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UK: Violent Muslim abuser jailed for beating girlfriend, forcing her to run on treadmill

Yahoo News
20 May 2016


An abusive control freak has been jailed for forcing his girlfriend to run on a treadmill, eat countless tins of tuna and wear men’s clothes.

Obsessive Mohammed Anwaar criticised girlfriend Gemma Doherty’s appearance, saying she should look more like fitness model Graceyanne Barbosa.

Ms Doherty says her ex forced her to eat 50 cans of tuna a week and run for up to an hour a day on the treadmill.

He also decided who she was and was not allowed to speak to.

Anwaar, who was also physically abusive, was jailed for 28 months for controlling or coercive behaviour, an offence that was only introduced at the end of 2015.

He also admitted nine counts of assault and criminal damage at Sheffield Crown Court.

Guilty: Mohammed Anwaar has been jailed for 28 months (SWNS)

Miss Doherty said what had been a “perfect” relationship for the first six months turned sour in May 2015.

Mixed in with Anwaar’s controlling behaviour were violent attacks, the most serious of which in August last year brought a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm.

After an argument over money, Anwaar first smashed Miss Doherty’s iPhone before attacking her with slaps and kicks, choking her and causing her to fall unconscious.

He assaulted her on five other occasions, often in front of her young sons. The most recent attack was on March 5 this year and this was when police were called.

Moving on: Gemma Doherty is relieved her ordeal is over (SWNS)

Doherty said that Anwaar, 27, would “only let me eat tuna and beetroot; I was wasting away when I was forced to lose all these calories every day.

“I felt like a zombie on autopilot and was at his beck and call – whatever and whenever.

“He treated me like an animal – almost like a guinea pig in a laboratory. He wanted me to have abs and a huge ass – a big one like Kim Kardashian.

“His favourite model was Graceyanne Barbosa and he would make me look at her fitness routines and practise them. If I didn’t he would beat me.”

The mum-of-two, formerly of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, said she feels she has “finally been brought back into the real world” now that Anwaar has been jailed, adding, “I’m happy with new my new found freedom”.

13 thoughts on “UK: Violent Muslim abuser jailed for beating girlfriend, forcing her to run on treadmill

  1. HEY MUSLIM-ISSUE !!!!????


    I want readers to click on this link. There is a 2 minute video and an article to read.

    You have been warned of the fight that is looming.

    You have been warned, time and again to arm yourselves.

    You will, sooner than later, face treason, sexual depravity, Muslims, Marxists and others who seek your enslavement or death and as to which they are not particular.

    Personally, we should all welcome a civil war, it will clear the air and settle long overdue accounts.

    Ask yourselves how much longer you will tolerate the rivers of filth and perversion that flow from our legislatures and houses of Parliaments as homosexuals, perverts, pedophiles and other human filth seek the schoolrooms and bedrooms of your children.

    Ask yourselves how much longer you will tolerate the Marxist enabled Muslim smearing the excrement of Islam on all you hold dear.

    Then ask yourselves if you would volunteer for the firing squad to execute the death sentence for treason handed down from a military tribunal to Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Henriette Reker or any of the others who seek to destroy the West.




    The video and article was listed on Drudge.

    Heed the warnings, listen to patriots, act accordingly.

    Anthony Wasatch
    Seattle, Washington


    • Not sure we agree with your sentiment. We want Islam to be banned for the future and safety of non-Muslim nations. We want Muslim migration to be banned because, in general, it’s simply too risky and dangerous and it’s impossible to know what or who is the exact problem once million flow in. But to “identify” and stalk people living in the community on a one-on-one basis, especially when there is such a wide range of Muslim communities with tiny minority groups who are as persecuted as much as Christians, Buddhist and Hindus – would simply go wrong and is wrong. We want a long term solution by returning to previous restrictions, not a mob and violent outbursts of lone people who take the law into their own hands.

