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Devout Muslims to India: “Either accept Islam, pay jizya or prepare to be slaughtered”

The damage Muslims have done to India is extreme, not only in financial terms but in land encroaching, in irreversible psychological damages that are still open wounds of the people today. They raped the psyche out of the people and turned an advanced, rich and successful benevolent culture and peoples into mini-Muslims. Had Britain not been lured to intervene and handed handsome trade and land contracts by the country’s surviving Maharaja’s, the country would have been in far worse condition today. But not that the Indians ever seem to have any gratitude to Britain, who instead are being blamed for the damage that Islam actually committed on the continent while Islam is being falsely praised for “contributing” to India and “uplifting” it (sound familiar?).

And after 1,400 years of India battling and trying to live with Islam, the Muslim sense of entitlement to occupy and kill still hasn’t ended. But what will India do now when there is no wealthy and strong foreign power coming to their rescue? They’re on their own.

Fahad Tanvir Sheikh has said “We will return, but with a sword in hand, to slice your throats, to avenge the Babri Masjid, and the killings of Muslims in Kashmir, in Gujarat, and in Muzaffarnagar.” But what are these Muslims doing in Kashmir, in Gujarat, and in Muzaffarnagar? And why are they encroaching on these areas in the first place?

For readers who are not familiar with the Babri Masjid, the mosque was located in Ayodhya, in North India – one of the most important Hindu religious places. According to the mosque’s inscriptions, it was built in 935 AH (1528-29 CE) by Mir Baqi, on orders of the brutal and blood thirsty Mughal emperor Babur (after whom it is named).

Muslim conquest has always involved taking possession of important places of worship and converting them into mosques to declare Islam’s victory over another religion and to destroy that religion. The Mughals destroyed the structure marking the birthplace of Rama (Ram Janmabhoomi), one of the main and most important dieties in Indian religion, to build the Babri Masjud mosque above it. Rama lived over 10,000 years ago while the Muslim encroachment of the birthplace was only 500 years old. The Muslims then demanded a Muslim-only access to the pilgrimage and religious place where Hindus were constantly denied to make pilgrimages. This dispute continued into 1992 when Hindus finally (and wisely so) destroyed the mosque on 6 December 1992, triggering widespread Muslim intimidation and riots all over India, leading to around 2,000 deaths.



Shocking Indian Jihadi video states ‘avenge Babri Masjid’

Minnie Mahendru
Live Punjab

A shocking and chilling video with a warning to the people regarding the demolition of Babri Masjid, has been released by the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) that includes Indian Jihadis and Fahad Tanvir Sheikh, an engineering student from Thane, has been released. In a first video of its kinds, the Indian Jihadists talk about their plans of avenging of the Babri Masjid destruction and alleged Muslim killings across India.

Planned action by the Indian Jihadis and their resentment which involves India and South Asia is the highlight of this first video that has been released recently. Fahad Tanvir Sheikh’s statement as mentioned by a newspaper states “We will return, but with a sword in hand, to slice your throats, to avenge the Babri Masjid, and the killings of Muslims in Kashmir, in Gujarat, and in Muzaffarnagar. Muslims are not safe in India. New restrictions are being imposed and our freedom is being taken away.” Sheikh was the only one who has been identified in the video, states the daily.

Fahad Tanvir Sheikh along with three other youths from Mumbai’s Kalyan area namely Aarif Majid, Amaan Tandel and Saheem Tanki had run off to Iraq to join the ISIS in May 2014. Sheikh has also claimed post the Batla House encounter; things had become tough for them.

Indian ISIS sheikh Fahad Tanvir Sheikh promises slaughter of Hindus dont convert to Islam

Fahad Tanvir Sheikh

He stated that they were chased by Police, The ATS, and investigative agencies, but they had somehow managed to sneak away and reached Khorasan to join the babri. Aarif Majid is active with the NIA and Shahim Tanki died in a Raqqa last year, in a bomb attack. The video shows the Indian Jihadis urging Muslims belonging to India, Afghanistan and Pakistan being urged to join the movement and spread the Islamic caliphate.

In the video, a Jihadi is supposed to have stated that the people in India are killing Muslims on some pretext or the other, like in the “name of the cow” and he states that their women are not safe and they are being forced to revert to Hinduism. They hold the hindus who worship cows responsible for committing various atrocities, against the Muslims.

