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Sweden: Police report reveal Muslims responsible for 80+% of sex molestations – but victims are blamed

TMI is the original source to the claims that Muslims are behind majority of rapes and sex assaults in Sweden. No one had heard of it before or pieced it together. This is now a well-know topic of discussion all over the world thanks to social media. At the time the Swedes strongly and angrily denied our statements. We identified the patterns from our long experience in Muslim countries, Muslim culture, experience with terrorism, migrant and refugee issues. After seeing a pattern of increased rapes correlating with the growing Muslim population in Sweden we began to patch the information together from various sources. Eventually some fragmented government data began to surface. Swedish politicians argued that our claims were “ridiulous” and they had on idea where we had “invented” the estimates. And look how right we were! 100% dot on. And believe us, this is not the only thing we are right about. There are new government efforts in the EU that aims to look into the correlation of sex crimes and the background of the offenders. It’s long due.



Sweden Muslim migrant rapists


Barefaced Lie: Swedish Girls Get the Blame for Being Harassed by Migrants

12:42 19.05.2016
Sputnik News

Refugee children and other immigrant groups were responsible for at least 80 percent of the sexual molestation cases reported in Swedish swimming pools and bathhouses last year, says a recent police report, which at the same time blamed Nordic “alcohol culture” for the spike in sexual abuse.



Contradicting the Swedish media’s policy of whitewashing the ills of immigration while portraying it as “positive”, “wholesome for society” and “helpful for the economy,” police had to acknowledge that a large number of perpetrators in various types of sex-related harassment and abuse were of foreign origin.

“In 80 percent of the complaints from the swimming pools and public baths, the perpetrators were of declared or established foreign origin. Most lacked a Swedish ID, and reports indicated that they belonged to various groups of asylum seekers,” the police said in their report.

“Only a few suspected perpetrators have been identified. Those who have been identified are citizens of Afghanistan, Eritrea and Somalia,” the report on group harassment stated.

Swimming pool in the Copenhagen harbour

Swimming pool in the Copenhagen harbour
© Flickr/ Claus Tom Christensen

Overall, the report is rather grim reading, indicating how sexual crimes and insecurity among women exploded in Sweden in the aftermath of the country’s bungled immigration policy and ensuing refugee chaos, noted the newspaper Fria Tider, which is habitually stigmatized by the mainstream media as “far-right” for its anti-migration stance.

Thus, in 2015, nearly 60 percent of the sexual offenses in public places were committed against teenage girls under 15. The youngest victims were only six years old, with the majority being age 10-13.

The police acknowledged that harassment in bathhouses and other public places “have created a sense of helplessness, whereas the girls affected feel deeply offended and too scared to go out.”

Stroget street, Copenhagen

Stroget street, Copenhagen

However, the police blamed the outbreak of sexual violence against Swedish girls and women on “Nordic drinking culture” in a feminist disclaimer to the report published on Monday.

“Sweden is at the top of the new EU Statistics on physical and sexual violence against women, sexual harassment and stalking,” acknowledged the police in the annex to the report, which is in stark contrast to the more fact-oriented report itself, which clearly identifies “underage asylum seekers” and “foreign men” as the major perpetrators.

The police cited a ground-breaking report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, which incidentally placed the Nordic countries at the very top with regards to sexual harassment and the abuse of women, yet failed to identify Scandinavian drinking habits as a particular reason.

18 thoughts on “Sweden: Police report reveal Muslims responsible for 80+% of sex molestations – but victims are blamed

  1. James Madison I do believe you have been somewhat virulent to Alex, clearly a young woman who is not stupid nor is she egotistical from the way she writes. I have to say you are angry and egotistical, in your defense you have made very valid points but why pick on Alex? She has clearly stated her partner is a dark haired Irishman who may or many not be of mixed race. Using such silly words as poo poo does your intellect little justice.

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    • @Erika

      Oh please, respectfully Erika, pull your head out of your ass and stop jumping to the defense of a narcissistic, deceitful, duplicitous little Marxist who seeks to engage in a public relations campaign for the Muslim.

      Erika, read my comments before you jump to little Erika’s defense.

      I said…..