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      • @Admin

        (This is a debate Admin and with it comes sarcasm, I trust your skin is not thin and your sensibilities not easily bruised, I further trust that your ideology and convictions can withstand scrutiny and critique)

        The thread that binds all of these Muslim groups, oppressed or not, is Islam, it is Islam as reflected in the Koran and the Hadith.

        With respect to your “not agreeing with my sentiment”, you yourself speak of banning Muslim migration and criminalizing or banning the all Islamic jurisprudential texts and teachings including the Koran and Hadith. I suspect this would also include the deconstruction of all mosques and the banning of all future construction of any structure dedicated or remotely associated with the gathering of the Muslim and or the dissemination of Islamic teachings.

        How, Admin, do you propose this be done?

        Your wishes and desires Admin seem to be on the lips of tens of millions of citizens across the free world and yet in the face of that the Muslim, the Marxist Media, politicians and bureaucrats still march ahead with their agenda and flood the civilized world with the effluence of humanity from Africa and the Middle East.

        How Admin, do you propose to stop this?

        In your world Admin, I suspect, the Marxist/Muslim alliance will simply wake up one day and after profusely apologizing for its crimes and treason, deconstruct their mosques. pack their little carpet-bags and scamper off back to their countries. Ridiculous.

        In your world Admin, the relatives, the fathers, sons and brothers of European women and children who are raped and sodomized by the Muslim, these relatives who hunt down these verminous Muslim criminals and exact revenge by killing them are nothing more than vicious criminals who must be imprisoned. Remarkable.

        In your world Admin, European communities whose young school children are stalked and sexually assaulted by the Muslim and whose screams of protest are met with the deaf ears and hand wringing mitigation and platitudes of the police commanders, these communities who then hunt down and kill these same police commanders are nothing more than mindless mobs. Stunning.

        In your world Admin, a British patriot who walked up and put a bullet in the head of Islamic Preacher Anjem Choudary would be a vicious mindless killer. Quaint.

        In your world Admin, a British patriot who walked up and put a bullet in the head of Abu Qatada would be a hateful, Islamophobic, intolerant killer. More quaintness.

        In your world Admin, if the fathers, brothers and relatives of the over 1400 young girls in Rotherham England who were raped and tortured, banded together, if these fathers were to hunt down the police officers and bureaucrats responsible for ignoring the crimes committed against their children and kill them, then track down and kill every single one of these Pakistani pimps and pedophiles and kill them in ways that were boldly public and shocking, in your world Admin, this would be a heinous hate-crime. Incredible.

        In your world Admin, if the bodies of a Sharia Patrol, one of many Sharia Patrols that now walk the streets of European cities with impunity, if the entirety of one of those patrols were found shot to death, this, in your world Admin, would be a vicious act of murder and not one of patriotic self defense. How lovely.

        If the Islamic museum that is currently being planned to be built on Ground Zero in New York in place of the Ground Zero Mosque, if that museum were burned to the ground with several of its founders shot to death, that, Admin, would be a horrific act of murder. Remarkable.

        I am reminded of men and women, Jews across Europe, who watched, who ignored the Storm Troopers and Brown Shirts as they made their run for power, Jews and the contemporaries who did nothing but made excuses and for their ignorance and cowardice ended up as oily smoke rolling out of crematoria chimneys.

        These same Jews, much like the Europeans of today, who would object to the torching of a Nazi recruitment office. Now today, like you Admin, Europeans and others who would object to the torching of a mosque. Remarkable.

        The fact is Admin, that all across Europe and the UK, the very reason that the Muslim has reached its current numbers, the very fact that the Muslim has the power it now has is because it has steamrolled over citizens just like you, citizens who wish, who dream, who fiddle and dither in the hopes that all this will magically go away and one day we will wake up and all will be well in the Kingdom once again. Ridiculous.

        The reality is that this will come to blood. Sooner or later this will come to blood.