The alleged recoded Jihadi statement is in English and he warned Indians saying, “It is strictly prohibited to worship anyone except Allah. These Kafirs worship cow, sun, and moon. There is strict prohibition to maintain ties with those who are against Allah. Either accept Islam, pay Jiziya (a medieval tax for non-believers of Islam) or prepared to be slaughtered. If the Indians claim themselves to be smart and intelligent, spending immense amounts of money in researching and trying to find out what we really want. Then I would like to let them know, that they have three options and they can choose one, they either accept Islam, pay jiziya and be prepared to be slaughtered.”

The Muslim politicians, Muslims and other clerics who are Muslims have been gravely criticized by the dreaded terrorists for having social and trade relations with ‘infedils’ as they call them.

29 thoughts on “Devout Muslims to India: “Either accept Islam, pay jizya or prepare to be slaughtered”

  1. Anyone interested in educating yourself about this matter should go to You will find that the entire Satanic Islamic political-religious system has had a terribly dastardly influence on mankind wherever they have been. Their sole intent seems to be to turn people away from the one true God, Jehovah God, and turn them over to Satan for eternity. They allow no one to have the freedom to determine their own eternal destiny. Mankind desperately needs to rid itself of this pitiful and loathsome cancer, by elimination, extermination, eradication or obliteration, as they serve no useful purpose to humanity.

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  2. This is why they aren’t wanted as immigrants. They are racists right? They are intolerant for saying this. This is hate speech and inciting violence. But India is so cool and Islam will ruin it. It ruins everything.

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    • Dear Joanne we are not cool about threats but extremely wary. However 1000 years of Islamic rule fromm 700 AD to 1700 AD has increased Muslim population of India to 160 MILLION. We have to live with them. Can’t help it. Only hope is to isolate extremists which we are doing


  3. This is hardly news. India has been in Islam’s cross hairs for almost a thousand years. And has been ruled (“tolerantly”?)for the benefit of Islam for the last 67.

    “Wahabism”, “Salafism” “Radicalism” or “Extremism” as it is now used, is a euphemism for Sunni Islam. Isis (Daesh) is merely one more regiment of Islamic students (Taliban) who study the Quran and the Hadiths and then set out to implement their “religion”.Islam is a barbaric, extremist, fascist, racist, male supremacist, lebensraum ideology masquerading as a “religion”. Any Moslem who refuses to convert to a decent, real spiritually uplifting religion should be eradicated.

    The word “Jihad” is mentioned 164 times in Quran and 199 times in Hadith. The word “Jihad” has two meanings, namely “struggle within mind” and“warfare with sword” (jihad bil saif). Both are valid as per the context in Quran/Hadith. However the former refers to Mahomet’s introspection at Medina, while the latter refers to Mahomet’s subsequent practice of genocide, massacres, mass rapes and sexual slavery at Mecca. The Caliphs and the Hadiths are quite clear that what happened later (Mecca) has greater force and supercedes Medina, and so it is that Moslems have practiced Jeehad bil Saif ever since. But, as commanded by Mahomet in the Quran, they practice deception (Taqiya, Tawriya Muruna, Kitman etc) and fool the willing that Jeehad is only that of Medina. Mahomet commanded that every true Mahamutton must perform Jihad. The purest Islam is to follow in the footsteps of Mahomet. Mahomet sanctioned mass rapes, genocides, vandalism and free for all slavery and sexual slavery when he performed Jeehad on Mecca.

    The very first Muslim attack on India had taken place nearly 500 years earlier in Sindh in the year 715 C.E. These Muslim invaders were Arabs led by Mohammad Bin Qasim. They had displaced Raja Dabir who ruled Sindh from his capital Deval (near modern Karachi). The actual reason for this invasion was that Raja Dabir was aiding the Iranian (Zoroastrian) princes in trying to overthrow the Arab Rule in Persia. The Hindu Struggle for Independence against Muslim Tyranny
    the struggle of the Hindus to resist the Muslim aggression into India was spread over a period of 600 years from 715 C.E. up to 1328 C.E. This contrasts with the the swift Muslim victories in Persia (Iran) over the Zoroastrian Sassanians and in Mesopotemia, Egypt and North Africa over the Romans (Byzantines). The Muslims could not subjgate India with ease. And even after subjugating different parts of the country, they were never able to rule it enitrely. The next 400 years from 1328 up to 1720 was marked by a valiant and ceaseless struggle for independence by Hindus to deliver India from Muslim tyranny.

