Merkelistan, you are in a big shit, you made it to yourself, this is how a country and a nation will disappear 🙂 Retarded unicorn dreamers, freedom is not for free, and if you let the enemy inside, that means that you wanna die. By the way, everybody says here in Hungary that you are sooooo fucked, the fences are made to keep you in, you will be like walking zombies in the killing fields 🙂


  2. Civil war is the only remedy, otherwise the SHTF will come soon. This is the end of a good life as you know it, but if you are stupid, like those from Merkelistan and Belgistan, you have to pay the price. You never ever let the pigs in, and the savage muzzie scum.


    • Because these European, liberal, do-gooders are too scared to offend the rest of the muslim population. We have to bear in mind that most of these plotters are born in Europe and can hide behind this fact and they know it. Prisons in Belgium are well known to be like holiday camps (even the muslims have a separate menu with hal-al meat) and they know that too.

      I would have no problem deporting them to their family’s place of origin or detain them indefinately in seperate detention centres and to hell with their human rights. What about the human rights of innocent Europeans?


      • What about the human rights of innocent Europeans?

        Under Sharia, human rights for non-Muslims don’t exist, and those who’ve not embraced Allah cannot be innocent. Only Muslims are capable of innocence, non-Muslims have it coming.

        Kicking out the whole kit & kaboodle‎‎ is the only remedy.


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