        Europe is a powder-keg Admin, and like Egypt with its spark in the form of a self immolating vegetable merchant, it will erupt, it will explode and when it does Muslims will be slaughtered in the tens of thousand and with them many of the Marxists who enabled the madness that now plays out across the civilized world. This is a natural and well deserved consequence for the acts of Marxist/Muslim war and treason that have gone unpunished for over 40 years now.

        As to the “Good Muslim”, the “Islamic Baby” that, in your world Admin, must not get thrown out with the bath water, these “Good Muslims” are conspicuous only by their silence, the “Good Muslim” is a myth, a canard, a red herring and an injurious vicious lie. You and I both know that all Muslims must go, they must be removed in their entirety from the civilized world and so too every shred of Islamic doctrine, in any form. To do anything less is fanciful and sheer suicidal lunacy.

        Finally Admin, to quote you.

        …..”We want a long term solution by returning to previous restrictions”……

        The reality Admin is that there never have been “previous restrictions”, there never were. There have been some countries like Egypt who have criminalized and imprisoned groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, but largely speaking, the Muslim has always enjoyed its freedom to do as it pleases, to whom it pleases and when it pleases and all of that with impunity.

        The only time the Muslim has ever taken the West seriously is when it has been brutally, and with extreme violence and prejudice, crushed, annihilated and sent packing.

        Until we take our lessons from history, until we roll up our sleeves and meet the violence and oppression of the Muslim with greater violence and oppression, we will continue to be made slaves in our own lands.

        Finally Admin, it doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to look around Europe, North America and the remainder of the civilized world and realize we have been abandoned. We have been abandoned by those very agencies, and men and women who have been appointed, elected or directed to serve and protect us. We have been completely abandoned by our law enforcement agencies, by our judiciary, by our bureaucrats and our politicians. We are on our own.

        Yet in the face of this abandonment, in the face of our own impending annihilation and enslavement you Admin, advocate “talk”. Lovely.

        I am reminded of another famous “talker”. His name was Neville Chamberlain.

        Anthony Wasatch
        Seattle, Washington


  2. Why didn’t you l Abe the first time he abused you ?? But ladies this could be you and it could also be much worse stay away from these people


  3. Women who are attracted to controlling and abusive men have very low self esteem. They will even defend their abusers, certainly stay with them and even return if they do leave them. And the abuse only continues to get worse and worse. Fear is also a huge tool in the abuser’s arsenal, fear and disconnecting the woman from the outside world, even family. And, if and when they do leave them for good, that time is the most dangerous time for those women. These type of men will want revenge. It’s too bad that so many cannot find any empathy for the women who suffer at the hands of these men and even blame them for being abused. Low self esteem is a very difficult issue to overcome. Those who cannot find that empathy and are saying such horrible things here are just as bad as those abusers.

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    These stupid bloody women who grovel and fawn before this Muslim filth deserve all the degradation, humiliation, violence and slaughter they get. They have earned their own miserable, horrific demise.

    I have no sympathy for them at all, and God forgive me, I hope their last moments are filled with unimaginable pain and terror, they deserve nothing less for their stupidity and treason.

    For another example of White Guilt look up under Google Images the name “Elin Krantz”. A well deserved end to a stupid, stupid, stupid woman, forgive me once more but I hope her last moments hurt like hell.

    James Edison
    Great Falls, Montana


  5. I hate to sound racist but what on earth attracted the girl to that ugly oil slick in the first place? Is there a problem with her eyesight? Does she have a learning disability that prevented her from understanding what Moslems are? Incredible… Just incredible…


    • Unfortunately, many simply do not understand the nature and culture of Muslim men and expect that they are assimilated or, at least, trying to be. The men, aided by sharia law, deceive them, until the women are in deep. They also suffer from low self esteem. One in this sort of relationship, it is very hard for most to get out for various reasons And, when they do, that is the time they are in the most danger from their abusers.

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