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Germany: Muslim refugee admits to swastika and arson attack to fake hate-crime

Whenever you see “hate crime” with the nazi symbol, know it’s a Muslim behind it. Most of the hate crimes reported by Muslims are total fakes. There should be jail and deportation for these fake reports which affect statistics and policies.



Germany Muslim refugee admits to spraying swastika and arson to fake hate-crime

Firefighters enter the building past a crudely-sprayed swastika on the wall. Photo: DPA

Refugee admits to swastika arson attack

Published: 11 Apr 2016 08:36
The Local

A Syrian refugee has confessed to setting light to a hotel in Rhineland-Palatinate where he was staying and spraying swastikas on the walls to make it look like a political crime.

The 26-year-old claimed that he started the fire in protest against the cramped living conditions in the hotel in Bingen, where a number of refugees and seasonal workers were living, and against what he saw as poor prospects for his future.

He has now been taken to prison to await trial.

Four residents and two firefighters were slightly hurt by smoke inhalation during the blaze in the early hours of last Thursday morning.

Detectives had initially followed up on the suspicion of a far-right political motive behind the attack but quickly realized it was a dead end, arresting the Syrian culprit on Saturday evening.

Other residents told officers that the man was behind the arson attack. He confessed and said that he had acted alone, spraying the swastikas to create a false trail.

The man had been living in the hotel for around six months, police said.



4 thoughts on “Germany: Muslim refugee admits to swastika and arson attack to fake hate-crime

  1. This we did know from early on. The Moslem spreading of vehement hatred towards Jews in Europe is somewhat planned. The Arabs cannot win on the battlefield anywhere – a strategy is then to sow animosity towards Israel and the world Jewry. Before the massive influx of invaders from Mideast, Europe tends to be on Israel’s side in her clashes with Islamofascists.
    Mind my words! The Moslems are in full swing doing the same exercise with the Europeans. Daesh cannot win on own territory thus they try to hit Europe.
    It shows that Israel’s battle is the West’s battle. Israel is the frontline state and ought to be massively supported.

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