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Belgium: 35% of prison population is Muslim, who make up only 6% of population

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Belgian prison chaos prompts fears of national malaise

By Piers Scholfield BBC News, Brussels
BBC, 21 May 2016

Media captionJudges and lawyers have joined protests against the state of Belgian jails

Belgium’s prison system has been condemned as “disastrous” by senior lawyers, almost four weeks into a strike by warders. And the dispute, involving penitentiaries in Brussels and French-speaking regions, shows no sign of being resolved.

Some of Belgium’s top judges and lawyers gathered outside Brussels’ Palais de Justice on Friday to protest against what they say is the government’s long-term failure to fund a creaking justice system.

Belgium’s prisons have long been infamous for poor conditions and overcrowding.

“Security is terrible, conditions are mediaeval,” says one former inmate at Forest prison, one of Belgium’s most notorious institutions not far from the centre of Brussels.

A Belgian convert to Islam named Abourayan, he spent several weeks in the jail…

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6 thoughts on “Belgium: 35% of prison population is Muslim, who make up only 6% of population

  1. Here in the UK, muslims represent 4 to 5% of our population (unfortunately), yet within our Maximum Security Prisons, housing the WORST CRIMINALS in the country, muslims account for over 25% of the population.

    Now consider, the law here in the UK actively goes out of its way to protect muslims. Our media covers up stories related to muslim crime and attacks anyone who exposes their crimes. They are branded as Racist Islamophobic Bigots. In fact, along with the police the media make it their priority to destroy the lives of anyone who criticises islam.

    Given all of this Political Correctness, Cover-ups, etc, the muslim population in prison does not correlate with the population in society.

    Based purely on evidence, I believe it is safe to say that muslims are inherently bad.


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