    This struggle was first led in North India by the Rajputs and then by the Jats, Marathas and Sikhs. In the South this struggle was embodied in the Vijayanagar Empire. This struggle for independence culminated when the Marathas began to bring an end to the Muslim domination of India. The Mughuls aimed to totally destroy the Superstructure associated with the Hindu period. The term Superstructure** which the Muslims aimed at destroying included a wide spectrum of aspects of social life including Indian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism), language (Sanskrit and its various vernaculars), universities (like Nalanda), traditions of learning (ashramas, gurukulas), architectural symbols (temples, Chaityas, Viharas, Stupas), etc. The policy during the 700 years of Muslim occupation of India was to totally replace the superstructure of the Hindu period with a typical Muslim one.

    Towards this end the Muslim invaders undertook the desecration of places of worship, destruction of universities like Nalanda, the wholesale slaughter of the monks and priests to wipe out the intellectual bedrock of the people they overran. Such tyrannical polices which the Muslim rulers folllowed since their rule was established in 1194 C.E. they left a trail of bitterness in the regions which passed under their domination. Aryan tradition survived only in remote corners of the country like in Orissa, Assam and parts of South India until eradicated by the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Other(Alien)Religion-Communist (PANGOLIN) Consensus that formed and rules the Indian Constitution and Republic

    After the Aryas (People of Dharma who adhered to Brahmin Law) of Asia Minor, South Asia, South East Asia and the Slavs, the Poles and the Iberians of Europe had fought Islam to a stand still at great cost in blood, treasure and territory, Pax Britannica put Islam in its place undoing the Mehdi, dismantling the Ottomans and pacifying the Middle East, South and South East Asia and much of the World disregarding the strident protests of Khilafat Gandhi. Poliically, it was Gandhi who really enabled and fostered the notion of India as an Islamic Nation in line with the agenda of Mahomet, which led to partition.. However, Pax Americana has revived the Jeehad bil Saif of Islam with White Hice and NATO decision and opinion makers since Richard Nixon on Petro Dollar pay rolls, what with Clinton bombing Belgrade for 84 days to hand over Bosnia and Kosovo to the Caliphate and with Bush and Blair deflecting anger over 9/11 from the perpetrators, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, to what was a secular and modern Iraq. Obama has thrown Syria, Libya and Europe to the Wolves.

    Indict surviving US Presidents and heads of involved NATO Governments together with members of their cabinets for war crimes to prevent recurrence. Exterminate any Moslem who refuses to convert to a decent, real, spiritually uplifting religion.

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    • I have just spent this afternoon reading in Wikipedia the origins of the Indus Valley & the Vedic scriptures and comparative timelines with Sumeria & Mesopotamia. All are on a similar time line however, the Indus Valley predates the other two slightly. Zoroastrians took much of their religion from ideas in Vedic Scriptures and improved upon them.Known in India today as Parsee.. The city of Ur was part of Mesopotamia from where Abraham originated, Judaism dates back to 1880 BCE the Indus valley & Vedic Scriptures 3000 BCE. It struck me all religions took their ethical philosophies including Buddhism from the Indus Valley. Barbaric Islam is less than 1500 years old and frankly draws no respect from me. As Zarathuza would say ISLAM is the personification of Ahriman, Evil and the terrible snake in Hinduism whose name escapes me right now. Thank you for your post


  4. Are you retarded? Lol British had a policy of helping muslims, which is well documented & ended in the creation of pakistan. Remember that they also helped turkey against russia.

    In 1857 India was maybe 12% muslim & the world’s largest economy. Compared to today..

    America & UK attacked India in defence of pakistan in 71.


    • You don’t even know your own history well. The British did not run a dictatoship. Indian people always assume the British “invaded” India which comes from propaganda. Perhaps you should look closer at who writes your Bollywood version of history. Britain never invaded India. They were trade envoys and got offered India on a platter. There are plenty of original letters between the British and Indian leaders anyone can research and study, and see how they were constantly encouraged to return, trade and stay in the country. When you trade with a country you collaborate with its existing government, which was Muslim at the time and which is what they did until your own Maharaja’s offered half the and in exchange for booting out from power a brutal invader.
      The partition of the country was highly opposed by the British and was a demand and creation of Jinnah, not the British. By that time Britain was already willingly leaving India and their administration was more or less packed up, as they were focusing on Germany and WW2. The decision what to do with the country was in the hands of the Indian peopel and the Indian Congress – who opted on a partition. Congress then commissioned the British to help them draw where the borderlines would be before they left fully. Learn your own history. That India was only 12% Muslim is highly doubtful. A 12% population can’t exterminate 400 million Indians as Muslim historians bragged they did.