      ……”If you can’t differentiate between Islam and the other religions of the world, if you can’t understand that Islam is not a religion but a supremacist political ideology that seeks global domination and will use any mechanism at its disposal to achieve that global domination, if you can’t see that in spite of the mountain of evidence that spans 1400 years”…..

      Her response to that was….

      ….”If you cannot understand that all religions are supremacist political ideologies that seek global domination and will use any mechanism at their disposal to achieve that global domination, if you can’t see that in spite of evidence that spends human history”……….

      Then Erika, this little Marxist, spewing her lies, goes on to call me a bigot.


      The reality Erika is that this little viper is Marxist garbage who seeks to peddle her garbage with the race-card and her association to an “Irishman”

      Utter tripe Erika, utter tripe and certainly not propaganda and lies to be tolerated in light of the events unfolding across the civilized world at the hands of the filthy Muslim and its enabler the Marxist.

      As far as my “virulence”, sarcasm and virulence are concerned, consider the substance of this little Marxist and her comments, all combined to inspire nothing less than derisive condemnation.

      James Edison
      Great Falls, Montana


      • I thought I addressed the wrong James! Clearly I didn’t, I wrote a small comment agreeing with your point of view. As you point out and we both know beyond doubt Islam is not a religion. To be frank I hope this unholy mess Islam has caused can be wiped out with WWIII. We won’t all survive this a case where end justifies the means!

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  2. Of course do you think the gov will blame the real culperts no then they’d have to admit that they never should have allowed this trash into their countries


  3. Oh, Sweden… that country when men and women don`t see or want to see the coming disaster. They are a totally fucked up country, and they will become in maximum 10 years a 3rd world Hellhole, thanks to the Free Shit Army of Gimmigrants 🙂 But you see, this is how natural selection works, the ones who are the highest standard of living want to make collective suicide. Well, they will get is for sure from those mudslime ape shit savages 🙂 You never ever experiment with your own people, and never ever try to mix it with monkey ass muzzies from 7th century, `couse what you will get is a full blown disaster. The swedes will not even make a civil war to get rid of their lying elite and the hordes of gimmigrants, they are so stupid when they are in a clear and present danger situation, they don`t want even to fight back. Well, in this case, you are already dead, stupid unicorn dreamers from Swedistan 🙂 we will watch what a shitshow you are offering to us day by day, congratulations, you are doing better than in Dumb and Dumber 🙂


  4. Now is the time to begin long-term studies of what happens to an open, egalitarian society when Muslim attitudes and behaviours obtain an influential and protected position from which to assault and undermine that society physically and spiritually, Sweden has about 20 years left and it will then collapse in to the Third World.


    • The Swedes themselves from what I can gather from the relatives I have in Sweden go as far as to say “Oh it’s only propaganda” As I said to Alex the Swedes are as fickle as the wind and just as stupid. Swedes would rather give the silent treatment than face reality!

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      • Because Alex when you have been married and living together over 25 years it is a wrench even when one is forced to make one’s other half see their bad behavior can be fixed. You are young and beautiful and I hope you make or have made a good choice of partner. Swedish men are notoriously fickle, they have children with fickle women, the children are left with either one or other parent, given no direction in life but to seek self gratification all their lives. Sweden has one of the highest divorce rates world wide. Swedish men and women have a lot to learn when ISLAM forces submission through rape, thievery and forced submission to ISLAM. Imagine a Lutheran nation understanding Islam and allowing prayers to called out 5 times a day? The Swedes never joined the crusades, in-fact Sweden didn’t take on Christianity until 500 years later than the rest of Europe. So about the time of the prophet Sweden was largely Pagan.


      • Well, thank you for the compliments! And I do understand your stance, however, you have strayed quite a bit. Estranged usually means over. I wasn’t trying to pry. Just thought it was an odd choice of word, if reconciliation was being considered.

        Nordic men are not attractive to me so you need not worry. I’ve friend zoned every last one I’ve met, including one very elusive Viktor. My husband is black-haired Irish American.

        Also, I am not religious whatsoever. Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc etc is all the same to me, and have all been terrorists at one point or other in the name of their gods. But perhaps Sweden’s inexperience with religion from a historical standpoint is what has made it so ill-prepared.


