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Yemen: Devout Muslims crush prisoner to death by a large rock

The Dutch-based father of terrorist Abu Hanifa al-Holandi pretends that he imagined his son was ‘studying Arabic in Yemen’. Are there no Arabic classes in Europe? And why was the father so eager for the son to learn Arabic, which Muslims mainly study to learn the authentic Koran? The father who is described to be “distraught” claimed he was “shocked” upon seeing his son’s death photo. Hm… and where did he see this photo?

‘He liked playing football and had friends. He’s a good boy, everyone knows that. When it happened, his friends all came here. They didn’t believe it either,’ al-Holandi’s father said.

Trust us. The “shock” the father is referring to is not a negative shock , but a shock of thrilled excitement to be the father of a ‘heroic’ mass murderer for Allah. And that is exactly why all the friends came to offer their admiration and condolences to the martyr. He is bragging. The family is now highly elevated and honored in the community. The more reason to deport Muslims, starting with Sunni’s and then followed by Shia’s.

Also note that this footage shows ISIS executing civilians in Yemen. What country is waging war against Yemen? Saudi Barbaria. Saudis claim they are bombing civilians due to hootie threats, a tiny band of Shia minorities. We don’t believe this at all. We believe the Saudis are paving the way for ISIS. ISIS premature presence in Yemen means the Saudis have instructed Islamic State to step in and fight in Yemen on their behalf. Since we know, no matter what fairytales the media wants to spin, that Saudis are the real creators of ISIS this should come as no surprise to anyone. Yemen was not a next-in-line priority for the expansion of the caliphate. It has no wealth, nothing really for ISIS to benefit from at this stage. Therefore, they are acting on instructions.  If the caliphate wanted quick expansion to rule Islam and Muslims, they would hit Saudi Arabia and conquere Mecca. But they don’t. Why? You don’t need to conquere your master’s house.



Now ISIS jihadis use BOULDERS to crush a prisoner to death in shocking new propaganda video filmed in Yemen 

  • ISIS executed a prisoner by crushing him to death with a large rock
  • Two other prisoners, accused of being in the Yemeni army, were also killed
  • A Dutch jihadi is also shown carrying out a suicide bomb attack in Aden 


ISIS have released a shocking new video showing a prisoner being crushed to death by a large boulder in Yemen.

In the appalling propaganda video, several masked ISIS fighters dressed in matching military fatigues and tactical vests are shown executing three prisoners in cold blood.

Titled ‘Crush your enemies,’ the footage shows each prisoner, dressed in blue jumpsuits, being murdered using different methods.

In the appalling propaganda video, several masked ISIS fighters dressed in matching military fatigues and tactical vests are shown executing three prisoners in cold blood

2 thoughts on “Yemen: Devout Muslims crush prisoner to death by a large rock

  1. !!! – “The comment by ‘FILL’ (above) – is precisely what needs to be portrayed in graphic detail, because there are complete “Idiots” who will remain ‘Doubters’ even when they get to ‘View’ an actual Video’d scene of a gruesome Satanic murder shot by ISIS Terrorists! However, – these ‘may’ believe and be convinced when the Victim being dispatched, is a family member, such as one of their Children! For ‘that’ reason alone, – ISLAM and its Satanic minions, just ‘could’ succeed in its aspirations to ISLAMIZE the World, and IF the do ‘succeed’ We ALL well and truly deserve it, because it is impossible to “Fix” Stupid, – particularly in North America’s circumstances as a case in point, – “Importing” Islamic Muslims by their thousands!”


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