      You end by admitting that in 1857, during British rule, India was the world’s largest economy? So they made a poor country rich in your opinion? What shame…! Let’s just blame them for that too!

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      • Colonial British History Of India Is Well Documented By British Point Of View Divide And Rule Exploitation In Name Of Trade . Freedom Of India British Had No Choice .Division Of India On Religious Grounds Was Future Domination Unfortunately It Has Not Turned Out To British Liking .


      • Well the Brittish bought the people on my wifes side as slaves and brought them to the west indies.. small figures compared to the slaves Muslim invaders of India took is what we are talking about, but yes its a kind of trade..


      • You are partly right….but it is widely spoken about that- Edwina Mountbatten who was having an intense affair with Jawaharlal Nehru is the one who apparently had a huge hand in implementing the bifurcation/partition of India and Pakistan. Also Jinnah wanted to be Prime Minister of Hindustan/India (before partition into India and Pakistan) which was unacceptable to Jawaharlal Nehru. Hence Mohanlal Gandhi agreed to the partition. Stupid man !!
        Normal Muslims and Hindus living in India don’t have a problem with each other- its only when they put religion & politics into the picture everything becomes Ugly. Anyways, Muslims in India don’t realise that they are inherently Hindus and that their ancestors have been converted by the rule of sword (either convert or die) into Muslims during the Mughal Invasion.

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      • Nehru was not the one who wanted partition. You fail to grasp what ideals drove Jinnah to demand an Islamic state out of India, which must be ruled under Sharia.


      • Never said Nehru wanted the partition, but he Sure did want to rule over India. As far as Jinnah is concerned- his forefathers were Hindus who converted into Islam, or so I’ve read somewhere. And as far as ‘What Ideals Drove Jinnah To CreaTE A MUSLIM State Out Of India’– I don’t think you would be the right person to answer that– Only his Parsi Grandson living in India Nusli Wadia would be better equipped to answer that or his mother Dina ( Jinah’s daughter).


      • Looks like we have lot of British experts of Indian History! If that was indeed the case – that the British came for trade, how would they be offered India on a platter when India consisted of several Princely states – is something the self-styled experts may want to ponder. Wonder how the phrase “The Sun never sets on the Empire” came about, if the Empire only sought to “trade”! May be, the experts have not read the note of Lord Macaulay to the British Parliament / Royalty in which he has summarized how the Brits would have to subvert the people of India.

        Sure, Muslim rulers from Central Asia invaded and plundered India but the Brits also behaved as ruthlessly (the experts may refer to what gas been written on General Dyer’s massacre of unarmed, peaceful people who had gathered at Jalianwalabagh).

        Sure enough, the British developed Railway and Postal Service in India – not as a favour to the people of India but to primarily serve their interests! The experts would do well to read up about the peak rail on Penang Hill in Malaysia which was constructed by prisoners from present day Tamilnadu (that is, it was slavery practiced by the “educated” British ;-)! So, the British were not really doling out favors were they went as you would have us believe.

        Mauritius too was developed by Indians who were lured by the British with the promise of a bright future – and paid a pittance, had to endure health issues due to the adverse conditions / epidemic which claimed several thousand lives.

        For several centuries, the people of Bharat (spanning present day Afghanistan in the west to present day Burma on the east) have followed the principle of “Athithi Devo Bhava” – and have welcomed guests from across the globe. Heun Tsang, the Chinese scholar as well as the Zoroastrians who came as refugees since they were persecuted in Persia (present day Iran) were welcomed with open arms. However, Alexander the Great as well as Mohammed of Ghazni (defeated 17 times), were shown the courage and bravery of the people of India, in wars. It was always by deceit that the invaders won – attacking at night, taking cover behind cows that were sacred to the Rajputs are tactics that were deployed by the invaders. The British apparently used alcohol to get people intoxicated as the first step – so much for TRADE!

        And I have not even talked about so many other issues – like collecting tax from poor farmers even during years of drought and famine all of which is well documented.

        The creation of Pakistan – whilst driven by Jinnah and Nehru to varying degrees / vested interests, had its genesis in 1905 when Lord Curzon put the “divide and rule” principle to great effect in Bengal, splitting East and West – based on the majority of the population being Muslims in the Eastern part (present day Bangladesh) and Hindus on the Western part (present day West Bengal, a state of India).