      • @Alex

        If you can’t differentiate between Islam and the other religions of the world, if you can’t understand that Islam is not a religion but a supremacist political ideology that seeks global domination and will use any mechanism at its disposal to achieve that global domination, if you can’t see that in spite of the mountain of evidence that spans 1400 years, you are little more than a “dead woman walking”.

        James Edison
        Great Falls, Montana

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      • If you cannot understand that all religions are supremacist political ideologies that seek global domination and will use any mechanism at their disposal to achieve that global domination, if you can’t see that in spite of evidence that spends human history, you are little more than a “dead man walking”.

        As Karl Marx rightly said, “Religion is the opium of the masses”. And you sir, are a bigot. Have a great day! 😄

        Alexis Chateau
        Wherever Life Takes Me


      • Forget addressing Alex, clearly not as senior as us. I totally agree with you regarding Islam. When it comes to Marx’s words in the case of Islam ‘Religion is the opiate of the people’ and the Swedes are so dumb they are unable to see it.


      • @Alex

        Dear Ms. Chateau, to quote you…(excuse my attack a’la ad hominem)

        “Wherever Life Takes Me”…..

        Obviously life has taken you to the “Chateau Poo-Poo” or, in the parlance of the common man, it has taken you to the “Shithouse”, where, as indicated by your wildly uninformed opines, mumbling incoherence, titanic ego and complete lack of both reality and historical literacy, you have spent the vast majority if your young life locked in that Shithouse, marinating in the fumes of both your fecal matter and the stench of Marxist rhetoric.

        Why am I not surprised that you, a pathetic Leftist SJW and grovelling devotee of the ideology of communist mass murderers, would trot out a “Marxism” to support your little political soapbox from which you spew such admiration and mitigation of Muslim butchery. How utterly predictable you are.

        I suppose there would be little point in bringing to your attention the over 27,000 acts of murder and terrorism committed by Muslims since 9-11.

        Little point in listing the tens of thousands of Christians that have been slaughtered by the filthy Muslim across the Middle East and Africa in the last 5 years.

        Little point in exposing the agenda of the Saudis and the other 4 wealthy Muslim nations who have all offered to build in Germany over 200 mosques to accommodate the flood of Muslim human garbage that currently washes across Europe while at the same these same vastly wealthy Muslim nations refuse to take in one single “refugee”.

        Of course I couldn’t help but notice that a product of your politically correct precocious narcissism has revealed your ethnicity, as you simply had to play the race-card by posting your picture.

        You vicious little Race-Baiter you, as such, lets do as Al Sharpton would do, let you use you skin color to sway an argument.

        Little point in reminding your blackness that you and your kind, in the millions, have been put in chains and forced to lick Arab/Muslim ass as slaves long before you were enlisted to pick cotton in the Americas. Even to this day your kind, in the tens of thousands, all across the Middle East, are still on your hands and knees licking Arab ass, in states of indentured servitude. The hilarity of your fellow Negros predicament across the Middle East is something I enjoy immensely.

        Little point in detailing the activities of The Muslim Brotherhood, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation or the activities of a thousand other Muslim groups working overtime to usher in the Caliphate.

        Little point in reminding you that as a Negro, you and all the other Negros, are hated by the Arabs and Muslims above all other forms of life, even the Jews, and once a Caliphate does arrive, you and your kind will be slaughtered en masse with the remainder spending the remainder of your lives with the taste of Muslim ass on your breath and the sting of Muslim whips across your backs. Poetic justice if you ask me, and I can hardly wait.

        I could go on, I could detail the hundreds of examples of Muslim madness that spans 1400 years, that spans the Koran and the Hadith, but why bother?

        Your good friend Abraham Lincoln, who set your kind loose, once said, and its a quote that suits you to a “t” Ms. Shithouse……

        “It is better to remain silent and be suspected a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”….

        Ms. Alec, you are a poser, a fraud and a fool, the next time I suggest you not arrive for a battle of wits unarmed, its embarrassing for us both.

        Now run along little girl, you’re out of your league, its way past your bedtime and you have a Black Lives Matter rally to attend in the morning, either that or a class in African Feminist Lesbian Jungle Dance Studies.

        James Edison
        Great Falls, Montana

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      • I didn’t read any of this. I saw “Poo-Poo” and figured this would be more kindergarten sandbox chatter. But thanks for commenting! You’re a pal. 😉


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