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Finland: Muslim Somali attack woman and kick dog

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From Thundra Tabloids

In Finland public buses are used to take students to school.

Jana Maria Puussa: “I was filming because they were fighting each other. I was hoping that the situation would end there. The contrary is what happened.”

Finland Muslim Somali's attack woman and kick dog

From what I can tell from the comments, the situation involved Somali students wanting to get on a public bus in the morning to get to school, and refused to wait for a woman who was getting off the bus with her dog. One of the Somalis threatened her dog, even took a kick at it. A confrontation resulted from those students trying to get on the bus, and carried on at the bus stop after the bus driver said enough, and took off without taking any of them on board.

After the bus left, there were a war of words with pushing and shoving. One of the Somali students got violent with the person capturing everything on camera.

In the comments apologist are downplaying the situation. While condemning the violence, they’re also blaming the person for actually capturing the event on camera, she somehow caused more violence because of it! She states that she moved quickly to the side with her dog, and started filming, then one of the students (a Somali) came after her.

Jana Maria Puussa‎ from Vuosaari :

Näinkin voi käydä, kun koirankaa bussista poistuessa jää bussiin juoksevan lauman alle. Bussihan ajoi pois ottamatta yhtäkään kyytiin ku huutaen hyökkäsivät. En sanonut sanaakaan. Ja vain siksi, että käytös oli mitä oli, kuvasin. Kokemusta kun on siitä, että hyökätään päälle ja sit väitetään rasistiksi. Oli mistä maasta tahansa, huorittelu ja väkivaltainen käytös on perseestä. Ja suomessa koiran potkiminrn on rikos.

Translation: This can also happen, while getting off a bus with a dog, and stuck there under a rush of a mob. The bus drove off without taking a single rider who were screaming as they attacked. I didn’t say a word. And only because the behavior was what it was, I started filming. The experience is this, first you’re attacked, then called a racist. In any country, whoring and violent behavior is wrong, and in Finland, kicking a dog is a crime.

NOTE: If anyone has a better understanding as to what happen, please let me know in the comment section.
UPDATE: I received this a moment ago via messenger:

That video now has 3,396 shares and has upset Vuosaari so much that Somalies who consider themselves arbitrators are now talking with that boy and his family. The school is also notified. The whole Vuosaari Somali community is now talking about the video today. Mostly they are making excuses but many are very aware this sort of behavior is not tolerated and everyone is on notice. Vuosaari residents with dogs are also very upset and making complaints over the dog being kicked.

Turns out there was a big fight near the bus stop. When the bus arrived, they rushed the bus pushing and shouting to be first on. The bus driver got scared and would not open the doors and drove off with zero getting on. I don’t blame the driver at all. The students got an extra 10 minutes to calm down until the next bus.

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  2. “From what I can tell from the comments, the situation involved Somali students wanting to get on a public bus in the morning to get to school, and refused to wait for a woman who was getting off the bus with her dog” – So, the unnecessary disruptive and violent incident occurred because the Somali “students” wanted to assert dominance, against any departing/embarking passengers and among themselves. That’s a manifestation of their primitive mindset, which by this age is likely irreversibly inculcated.

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