        So, the experts would do well to do a bit more research on these topics and understand that the British were forced to pack their bags and leave because of WWII draining their own reserves back home (hence Indians were taken to fight the war for Britain ;-). Then, come for a debate.

        BTW, might I remind you that Prime Minister David Cameron, on a recent visit to India, apologized for the atrocities committed by the British!?

        Also, might I politely point out that History is always written by the victor, not the vanquished (or the one who was conquered)!? You probably get the drift…



      • Rather than construct your version of history based on flimsy and racist Bollywood films, why don’t you actually study the original documentation from that period? Everything was preserved; every letter, every law, every decision. Anyone can study them. They are open to public.

        There is no surprise from our side that you quote in your defense a “letter” that is a hoax and reconstructed by an Indian nationalist and never even existed in the form Indians spread it on the web (Lord Macaulay to the British Parliament). But then, racism is rampant in India.

        Britain never wanted to control or rule India. They never invaded the country. What arrived on Indian shores were not British government officials looking to rule a massive country but merely rich mercantile traders/business men who sought more exotic goods and spices to sell in Britain. They competed with the French and the Portugese. This competition was exploited by your own Indian Maharaja’s who used it as a bait to bring them into India. It was handed on a platter to them. You may want to read all the affectionate letters sent to Britain by your Maharaja’s constantly urging them to return. The British also left the country perfectly by their own accord, not by any victories created by Gandhi as Indians like to claim through propaganda.

        And no, no one is “British” here. This is a mindset Muslims use all the time: if you critique Islam you simply “must be jewish”.

        We are well aware how deeply racist Indian society is, and how it is prone to always blame someone else for their historic weaknesses than their own selves. Realities is that the Hindus were more Muslim in nature than their actual culture from centuries of Muslim rule. You may wish to read how India people behaved when British arrived in India… it’s not a pretty pciture of what was happening at the time and would cut into pieces your ideas that they were some innocent, friendly people. It may put into persepctive what Britain had to deal with, although only 10,000 administrator eventually ran a country of over 400 million people (of which Muslims had already slaughtered over 450 million before the British arrived).

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    • I suspect you are the retarded person here and quite likely an Islamic Indian. May I point out to Islam has contributed Nothing absolutely nothing to the progress and well being of humanity. However, it’s most excellent contribution is barbaric torture, atrocities we would expect to see in the civilized 21st Century, oversexed boys and men with nothing between their ears other than endless repetitions of a madman bordering on Psychotic schizophrenia (you better look this up) the debasement of womankind and further more your Imams still think the planet earth is flat. Thus you have really no concept of gravity time and space. The sooner Islam is wiped out the better for the rest of humanity.


    • I suspect you are the retarded person here and quite likely an Islamic Indian. May I point out to Islam has contributed Nothing absolutely nothing to the progress and well being of humanity. However, it’s most excellent contribution is barbaric torture, atrocities we would expect to see in the civilized 21st Century, oversexed boys and men with nothing between their ears other than endless repetitions of a madman bordering on Psychotic schizophrenia (you better look this up) the debasement of womankind and further more your Imams still think the planet earth is flat. Thus you have really no concept of gravity time and space. The sooner Islam is wiped out the better for the rest of humanity.


  5. India wanted them so they can look after their own problems we need to stop them
    From coming here

    – Jacquie





    …..”Not unless we want to employ means that no civilized man would ever consider, and I’m not going to mention what I am thinking about here, but I’m quite sure that none of us would do such a thing”…….”we are certainly not going to make physical attacks on Muslims, that is outside of our culture”………..

    -The epitaph of a coward, collaborator and coattail rider, Lars Hedegaard

    How remarkable that the chin rubbers, the “intellectuals” , the academics, the “peace-mongers”, cowards, collaborators and coattail riders every single one, with breath reeking of Muslim ass and boot-tip, now call for “cohabitation” with the filthy Muslim.

    Lets meet one of the “educated and enlightened” academics.

    Lets meet Lars Hedegaard of Denmark.

    Lars Hedegaard needs no introduction really, at least not to anyone remotely familiar with the fight against Islam. Mr. Hedegaard is a writer, blogger and outspoken activist against Islam whose activities placed him on the Islamic “most wanted” list. Mr. Hedegaard is an active supporter of Geert Wilders and Lars Vilks.

    This activism came to the attention of a Muslim, Basil Hassan, who decided one day to make a special Islamic delivery to Mr. Hedegaard. Fortunately for Mr. Hedegaard this bumbling Muslim failed to ensure his weapon was in good repair and after firing one shot, grappled with Mr Hedegaard briefly, then fled. The Muslim escaped to Syria and was arrested in Turkey. Worthy of note is this little Muslim, Basil Hassan, is now free after being traded in a prisoner swap involving Turkish nationals held prisoner by Daesh.

    That was then.

    This is now.

    Sadly, owing to dementia or garden variety cowardice, I favour the latter, Lars Hedegaard has had a change of heart. Perhaps it was the special delivery that has convinced Mr. Hedegaard that Muslims really are a peace loving group and their needs, desires and demands must be accommodated immediately. Howsoever occasioned, Mr. Hedegaard, like Tommy Robinson et al, has decided that if you can’t beat’em, you might as well join’em. Sickening.

    As illustrated in the video below, Mr. Hedegaard, in a speaking engagement in Norway, demonstrates a complete 180 degree shift in his political opinion regarding the tyranny of the Muslim. Cowardice and capitulation abounds.

    Listen very carefully to Mr. Hedegaard and you hear the echoes of Hitler’s little French poodle, Marshal Petain.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard blanches at the prospect of meeting the violence of the Muslim with greater violence. Sickening.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard, presumptuous, sentences defenceless European women and children to a festival of Muslim, rape, sodomy and murder and all because European men should refuse “to employ means that no civilized man would ever consider”. How rich.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard whimpers, whines and pleads the Muslim case, telling us we must accommodate the filthy Muslim wherever and whenever it decides to establish an Islamic beachhead in our communities. Sickening.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard whimpers, whines and pleads the Muslim case, telling us that we must tolerate the Muslim in all of its loving acts of murder and madness as it smears the excrement of Islam on the entirety of Western civilization.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard, acting as an expert in military strategy, claims the West is completely powerless to stop Muslims and the illusion of an Islamic juggernaut.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard surrenders his kith, his kin, his heritage, his culture and his country to the verminous, violent Muslim.

    This is cowardice, pure, yellow, cowardice.

    This is the kind of cowardice that has the filthy Muslim wetting its pants with laughter as it cuts our throats.

    This is the kind of cowardice that has the Danish patriots, Bent Faurschou-Hviid and Jørgen Haagen Schmith (Flame and Citron) rolling in their graves.

    Lars Hedegaard lives and breathes, riding the coattails of courageous Danish patriots who refused to suffer Nazi tyranny. Lars Hedegaard is a coward and a collaborator. May the stain of cowardice be Hedegaards’ legacy. May shame and mocking laughter be Hedegaards’ life and may his life be long. At least until the next Islamic special delivery arrives.

    Remember Lars, the Postman doesn’t always ring twice.

    Wallace Carlson
    “Looking for Churchill and finding only Chamberlain”
    Somewhere down the Delaware
    North America

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    • Islam’s presence is unacceptable. I want it/them removed, first from the US of A, then the balance of the Americas, Canada to Argentina.

      We give them till the end of 2017 to leave the US with their assets, their entire households and ten thousand dollars per head for the OIC destination of their choice.

      Any Muslims still here on January 1, 2018 are sent to an OIC destination of our choice with, perhaps, nothing.

      Their fate is unimportant to me, I want only that they meet it elsewhere.

      Sorry Doctor Jasser.

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  7. The slaughtering will be going the other way once things get started. India’s muslims would be well advised to rapidly distance themselves from their psychotic coreligionists.


  8. Fahad Tanvir Sheikh is a bloody Swine/DONKEY. hiding somewhere in iraq/syria bloody scoundrel. was hounded by Indian Agencies and is running pillar to post. Stray DOGS in India bark more than he did in the video. Indians give a damn to street dogs like Fahad Tanvir Sheikh


  9. Everything about Islam screams for its expulsion. Let your government know you want something done about it, now, starting with ending immigration.

    Allowing immigration of any high-birth rate culture was a gross error that was totally avoidable and exactly the subject of cautions from population biologists of the recent past.

    It is a colossal stupidity to continue to host those whose interest in being here is a hungering to murder us.


  10. I just hope Russia stands by her resolution, it is time to go into serious War with Islam world wide. There will be many casualties on both sides but this is one time in history THE MEANS JUSTIFIES THE END. ISLAM is a threat to all of us world wide it has become increasingly evident since 2011.

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